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Classic contemporary nail art is considered white French manicure. This is the most sought after manicure, characterized by versatility and suitable for all occasions. Young girls and older women use this design for different nail shapes. Master with unlimited flight of fancy choose for this design of nails the most advanced solutions. Brave and determined girls choose as a dressy option, a white jacket with sequins and rhinestones. These ornaments have been selected with a sense of proportion, do not spoil the manicure.

Manicure with rhinestones

The advantages of a white French

Decorative elements in polished grit and pebbles add a delightful design nail art, in which the main thing-not to overdo it. Photo of a white jacket with sequins show some of its advantages. The nail plate it look healthy and well groomed. This gentle option will suit any style of clothing. Nobility and luxury of this French manicure gives iridescent it in the elements. If you practice a few times and show imagination, any woman will not be difficult to perform such a manicure - white French with glitter. Today, commercially available as small particles and larger. The latter can be of different shapes (stars, hearts, triangles).

French manicure with glitter

A White jacket with sequins on the nails

Brilliant design of the French manicure is a fashion trend. How combine these two formats? First perform a normal white jacket, and then it is decorated with shiny elements (shimmer or glitter). Don't always have to combine pink and white tones. Can design bring a touch of brightness.


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The great success of the Christmas French manicure with glitter or a wedding option. The application of glitter over the regular French also called a shiny coating. Original way to place glitter on the white tips of the nails. In this case, it will not be seen clear boundaries white smile.

Sequins can also create a complex pattern on the nail plate. First, using a thin brush and white nail Polish transparent make the ornament and then sprinkle it shiny elements. After this pattern is fixed topcoat.

Well, if the sequins will decorate a graceful and delicate floral pattern. It is applied either to the whole plate or half. For a festive version appropriate to sprinkle flower pattern cold metallic or gold shimmer.

The Radical decision of the white French are geometric drawings. Shiny you can make triangles, lines, diamonds, original abstraction.

White French square nails

White jacket with rhinestones

Among fashionistas the very popular tiny shiny crystals made of glass or plastic. Sometimes these crystals resemble drops of dew. Very gently looks French design with rhinestones. It looks very simple, but precious stones are added to the wealth, luxury, elegance.

Using pebbles for white French, you need to have a sense of proportion. Would be appropriate to decorate one's ring finger or stick one stratico on each plate. Sequins decorate the long and short nails. More design imagination can be applied to elongated plates. To visually lengthen the nail, it is enough to put small pebbles vertical line. It can be on the diagonal. Stasis spread in the form of wave, curl, triangle, and polyline.

Sometimes the ring finger or little finger fully decorated with crystals of different sizes and shades. Similarly performing white Christmas dress with sequins.

French pattern

Shiny French manicure on the ring finger

Business woman, adhering to the business style, avoid excessive jewelry on your nails. Sometimes stones and shiny topping seem unacceptable to the business sector. It is not necessary to sprinkle glitter or rhinestones decorate all the nails. Enough to decorate the ring finger. Thus business style will become more romantic. Shiny sprinkles come in different shades, and the rhinestones you can also choose in different colors. A great solution is a combination of tone rhinestones or dressing up with earrings, a ring, a bracelet.

Glitter on the ring finger

Stones and sequins in different shapes of the nails

Nail art Design white French sequins suitable for special occasions: weddings, parties, corporate events. Better suited for this long fingernails, which spread shiny bows, zigzags, and swirls. Rhinestones complement the art painting. This may be the original white ornament. Rhinestones look great on long extended nails-square, almond-shaped. Sometimes the smile line do not white paint, and spread rhinestones. With stones are sometimes performed faces custom shapes.

Fashionable chip is postingrhinestones the edges of the nails. It is especially suitable for almond-shaped and sharp claws. Original look twisted lines and diagonal posting stones. Rhinestones give any painting a 3D effect.

An Exquisite and unusual design with pebbles run very easily. These rhinestones are also called polonkai. This small multi-colored beads that are attached by glue or gel Polish.

sequins for nails

Types of "smiles" for the French manicure

The Usual curved line "smile" – this is not a mandatory attribute of this design. Fashion broke the smile in a corner, heart-shaped, diagonal. Also the white stripes may occur in the form of zigzags, patterns, twigs of plants. Sometimes they resemble a flower petal. Often the classic French manicure a little upgrade, making the "smile" is quite broad, to half the nail plate. The line of transition of the white nail Polish from pink to highlight the brilliant glitter or rhinestones to spread.

Another variation on the theme of French nail art is considered design with a hint of a "smile". Clear white lines in this manicure can not be traced. Instead, at the tip of the nail perform simple pattern with white lacquer. It can be delicate roses, leaves, or ornament. To make the image more clearly visible, the main varnish is better to apply a darker pink hue. Then you can show imagination and decorate a masterpiece of shiny elements.

The Most important rule for French's aesthetic – the length of the white part of the nail should not exceed the length of the pink half. Below the line of transition from one color to the other look more neat, sometimes used sequins and rhinestones.

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