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Probably, all women wish to have long eyelashes. If they slowed the growth, it is necessary to use caring means. Make your look expressive will help the serum for lashes Eyelash Booster reviews, which confirm the excellent effect. Read more about this new product discussed in the article.

The German company Pharmatheiss cosmetics has released a new tool from pharmaceutical cosmetics – serum. It is designed to strengthen the eyelashes. It is a reliable tool perfectly complements the makeup in the Nude style, where naturalness and unobtrusiveness are key elements. This cosmetic protects cilia from various effects and prevents hair loss. It contains special components, a little chemistry and a lot of nutrients.

Causes of hair loss eyelash

Approximately 40 years life cycle of hairs is reduced, and the number of lashes reduced. Over time their update is stopped, the restoration is completed. Suffering the intensity of the color of the hair. Their condition is influenced by other detrimental factors:

  1. Poor cleansing the area around your eyes leads to blockage of hair follicles.
  2. An Incorrect implementation of procedures for removing makeup around the eyes, which could lead to injury of the skin and follicles.
  3. Incomplete removal of cosmetics before going to sleep leads to poor growth of new hairs.
  4. Poor quality ink or the wrong method of applying makeup.
  5. Frequent use of Curling iron for Curling the top eyelashes.

serum for lashes eyelash booster reviews

Not all women think that the cilia also needs care as the skin of the face. They cut, require moisture, as the curls on his head. As you can see from the reviews, many women were faced with the same problem. To restore the cilia helps proper care and using quality cosmetic products.


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Why you need a serum?

Not everyone knows, which requires a serum for eyelashes, if there are many different restorative compositions. Between this cosmetics there is a difference. Care be sure to use the serum. She is both medicine and cosmetics at the same time. In its composition has a lot of useful substances which well influence the hairs, providing:

  1. Power root portion. Cilia are saturated with valuable minerals.
  2. Strengthening the roots.
  3. Improving the growth of eyelashes. Hairs become thick and strong, gain volume.
  4. Protection from the negative effects of cosmetics and other factors.
  5. Skin Care age, including smoothing of micromixing and the elimination of the first signs of skin aging.
  6. Recovery of weak hairs.
  7. Radiant and healthy color.

If you have doubts about whether serum hair growth, you should read the reviews on the site. This should take into account that the effectiveness of tools also depends on the individual person.

serum eyelash growth eyelash booster reviews

Most women who tried the serum for eyelashes, I noticed great results. The first changes occur after several treatments. It is important to perform them regularly, and then there will be the expected effect.

The Effect

Serum to strengthen eyelashes Eyelash Booster leads to a natural expansion and lengthening of the hairs. In the end, the loss will not be as intense. Thanks to the penetration deeper into the epidermis nutrients supported the health of the cilia, so they gain volume and fluffiness.

The Tool is able to influence the different life cycles of hair:

  1. Growth Phase – 12-14 weeks.
  2. Phase transition view – 2-3 weeks.
  3. Resting Phase – 8-12 weeks, there is the cessation of growth, the follicles weaken, cilia fall out.

Serum for lashes Eyelash Booster point affects the process by prolonging the growth phase and reducing phase loss. There is a stimulation of the roots, making hair stronger foothold in the follicles and have some level of protection against mechanical impacts, and other factors.

The serum for lashes "Eyelash Booster 5 in 1" protects from loss of hairs, increases their service life length, improves density and volume. The tool also has a nourishing and moisturizing effect, thereby creating a beautiful curve. Not surprisingly, many were satisfied after using this product.


According to reviews, serum lash Eyelash Booster is very convenient:

  1. While using the tool does not cause irritation. A burning sensation that can occur for several minutes, passes quickly and is a variant of normal reaction.
  2. The First result is visible after 30 days, sometimes women notice a more rapid effect.
  3. If you skip 1 day, then nothing serious, but still should not do it.
  4. Do Not use the serum 2-3 times a day, cosmetic and effective with a single application.
  5. Before applying mascara, the drug should not be removed from the cilia, if it is applied before makeup.

Reviews of serum for lash Eyelash Booster confirm the excellent effect of the procedure. Excellent results of application of funds fixed clinical tests and independent tests.

serum to strengthen eyelashes eyelash booster reviews

Shouldnote that in addition to using the serum, you will use various tools to improve their appearance and structure. Only then serum can you expect the promised results.

What is?

What is included in the serum for lash Eyelash Booster? In this cosmetics there are natural ingredients and the special connection created by the industrial way, but they are safe. The serum Eyelash Booster for lash as follows:

  1. Glycerin. Component helps retain moisture and regenerate damaged cells of the follicle. With him is softening and improving the structure of cilia, provides Shine and texture uniformity.
  2. Zinc. This element is considered to be one of the important minerals. It moisturizes, prevents hair loss and improves hair growth.
  3. Caffeine. Thanks to this natural extract is a recovery of blood circulation, so the lashes grow faster, stronger and did not fall.
  4. Biotinyl Tripeptide-1. This emollient substance with antioxidant action helps to protect lashes.
  5. Panthenol. Regenerating component strengthens the hair and protects them from loss.
  6. Oil with vitamins A and E, which are necessary for the growth of cilia and maintain metabolic processes in the cells.
  7. Arginine. Component is a natural amino acid that protects the lashes from e. With it improves the appearance of hairs and they are protected from external factors. The substance has the property of lifting, because once in the follicle, lifts lashes and improves its growth.
  8. Sodium Hyaluronate. It is a natural reducing agent, whereby the hair gain elasticity and softness.

As says the manufacturer, means no hormones, parabens, fragrances, silicone or preservatives. For reviews buyers can see a great effect of the serum.


Serum eyelash growth Eyelash Booster is used conveniently because of the presence of the built-in applicator. The substance is applied on the upper eyelid. The manufacturer advises to follow a few tips while using:

  1. The Drug is best applied in the evening after cleansing. But still possible and can be used every day.
  2. You Need to use a tool 1 time per day.
  3. If the serum is applied underneath your mascara, it cosmetics need to use after 4-5 minutes after therapeutic agents. The base in this situation are not needed.

serum for lashes eyelash booster

The Drug is considered safe for the eyes. This is confirmed by ophthalmological control. About as evidenced by all the necessary documents. During the procedure, it is important to check that the tool is not inside of the nose, otherwise there may be mild irritation.


According to reviews, serum for lashes Eyelash Booster allows you to retrieve changes after a couple weeks of use. Users have observed the following changes:

  1. Eyelashes are dark.
  2. View gained openness and expressiveness.
  3. The Hairs become thicker and denser.
  4. Increased the amount of cilia.

serum eyelash growth eyelash booster

If you do the procedure in a month, eyelashes will stop falling out, they will become thick, thick. The hairs will grow to a natural maximum length, will gain elasticity and Shine.

According to reviews, the drug helps in the deterioration of eyelash breakage. If slowed hair growth, it is necessary to use these means, and the use of serum as a prophylactic substances will be able to prevent the deterioration of the cilia.

Advantages and disadvantages

Make lashes significantly thicker or longer will not work, as there is great value has a heredity. But to improve the hairs condition and eliminate the harmful effects of cosmetics. For reviews, serum eyelash growth Eyelash Booster has other benefits:

  1. Ergonomic shape of the bottle. It looks similar to a spray for carcasses, but only with a thin and soft brush.
  2. The efficiency of the flow: for the treatment of the eyelashes of one eye will need 1 tiny drop.
  3. Comfortable consistency: a tool not flowing, so it is easy to apply.
  4. Pleasant fragrance.

serum for lashes eyelash booster composition

The Disadvantage is the cost of cosmetics. To buy the serum with a volume of 2.7 ml it is possible for 1400-1600 rubles.


Restrictions on the use of serum no. But doctors believe that powerful tools should not be used in the following cases:

  1. Breastfeeding.
  2. During pregnancy.
  3. After chemotherapy.

The Serum is safe and harmless, but, according to experts, it is advisable not to forget about safety precautions.

How long does the bottle?

Serum to strengthen eyelashes Eyelash Booster for reviews, spent 2-3 months if you use it carefully. Moreover, the procedure can be carried out every day. But keep in mind the expiration date. The bottle is unopened can be stored up to 2 years at room temperature. After that, it is advisable to place it in the fridge – in this situation, components are not rapidly oxidized, so the serum can be used for 6 months or more.

serum eyelash growth eyelash booster composition

Where to buy?

Inthe free market of serum no, in pharmacies they are sold rarely. It is advisable to purchase the drug on the sites of official vendors. Only then will be able to protect yourself from buying fakes and buy the goods at the current price. The cost of whey is 1500-1600 rubles, while the amount does not include shipping.

Thus, the use of the drug to improve the condition of eyelashes gives excellent results. Hairs become longer and thicker. With regular care, the serum will be able to make the look more expressive.

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