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Every day our skin is exposed to various chemicals and toxins. The epidermal cells are suffering due to the effect of dirty air, water is not the best quality, cigarette smoke, medications, poor nutrition. To avoid the negative effects of all these factors on the skin, it is necessary to properly care and use only quality products. Consider a cleanse of the face “Black pearls” micellar water, it advantages and disadvantages.black pearl micellar water reviews

About us “Black pearls”

The Products of this company are very popular today. Cosmetics “Black pearls” one of the top three sales leaders. The products of this brand is better suited to women, have already decided with your preferences in cosmetics. The company is the undisputed leader in the production of anti-aging cosmetic that protects, nourishes and regenerates the skin.

The company “Black pearls” produces the various means for skin care: micellar water, the composition of which will be discussed below, facial scrub, toner, and lip gloss, mascara, creams and powders. As for the skin, they differ not only by age but also by time of year, which is very convenient for girls.

The Company “Black pearls” working on the market for more than 10 years and during that time has earned the confidence of many women. Scientists and other specialists continue to introduce new developments in cosmetic products to surprise and even more to please their loyal customers.micellar water composition


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Brief description of the line of means on care of skin

The Company “Black pearls” has developed a new range of cosmetic products "Micellar cleansing”. Micellar water, which contains a special formula that removes the surface of the face is not only makeup but also impurities, toxins. This cosmetic line includes:

  1. Micellar water for the skin.
  2. Milk and lotion to remove makeup.
  3. Foam.

In recent years, girls have been increasingly using water with a micellar makeup remover. “Black pearls” micellar water reviews, which have left many girls is also very popular. After using it no need to rinse. It contains a light watery texture without the strong smell. Use this water girl with any skin type.

Why should I use micellar water for skin care?

“Black pearls” micellar water, which is quite controversial, today is a very popular cosmetic product. This is not surprising because there are at least five reasons why it is better to use this tool for removing makeup.micellar water price

  1. If you often have to go to sleep with makeup on your face. Very often girls are too lazy to remove makeup, because it is a very long and troublesome process. “Black pearls” micellar water, which we consider below will help you to remove makeup in just a few seconds. Simply apply a few drops of cosmetic product onto a cotton pad and wipe the face.
  2. If you are the owner of sensitive skin, the micellar cleansing water – your indispensable assistant. It is very gently cleanses the skin, leaving no irritation. It is possible to process even delicate skin around the eyes. It should also be noted that the perfect micellar water for oily skin.
  3. If you need to get your a cosmetic it was harmless and environmentally friendly, “macellari” – a great choice. It does not contain in its composition no parabens, silicones and perfumes.
  4. If you have no extra money for many cosmetic products. Of course, it is impossible to replace a true skin care is only one water, but it is perfectly moisturize and soothe the epidermis.
  5. If you can not find the best tool for removing makeup, the water micelles is exactly like you. It is suitable for all skin types, and it is possible to wipe the skin around the eyes and lips.

micellar cleansing waterBrief description of micellar water from the company “Black pearls”

“Macellari” the firm is a modern tool for cleansing the face. Is this a cosmetic on the micro particles-micelles. They are spherical crystals. Micelles as a magnet that can remove grease and particles of makeup from the skin. They envelop all of the contamination and hold them inside, and after they are very easy to remove from the surface of the skin using a cotton pad. Do not need any additional purification. With this water you can easily clean the skin, remove persistent makeup. In addition, micellar water does not cause the discomfort and irritation of the skin, leaves no sensation of dryness and availability of the film on the face. Tool successfully tested by dermatologists and has passed all clinical trials.

Micellar water: the price

Many of the girls who heard about a new micellar water from the company “Black pearls”, are wondering how much it costs. The price is not very high, which is good news. In Ukraine this cosmetic product costs about 80 UAH per volume250 ml. In Russia, the price of a bottle of the micellar water of the same volume is about 150 rubles. As you can see, this is a budget cosmetic product, especially when there is no money on expensive cleansing waters and tonics. However, it should be noted that quite a low price does not affect the quality of the product. Micellar water, which is very pleasing all customers is high quality product, well doing its main task: the removal of makeup and sensitive skin care.micellar water for oily skin

Positive reviews of micellar water

“Macellari” from “Black pearls” quickly gained popularity, so many girls had to try it for yourself and leave feedback. Young women noted that the tool perfectly removes make-up, as promised by the manufacturer. Some people really liked the convenience of the bottle and quite a large amount of water. The undeniable advantage is the price. To afford this universal cleanser can virtually any girl. However, as mentioned previously, the low price does not affect the quality. Some girls noted a pleasant unobtrusive scent of the micellar water. In addition, no feeling of the film.

Negative reviews about micellar water

Despite a number of positive reviews about this tool, there are also negative. Some girls say that to fully cleanse the face from make-up need to use quite a lot of funds. Another unpleasant aspect is that it stings the eyes, and when you remove the lipstick on the lips is a bitter taste. In principle, these are all shortcomings of the cosmetic, which said the girl.micellar water for the skin


In this article, we reviewed the micellar water “Black pearls”, has studied its positive and negative sides. The selection of cosmetics – this is a personal matter for each girl, so after reading this article, decide for yourself which tool to purchase.

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