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Thermocerin – what is it? Some say it is a panacea for hair that can solve if not all, then most of the problems. Others argue that it's the same lamination, but more expensive and with a different name. Who is right?

thermocerin what is it

Below is a look at the procedure itself ceratinine, we will understand what kind of material it uses, and whether or not it's as good as they say and write.

Thermocerin – what is it?

Keratin – one of the main materials that form the hair. Under the influence of chemicals during coloring and frequent styling keratin, which is initially present in the structure of the cores is destroyed. As a result, the hair loses Shine, elasticity, fade and become brittle. Some solve the problem radically – cut off damaged ends. But if there is no time, and the gorgeous curls you want to get immediately, there is an interesting study to compensate for the lack of keratin with the help of cosmetics.

thermocerin photo

Answering the question ‘thermocerin – what is it?" note that this is the same keratin. The fact that it is much better embedded in the hair structure under the influence of temperature, as indicated by the prefix “thermal”.

How to apply thermocerin

Despite the fact that Termokarstovoye as a cosmetic procedure most often performed in salons, there are kits that allows you to do it at home to maintain the effect achieved in the course of occupational exposure. Thermocerin, usage instructions which is very simple – the substance is safe. However, when you first use it is recommended to do a test to eliminate the possibility of allergic reactions. Set ceratinine sold in stores, includes mask, keratin solution, thermoactivation, fixing stuff, gloves and sometimes a hair conditioner with a reinforcing effect.


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thermocerin usage instructions

The Hair should first be washed thoroughly so that they were clean. It is better to use the shampoo that is sold with the set. Then the mask is applied. It prepares the hair for further procedure, saturating their active ingredients, nourishing and enlivening. After the mask is washed off, apply the keratin solution. Note that it better penetrates the hair under high temperatures. So after it is applied to substance-thermoactivated having a warming effect. The tool then washed, and the hair remains weightless film. The next stage – keratin water. It establishes the effect of the procedure, helps to preserve the bright and intense color after dyeing. Remember that thermocerin not applied to the roots!

Room procedure

Thermocerin in the cabin is not different from what is sold in sets. The difference is that a Barber, working with the staff, knows all the nuances and peculiarities of the procedure. Although ceratinine safe, it still has its own characteristics. So, the wizard will be able to maintain a distance from the roots before applying the keratin and evenly distribute the composition throughout its length. In addition, the salon services include additional straightening, when washed away thermocerin. The manual clearly States that the impact of temperatures-a prerequisite for long lasting effect. At this time, hair is not damaged, as has already protected the keratin film.

thermocerin instruction

The Result of termocartagena

Due to the fact that the keratin under the influence of temperature is embedded in the structure of the hair, not just covers it up with a film on the outside, the curls become tighter to the touch, heavier, shinier and look much healthier. Their appearance to become attractive, well-groomed and healthy. The result lies in the nature of keratin. Thermocerin (photo after applying it demonstrate improvement in the appearance of the hair) is embedded in the hair shaft. The high temperatures used to conduct ceratinine, sealed split ends, and smooth scales. That's what makes hair shiny. Due to the fact that each rod is covered with a protective film while it holds, the color will not fade. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to use thermocerin immediately after application and in between such procedures to maintain the colors and protect.

Reverse side

Any cosmetic procedure, including termocartagena, has both positive and negative sides. Because the hair is covered in a film of keratin, they collect all the dust. Because of this, the head needs to be cleaned more often. It's a vicious circle, as frequent washing destroys the keratin layer on the hair. Besides a weighted composition of the curls may start to fall as the root bulbs can not handle the load.

procedure thermocerin

That is the procedure – not an option for those who seek to solve the problem of alopecia that way. Humidity is harmful to the keratin layer, therefore, the procedure is better not to do in the fall and early spring, when the air is saturated with moisture. I hope that the article we answered the question ‘thermocerin – what is it?” and clarified the whole matter.


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