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Nails in any technology has long entered the lives of modern girls. This procedure uses every second woman. To increase the nails in the cabin is easy, but to remove them later on their own rather problematic. And however possible. Before you remove acrylic nails at home, you should thoroughly examine the issue and to acquire tools and to remove acrylic nails at home

Any procedure related to manicure requires preparation. First of all, a theory. So, removing acrylic nails can occur in two ways:

  • Remove a zero.
  • With the use of special tools.

The First method requires maximum attention and care. You will need:

  • Nail file different abrasiveness (100/100, 150/180, 200/220).
  • Boat (made for artificial nails).
  • Cuticle Oil.

Before you remove acrylic nails at home, remove length by boat. Very carefully. Acrylic – a very hard material and not always the first time it can be “bite”. If you fail, it is best to remove the thick nail files. The top layer is removed the most severe of them (100/100). Next nail softer and softer. The closer to the natural plate, the greater the abrasiveness (200/220). A boat you can use when removed the entire top layer. After the artificial material is removed, it is possible to process a cuticle oil. It is very important not to traumatize her in the process of sawing. It's better to remain a small layer of material next to it, which then he will depart as the regrowth of the natural to remove acrylic nails naroscheny

The Second way is not so difficult and requires:

  • Boats.
  • Liquids for removing acrylic.
  • Lint-free wipes.
  • Foil food.
  • Nail file (150/180).
  • Cuticle Oils.

How to remove acrylic nail extensions? First remove the length, then lint-free cloth to apply the liquid for removal of acrylic. Not all at once, and to each in turn. Then the cloth applied to the nail, to secure the foil to the reaction go faster. How long to wait? It all depends on what brand you use. In any case, the instructions should indicate how to remove acrylic nails at home, how much to keep liquid. Removed the foil with the napkin in the same order that was applied. Next, the softened material just need to cut down. Very quickly, because the acrylic tends to polymerize in air. After the procedure, you need to apply oil on the cuticles.removing acrylic nails


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How to remove acrylic nails at home more? No more. You cannot pick up material something sharply to tear it. This screws up natural the plate. To recover it will be quite hard. By the way, after the removal of material preferably a couple of days to do a Wellness bath for nails with sea salt, with iodine. Avoid nail something (varnish, gel varnish, paints, etc.).

Before you remove acrylic nails at home, it is better to ask advice from the master who did them. Perhaps his advice will be useful, because no one but the specialist knows your nails so well.

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