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The Makeup of the modern woman is not complete without eyeliner. It is a versatile tool that allows not only visually enlarge the eyes, but also give them the desired shape. In addition, the liner, also called eyeliner, is used to create makeup in the style of Smoky eyes. In General, eye liner are used for everyday makeup, and to create a festive look. Today, there are several types of pipes, among which is to provide a liquid or gel liner and a pen. For many young women the question arises: “eyeliner: what is good?”. Let's try to answer it in this article, the good, brands offer a wide range of cosmetic products. Let's see what kind of eyeliner is better to choose.

MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner

First, let's talk about soft decorative cosmetics. If you are interested in the question: “liquid eyeliner: which is better?" pay special attention to the liner Superslick Liquid Eyeliner from MAC. The tool enclosed in the packaging body made of durable plastic. The volume of liner – 1,8 ml.eyeliner what is good


  1. The Brush is soft and movable, but it is thin enough to draw a clear arrow, just adjacent to century.
  2. Eyeliner Superslick Liquid Eyeliner from MAC is distinguished by extraordinary durability, although it is not waterproof. This is the perfect tool for makeup on hot days.
  3. The Liquid has a clear and deep color, which contrasts beautifully with the shade of eyes.



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  1. The Liner dries quickly, so you should carefully monitor the condition of the package and tightly close the lid.
  2. It is Impossible to answer: “liquid eyeliner: which is better?”, however, it is obvious that the liner Superslick Liquid Eyeliner from MAC deserves attention.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeline

Worthy of Attention also gel eyeliner. Which is better? To find out, is familiar with the characteristics of the liner from Bobbi Brown. This eyeliner comes in a glass jar with a lid. The manufacturer offers 13 colors for every taste.what eyeliner is better comments


  1. The product has a light texture, allowing you to draw even remote places of the century.
  2. Not rolled and does not leak for 12 hours, but nevertheless easily washed off with water.
  3. A Large number of shades provides complete choice to create an extraordinary image.

However, to mention only one: the lack of brushes. Will have to buy the applicator for this eyeliner.

Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes

This is a cosmetic fixture from American brand Clinique is perfect for those ladies who are wondering: “eyeliner pen for eyes: which is better?” This item is made in the form of a pencil.what eyeliner is the best


  1. Equipped with a convenient sharpener that is located on the cap. It fits in diameter, so a pencil can be repaired easily at any time.
  2. Have a solid lead that doesn't crumble when applied to the eyelids and doesn't melt in the sun.
  3. Paste-like texture of the pencil makes it easy to spread the medium on the eyelid. However, he firmly fixed on the skin, if not to feather brush.
  4. Has a deep and rich color that wonderfully accentuates eye color and gives them more expression.

Disadvantages of the customer to note the fairly high cost of the product. However, the high price pays off for your convenience. In short, the marker Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes will meet your custom requests if you are looking for a reliable liner for every day.

Style Dior Liner Precision Eyeliner

The liner is manufactured in plastic tubes with gold. The volume of each package is 8 ml.what kind of eyeliner is better to choose


  1. Feature of the applicator is that it can be used to make both thin and thick arrows. The brush is soft enough to embody the desire of the hostess to life.
  2. Liquid dries quickly on the eyelid. Throughout the day the liner is not slipping in the corners of the eyes and does not flow under the influence of moisture.
  3. The Liner is gentle on the eyelid. Its texture allows you to use eyeliner to draw the eye and not be afraid that this will start the allergic.

The Downside of this cosmetic product is the following point: if one or two times tightly to close the lid, the eyeliner dries out and becomes unusable.

Those women who are interested in the answer to the question: “eyeliner what is good?” will certainly be delighted to know that the liner Dior StyleLiner Precision Eyeliner is considered a model of luxury cosmetics at an affordable price.

YSL Moire Liquid Eyeliner

Like all such cosmetic devices, the liner from YSL is sold in a plastic tube together with the applicator. According to the manufacturer's volume – 3 ml.

liquid eyeliner which is better


  1. Brush on applicator is soft enough to create a variety of arrows. For example, fine for everyday makeup or thick makeup in the style of Smoke eyes. Also, the brush allows you to draw complex and smallelements (tails in the corners of the eyes, the arrows on the mucous membranes, etc.).
  2. The composition of the liquid consists of a special light-reflecting particles. Thanks to them, the ink glitters in the sun, which adds to the makeup of the charm.
  3. A Rich palette of shades will give you the opportunity to choose the best colour for the planned image.

But this liner is not waterproof. If your eyes are watering frequently under the influence of the wind, it is better not to choose this liner because of the presence of moisture, it could leak.

It is Impossible to tell which eyeliner is the best, because everyone has their own opinion on this matter. But we know that the liner from YSL can be a decent tool in your cosmetic bag.

Maybelline New York Master Drama

But looking German production has earned the love of thousands of women around the world. It comes in a stylish packaging in the form of a pencil.

eyeliner pen for eyes which is better


  1. Despite the fact that the device is manufactured abroad, it is quite cheap being implemented in our country.
  2. Due to the special composition and light texture, does not cause allergic reactions, so this eyeliner is perfect for girls who have sensitive skin.
  3. Color palette features ten shades from which you can choose the one that will suit you. All the shades are saturated, so they look good on the surface century.
  4. Glides on Smoothly.
  5. Fast drying.


  1. Requires special storage rules. So, this eyeliner pen can not be put on the sun – it is better to store it in a cool place, otherwise the stylus will be ruined. You also need to ensure that the cap was always dressed in a pencil.
  2. Sharpener is not included with the marker, so it will have to buy separately.

MAC Fluidline Gel Liner

Another eyeliner from MAC in this rating. Like most gel liners, it is implemented in a small glass jar, closed with a plastic cap.

gel eyeliner which is better [


  1. Thick consistency provides resistance to the arrows. They hold about 15 hours, not flowing and not falling.
  2. Different jet-black color. This quality is also provided a special consistency of the eyeliner.
  3. Allows you to do both thick and thin arrows. Universal for any make-up.


  1. No brushes, so you need to take care of it.
  2. A Fairly high price for the domestic cosmetics market.

If you wonder: “eyeliner: what is good?” you should pay special attention to the liner Fluidline Gel Liner from MAC.

Lancome Artliner Eyeliner Pinceau-Mousse Trace Dense

Chic eyeliner from Lancome comes in a plastic black tube. The kit includes the applicator brush.


  1. Handy brush is suitable for beginners in the field of makeup who don't know how to draw straight arrow. It is quite hard and solid, so the arrows turned out flat and smooth.
  2. Well kept on the skin throughout the day. Although it is not very resistant, the eyeliner maintains the appearance of 12–14 hours straight and not break into parts.
  3. Allows you to obtain bright and intense black light. The thick consistency ensures that the liner is black. In addition, the palette of shades there are many other shades, including brown, blue, silver, etc.

The only Disadvantage is the fact that sold tool in a small package that lasts only for a month–two with constant use.

This liner is suitable for both everyday makeup and for special occasions.


eyeliner what is good

It is not Easy to determine which eyeliner is better. The reviews will help you understand the sea of cosmetic brands and choose the perfect liner to create a suitable makeup. For example, on liner MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner reviews in the main enthusiastic. Happy buyers say it is easy, elegant, glow, durability and ease of application. Many consider it the best of the diversity of water resources.

The Pencil from Maybelline New York Master Drama received high praise from women using it. Clients welcome the fact that the products of German manufacturers is perfect for people with contact lenses or with extreme eye sensitivity. Also note its dense and persistent texture. However, some believe this means wasteful, since the pencil must be repaired after every use.

When customers discuss eyeliner from Dior StyleLiner Precision Eyeliner, that often has a high cost of the product, but ladies point out that quality tools are perfectly matched. A after your first purchase stay faithful to this manufacturer in the future.

Opinions vary, so before choosing cosmetic products such as eyeliner, what good can learn by analyzing the most responses.

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