Tattoo spider: variety and value


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Since ancient times the tattoo was one of the most radical options for changing the appearance of a person. Once the inhabitants of the island of Borneo believed that wearable drawings are like a beacon of light to the dead road in the pitch darkness of the underworld of the dead. The original inhabitants of the Altai stuffed as tattoos sacred texts, amulets, serving the people of security certificates in the surrounding hostile world. In Europe "first swallows" body art appeared in the XIII century, troubadours thus attracted the idle onlookers, and earned a living. Later to do the tattoos was just fashionable then succeeded the enterprising French. Criminals tattoos are used as identification elements and to transfer information. And now the elements of the tattoo youth uses as a means of expression and of a selection from the General mass.

Good spirit of the house or an evil spirit?

One of the most popular and famous kinds of tattoo – spider. This character is very multivalued, and therefore carry information is completely different, sometimes very contradictory. Tribes of Indians, natives of South America, considered spiders as their totem-the sacred insects, from which their race. spider tattoo

Among the Slavs he was preserving the house, the kindness of his spirit, the protector and Keeper. And a harbinger of good luck, a symbol of prosperity and happiness. Which explains their desire to get a tattoo, “spider” fans of extreme body paintings. After all, “settle” in almost forever the source of all success, material wealth and abundance – is not a means to change fate for the better? On the other hand, tattoos “spider” is another explanation. Many species of insect are dangerous, poisonous, insidious and not leave a single chance to save his victims. Because the person who “embellish” themselves sinister symbolism, as it sends the world a warning: “don't touch me or you'll regret it!” and indeed, the image of a furry animal, is quite realistic, will scare anyone. So, it is quite understandable that tattoo “spider” is an effective talisman.


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All of the above – General information. In fact, to explain the symbolism of the deep, you need to take into account how the tattoo looks, monochrome or not, what colors done, where exactly on the body is located, is there a web or inscriptions. spider tattoo value

For Example, a three-dimensional tattoo «spider». The value of it is clear even to the uninitiated: on the one hand, to scare all alien to the human temperament, aesthetic and other attitudes, and, conversely, to attract like-minded, i.e., to find a soul mate. If you made the neck tattoos “spider”, the value it points to such qualities as the desire to boss, to become the informal leader, the negation of the established norms and traditions, the revolutionary aspiration to everything new. But in the criminal world, where, by the way, this insect is also exceedingly popular, if the picture of the spider is done crawling up, he points to the novice pickpocket, just took on a slippery slope. Spider crawling down gives other information: this thief “tied” and never going to return to the criminal world.

Spider's omnipresent

Spider – one of the rare types of drawings that do not have a clear and binding are performed on any area of the human body. It can be placed on the neck, chest and back, shoulders, wrists, between fingers, legs and even the head. The last option is quite often seen in skinheads and members of other youth groups of the fascist type. Those who are interested in magic and witchcraft, practicing various magic rituals, you put a tattoo with a spider pattern on the chest, as a talisman which protects from evil forces and help to penetrate into the beyond. Engaged in crafts and needlework preferred to put spiders on their wrists, so they increased their creative abilities. An example of such tattoos “spider” - the photo in this article.spider tattoo photo

Color palette tattoo

The Original tattoo was done in one color, then, with the development of this art form, the masters have learned to use different tones and shades. Modern engravers knock on the body of the real paintings. colored spider tattoo

So, black and red spiders or elements of red, purple indicate the aggressiveness and determination of their owner. Brown, green colors accentuate the peace and tranquility of nature, some earthiness. A colorful palette characterizes its owner as a versatile personality, bright, versatile.

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