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Ideal image without manicure can not imagine. Well-groomed hands immediately catch the eye, complementing the outfit a hint of Polish. A festive manicure is not just a Supplement: it can be considered as a separate bright and unusual accent.


Manicure – the classic procedure of nail care, which includes two stages:

  1. Tidying of the nail plate, cuticle treatment, shaping of the nail, sawing, grinding; hand massage in terms of salon treatments.
  2. Applied to the prepared nail Manicure

In any case manicure – it is an opportunity to emphasize their individuality. Good quality, he is always happy, allows you to reflect your mood and desires.

Features festive nail design

The festive Manicure gives wide scope of imagination in the decoration of the nail plate: an unusual decor can be given by using feathers, shells, semi-precious stones. It should be remembered that these nails require careful treatment to them, otherwise the beauty can spoil very quickly.

A Small detail (e.g. pattern of rhinestones, sequins pattern on the edge of the nail, the French border) will help to turn everyday care of nails in a year's eve manicure

Interesting, this feature of the festive manicure, as the variety of materials used in the design. Only in this case it is not necessary to lose a sense of proportion.

When you create a special decor need to take into account the format of the holiday to create the manicure was appropriate.

Everyday and festive manicure

To Create beauty nails by visiting a salon or by yourself using modern tools: paints, gels, glitter. There is also a lot of techniques for applying regular nail Polish to create different patterns.


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Conventionally, this procedure can be divided into everyday and festive manicure. These two species differ significantly from each other, but a preparatory base is the same.

Usually a manicure done once in ten days. For everyday enough to handle the cuticle (to remove the regrown part and the resulting burrs), to remove the rough skin in contact with the regrown nail with nippers, rasp and to Polish the nail plate. You can do bath, massage, apply a nourishing cream. The lacquer in this case is used quiet tones or colourless.

Beautiful festive manicure will, if on prepared nails to apply varnish saturated colors or use some effects in the form of drawings, decorations sequined. Can you do mirror nails, they also look festive.

New year's manicure

New year's eve manicure is one of the components of the image together with the outfit, hair, jewelry. If routinely used quiet classic manicure, new year's eve you can afford to bright showy experiment. This may be a Christmas picture or a nail with unusual effects that daily manicure will look ridiculous.

For new year's manicure will suit bright shades of nail Polish, with glitter. Rich red, Burgundy, pink glitter, coral with glitter, carrot patterned, bright blue... Any of these options are good for creating a spectacular image.

New year's picture may reproduce the contours of the tree. Ways here too much: on a pale blue background to draw the dark Christmas tree and decorate it with glitter (but then it is better to trust the professional!). You can also make a Christmas tree out of colorful triangles made shades of nail Polish and strung on each other, with color you can experiment. The tree can be drawn to other varnish, put sequins or purchase a stencil.Holiday shellac nails

Also, the festive manicure for the New year can have a pattern of Christmas balls.

Manicure on short nails

There are many reasons why woman can have short nails. But this does not exclude the possibility to have a nice manicure. Here are some tips and ideas on how to make a festive manicure.

The Always elegant French manicure. At home you can use adhesive patterns that are sold in the store. For Christmas manicure white stripes on the edge of the nail to be replaced by a bright, glittering.

A Festive manicure on short nails easy to do. It is important to look carefully, without blots and stains.

Very impressive will look like this: cover your nails maroon or plum lacquer, base decorate with sequins and attach quick drying. A little on-to another will look a manicure, if sequins to put on the side for the entire length of the nail.Beautiful manicure

Some tips:

  • If you apply varnish on warm hands, it will stay longer.
  • Old nail Polish can damage nails.
  • If you are in a hurry, let it dry, painted the nail dryer.
  • Before polishing, apply oil on nails will Shine.
  • Nails of different lengths will make the manicure ugly.
  • Very cold water will ruin the nails.

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