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Many famous makeup artists believe that makeup is a real art. There are many girls who want to emphasize their femininity and beauty, but want to look as real as possible. But I must admit that not every girl does it. In this case, we will help the Nude makeup style, which is used when creating nadowa lipstick. For those who know a little English, the choice of the word nude may seem a little strange, as it means “naked”. However, nothing to do with the nudity here. Now you will learn what is the meaning of the name of cosmetics.

nodoby color lipstick

What are lipstick ludowego shade

In fact, Nodaway called cosmetics that has a soft cream tint. Makeup in this style emphasizes only the outward virtues, without overloading the face with unnecessary makeup. The secret is that this make-up allows you to look each attractive woman with minimal makeup. Also, this makeup can be called “invisible”. One of its most important components is a lipstick shade “Nude”. Recently, she was often called beige because of its similarity with the natural complexion. This lipstick is not only slightly tints the lips, but also gives it volume. Also lipstick pale shades give the skin a tanned look, while bright, make it lighter. This effect can be seen on many celebrities.

What shade to choose for blondes

The Best sudovye lipstick for blondes, makeup delicate shades. Owners of blond hair and blue, gray and brown eyes go with light pink, beige, peach tones. They emphasize the natural color of the lips, while making them more rounder. However, don't apply too thick a layer of lipstick, considering it as a miracle cure for lip augmentation: they become more than just visually, physically lips all the same.



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best sudovye lipstick

What shade to choose for brunettes and brown

The Dark-haired ladies suit saturated shades of lipsticks. However, if the “fight” comes nadowa lipstick, brown-haired women and brunettes should opt for terracotta shades, light red or brick. By the way, don't choose a lipstick showered with glitter, they will look out of place. It looks on lips nodoby lip gloss. In the absence of such a similar effect can be created independently using nodovoy lipstick and the usual Shine. Just liberally coat the lipstick, and over it put a Shine approximate hue, and better and transparent. Thus it is possible to do the glitter any colors what you want.

lipstick shade sudovogo

Sudovye lipstick: reviews

Good sudovogo lipstick shade should have a dense texture and in any case not to hide in the folds of her lips. In order to pick the perfect cosmetic product, it is best to contact an experienced make-up artists. As for reviews, here all is ambiguous. One like the lipstick color, the other is saying it's ugly. We say one thing: the taste and color of comrades there!

Effect faded lips

Today you can very often see sudovy the color of the lipstick on the models. In such cases, the lips just blend in with the face, and to the naked eye be difficult to see from a distance. Yes, it seems strange, but this effect and tried to get makeup artists. Usually cosmetics in the Nude pick a tone lighter than your complexion. However, there are exceptions. Nadowa lipstick is used to create makeup pink lips and bright eyes (smoky eyes).

Some of the girls use lipstick nudewww as hygienic. Of course, if you have a lipstick from the line of M. A. C, which is known to dry lips, it is better not to use it to moisturize and protect. Professional makeup artists do not recommend to use it every day, as the cosmetics of this brand used when creating make-up for shootings and other social events. But it is worth noting that M. A. C is one of the world leaders in the production of high-quality cosmetics, including Nodaway.

dudova lipstick

Artificial makeup

It Should be noted that there are such shades of lipsticks is not for creating a natural makeup and creating makeup, or fake makeup. For the first time this image was used back in 1963 in the film "Cleopatra". As you can see in the photo, the actress is very bright eyeliner, and lipstick barely noticeable lipstick. Similar makeup in his later years wore on and the world-famous Audrey Hepburn. Even then, the makeup artists with Nodaway lipstick tried to emphasize the individual beauty of the lips.

newmovie lipstick reviews

What makeup would be best combined with Nodaway lipstick

In principle, we have already answered this question above, however, is not so simple. Sometimes enough simple smoky eyes. In order to lipstick you were not old, skin tone should be perfect. If you bliznakova, make sure that your face were not visible small wreaths and pimples and other defects. Otherwiseyou will be sick and tired. And dark-skinned ladies should ensure that their nadowa lipstick not too bright.

If you want to create the most natural makeup with Nodaway lipstick, apply it only with fingertips. So she will lay down a thin layer, leaving your lips bright pigment. In the case of dark eye makeup, lips should be painted carefully. Before applying lipstick it is better to outline them with a pencil. Then the lipstick will not slide into fine lines around the lips. As for the pencil, it should be in the tone of your lipstick. Allowed difference in one shade (darker or lighter).

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