Deodorant for pregnant and breastfeeding: can I use it?


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Special deodorant for pregnant women are looking for a female, as it does not contain chemical components that are dangerous not only for mom but also for her fetus. Linalool, triclosan and aluminum salts are very harmful when breastfeeding, because they quickly penetrate into breast milk.

Experts give a clear answer to the question of what deodorant safe for pregnant women. They strongly recommend the use of future mums already or nursing mothers means with a light fragrance or no smell. This allows you to combine the use of cosmetic product with breast feeding. However, experts note that deodorants that don't smell, are perfectly combined with any perfume.

deodorant safe for pregnant women

Is it Worth mums to use deodorant

To detail dealing with how can pregnant women to use deodorant, you need to pay attention to some details. The main objective of pregnancy is to grow a healthy baby. From this it follows that his mom needs to be very careful not to damage your fetus. Modern tools, sweat, contain in their composition various additives, which are quite fast can negatively affect the baby's health.


Classic perfumed chemicals and fragrance, unlike women's unscented deodorant for pregnant women, in most cases leads to allergic reactions. While they can occur at the mother and the child. However, they can cause irritation and dryness of the skin. Funds with a high content of chemically harmful substances narrow the pores and not allow the skin to breathe. With regard to dangerous elements, they penetrate into the blood and breast milk, and, therefore, easily reach the body of the baby.


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can deodorant be used by pregnant women

Many of these deodorants is a low cost, effectiveness and availability. Although they cannot be called economical, because they are spent quickly, and the effect is only 10-12 hours. In the end, women have to spend approximately the same amount as would be required for the purchase of natural means, the current for several days.

The Question about what kind of deodorant can be used by pregnant women, interested in many girls and women, because every caring mother wants to give birth and raise their child healthy. The most natural and safe remedy is a product that is unscented and has a natural composition. A deodorant for pregnant and lactating is efficient and long-lasting effect - up to 5 days. Moreover, such a tool will not cause any allergic reactions, since among its main functions include: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound-healing.

Hazardous components

Healthy status of different categories of people is very harmful parabens and aluminum. These components are conventional components of cosmetic products.

A Good deodorant for pregnant and lactating that is definitely not to be harmful, should not contain oxidants, aluminium chloride, parabens and chlorohydrate. In addition, it should not be harmful to the skin triclosan and acetylsalicylic acid, tetracycline. All of these elements, of course, eliminate the germs, but together they can destroy the microorganisms needed by the body.

deodorant for pregnant and lactating

Safe products

Deodorants for pregnant women is easy to find on drugstore shelves or in online stores. Their main difference from other tools is the lack of fragrance and smell. In addition, they do not contribute to the repulsion of the baby from the mother's breast. These agents kill bacteria, but do not block the sebaceous glands. In this case, after use of this deodorant on the skin never is irritated, even the owners of sensitive skin type.

Best tools

Answering the question, can pregnant women deodorant, it should immediately be noted that the use of it is permitted, but the choice should be approached responsibly. The most secure of the goods shall be the tool with alum. These components perform the function of antiseptic, they are not able to clog pores and act only superficially.

Product containing in its composition of alum, can be used as pregnant, and lactating mums, even if on the treated area wounds. A deodorant will speed up the process of healing.

what deodorant safe for pregnant women

Leading manufacturers

Many girls are asking the question about which deodorants for pregnant women, expecting instructions for a specific tool. Therefore, cosmetologists and dermatologists have long made the list of the best manufacturers whose products are completely safe:

  1. Teo Lush. The British manufacturer releases the funds, which are based on baking soda and aromatic oil. However, his production has quite a nice and delicate flavor.
  2. Crystal Body Deodorant. American natural deodorants are very popular. They contain in their composition the alum and are available in convenient packages in the form of a stick or spray.
  3. “the Crystals of freshness”. Products from the Philippines is ideal for pregnant girls. Tools to deal with then from this manufacturer are created from natural components. The malicious additions to the never meet.
  4. Weleda. Deodorant spray designed specifically for pregnant women. It leaves armpits nice flavor and is not printed on the fabric. This product is very convenient to use.
  5. Deonat. The most effective means allowed safely used in pregnancy and during lactation. The deodorant from this company especially economical, because its action lasts for several days. It has no fragrances and does not leave marks on clothes. In addition, feedback from buyers, even women who are prone to allergies, does not suffer from it.
  6. Lavilin. The Israeli brand is characterized by a production with a noticeable persistent effect. It deodorants are great for use for both men and women. With pregnancy and breastfeeding are not considered contraindications.
unscented deodorant for pregnant women

Combat excessive sweating

Having dealt with can pregnant women use deodorant, you should consider other ways of dealing with sweat and odor. Cosmetics definitely better to use in winter time but summer, when there is increased sweating, it is best to turn to traditional medicine.

To Prevent the propagation of harmful bacteria by using Apple cider vinegar. They should be cleaned daily underarm skin, and the remnants rinse with warm water. Replace the vinegar with lemon juice, but use it immediately after shaving or hair removal is not necessary, as it may cause irritation.

No less effective is the solution of soda (teaspoon), water (cups) and essential oils (a few drops). They also need to treat the underarm area every day.

In the absence of Allergy to lavender or tea tree you can wipe the skin of their essential oils. But in this case, you should be very careful, because these compounds can cause strong irritation, get rid of them.

What to replace deodorant

Normal deodorant for pregnant women does not need to be replaced, although find it a little harder than conventional synthetic means. Therefore, it is not possible to buy a good product, people start to look for something similar. In addition to the above options you should pay attention to home remedy. It can also purify the epidermis, to fight germs and greatly improve skin condition.

Home remedy

To prepare deodorant at home will need the most simple ingredients are easy to find in the store. Thus, the process of creation of money will not take much time.

Safe home product is easily prepared from starch, oil and soda. Of these components, you can get really good deodorant that certainly will not worsen the health of mother and child.

Preparing the medium as follows:

  1. Starch and baking soda in equal proportions (60 grams) mixed with coconut oil (6 tablespoons) until a homogeneous mass.
  2. If desired, into the mixture you can add essential oils. But it should be remembered about the existence of prohibited ingredients (oil of thyme, sage, juniper, Jasmine and citronella...

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