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Natural egg hair mask have an important advantage: the result of their application usually noticeable after two to three treatments. They are effective against split ends, perfectly prevent hair breakage and are struggling with their loss. Hair after their application, be strong and “alive”, strengthened and shiny. Effective and inexpensive, effective and easy to prepare egg mask for hair available to everyone. At home they are doing at least two or three times a week, the frequency of treatments – ideal for those who care about the condition of his hair and appearance.

The easiest option – a one-component mask. One egg or two egg yolks are used as a shampoo, rubbing them into the scalp for about three minutes and then leaving on the hair for a while. Wash off the egg mixture with warm water. This wash method is useful to owners of dry and brittle hair. A similar effect has and hair mask with egg yolk and burdock oil, – a tool that is traditionally used in cosmetics. One or two yolks, you should take a tablespoon of oil, add the same amount of liquid honey. Contains honey egg mask for hair, if you believe the reviews, not only perfectly cope with their fragility, but are able to stop hair loss.

For oily, quickly contaminate the hair is useful to add in an egg mask, lemon juice, vinegar, sour milk (whey). Egg-oil mask for hair in this case not to do: the curls will become even fatter. In addition, it is desirable to use only egg whites, pre-whisking them in a solid foam.

A sample recipe treatment mask for oily hair: mix two proteins and the juice of half a lemon or one-third Cup sour milk or whey. Apply the mixture on wet hair and rinse after twenty minutes. Such egg hair mask to do twice a week for one and a half months. They not only reduce sebum, but also significantly reduce the appearance of dandruff. Well helps to combat oiliness of the hair and yeast mask. For its preparation 10-20 grams of yeast stir in a tablespoon of warm water and add two protein, whipped to a state of foam. Leave the mask on hair for half an hour.

The most Effective mask that eliminates the hair loss, is based on brandy and egg yolks. For cooking two egg yolks pound with two tablespoons (40-50 ml) of vodka or cognac. The resulting mass is necessary to add a spoon of olive oil, then stirred it carefully. Hair must be pre-washed and lightly dry with a towel. Then take a cotton swab, dip it in the mixture and is easily rubbed the mask into the scalp, distributing hair. The head need to wrap with plastic wrap on top of it – wide towel. The mask can be kept on the hair for up to forty minutes. If it starts to burn the skin of the head, it should be washed before the specified date.

To accelerate the growth of hair is good to use aloe Vera juice-natural biostimulator. It is added to a variety of masks, including those prepared on the basis of eggs. One of the recipes looks like this: take one egg yolk a tablespoon (about 20 ml) of burdock oil and aloe ampoule (1 ml) or the juice squeezed from a small sheet of this plant. In the absence of Allergy to them is good to add 3-4 drops of essential oils-jojoba, sage, rosemary or cypress. Keep this mask on your hair for about 15 minutes. You can do it once a week. Sometimes you can substitute burdock oil and oil solutions of vitamin A and E (one ampoule) – in this case, the effectiveness of the procedure will be much higher. After drying the hair essential oil is good to put on the tips – this way you will make them more sturdy and protect from the section.

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