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The emo Style has gained popularity around the end of the 20th century, and is now considered quite relevant. This direction has its own characteristic range of colors – pink and black. The style usually appears in all – clothes, makeup, and, of course, in the hair. This point is fundamental in compliance with the style.

Emo hairstyles – it is usually pink or black hair color, long bangs that falls on the eye and smooth. The amount of hair has absolutely no value, because the style permits and long hair, and short.

Hair Color, as already mentioned, mainly black and pink. Even if you do not want to dye your hair completely black, a few blue-black strands of hair, must be present. Many do bright coloring where strands near the face apply red, pink or white shades. Can be painted and larger segments, such as bangs or neck. An essential part of emo hairstyles – that's bangs. It should be long and oblique or straight and ragged. At her in these hairstyles is the main focus.

A Variety of styling options this hair style is very large. It can be not just something ‘crazy” with a riot of colors, but more restrictive options, such as long hair with ragged ends and a braid covering half face bangs. You can do the tail, but be sure to leave your bangs and a few strands, straightened with wax.


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Great emo hairstyles work for the owners of medium length hair. In this case, the strands surrounding the face cut out a ladder, at the top of the head they are slightly shorter than the main mass. In the process of styling, facial hair mandatory smoothed and fixed. This can be done with hair gel or foam, on top of all thoroughly whipped.

For those who don't know, how to do emo hair and create a playful and mischievous kind, it may be advisable to collect the hair in two tails, and the tips to split a bit, as Metalock. But the person must also be framed by bangs and two straight strands at the sides.

There are also emo hairstyles for guys. Short hair in this plan is open for lovers of style and a huge and wide field of imagination. And all existing funds intended for the hair, allow you to create sometimes unique images. The most popular hairstyle for emo – very short hair back of hair and long strands, which fall on the face. As a rule, in the styling process of this hairstyle, the hair is very ushirosugata by using a hair dryer, as well as gel or mousse. Then the hair is smoothed in the direction opposite to their growth. Thus, a so-called sharp styling.

If the bangs are not too long, it can be raised slightly, and with the help of varnish or gel to build something like a scallop. It is important that the angle of inclination of the buildings was directed strictly to the person in front.

Emo hairstyle and the whole style in General and the lifestyle of its followers does not tolerate any restrictions and strict framework. There are only a few basic rules in the hair and the rest – a matter of imagination of each person.

This style has a close fit with the subculture of punks and Goths, and is located on the border of conventional and expressive hairstyles. Whatever the hairstyle and length of hair, emo style allows you to fully Express your personality and to show a little more creativity. Despite the uneven ends, in most cases, the haircut is better to go to a specialist, then you can simply maintain the shape created that will be able to make himself the owner of a hair or someone from home.

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