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The Cylinders to store various gases, including carbon dioxide, are sold empty. The tank is a metal tank, and sometimes plastic. It is worth noting that the metal material for making containers rather than plastic as on its walls is not formed, static electricity.

Arrangement of cylinders

The Balloon with carbon dioxide is a container made of metal in the shape of a cylinder, which is threaded with screwed shut-off valve at the top of the device. It is important to note that the type of valve will depend on the gas that he filled. Individual high requirements for tightness and reliability of gas cylinders, especially with such substances as carbon dioxide.

cylinders with carbon dioxide

You can Also add that the design of the valve for gas cylinder with carbon dioxide has not one, but three threads. The bottom is meant to secure it to the tank. Upper thread holding the valve stem, and the side is for plugs.

Types of cylinders

It is Important to understand that one of the features of these vessels is their diversity. There are metal and composite cylinders as well as gas cartridges. Of course, the most common type is a metal cylinder. Its advantage is the efficiency. The body of this cylinder consists of either low carbon or alloy steel. Also attracts a large variety of volume for gas storage. The volume of a cylinder with carbon dioxide can be 5, 10, 12, 20, 27, 40, 50 litres.

It is Important to note that pyatidesyatimetrovoy storage container is permitted only outside in a special Cabinet, and also applying special markings. Since containers made of metal, their weight is quite large, even if they are empty. The weight of one empty container is in the range from 4 to 22 kg and depends on the displacement.


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the carbon dioxide pressure in the cylinder

One important point - the metal tanks are often intended for storage or transportation of a large volume of carbon dioxide. If the amount of substance is small, it is better to choose as storage composite cylinder. The main advantage of this type of tank is a smaller weight of the tank. Weight composite cylinder with carbon dioxide will be approximately 70% less than metal.

Capacity according to GOST

According to GOST 949-73 volumes for cylinders with CO2 5, 10 and 40 liters. They are used for storage, transportation and distribution of gas to consumers. The set of these devices should enter the following details:

  • Oxygen valve VK with a mass of 0.5 kg.
  • Conveyor rubber ring in 2 pieces;
  • Support Shoe weighing 5.2 kg.
  • Steel or she passed re-certification cap which has a weight of 1.8 kg, or the same detail, but FRP weight of 0.5 kg.
  • Ring which is worn on the neck of the weight 0.3 kg.

Production of metallic cylinders with carbon dioxide should be carried out only from steel of grade 45 D or of steel grade 40 X GAW, if it's a capacity of 40 liters.

filling cylinders with carbon dioxide

Features of the CO2 tank

Sunlight, carbon dioxide must be completely painted black and have the words "CARBON dioxide", made of yellow enamel. It should be noted that the weight capacity is set without considering such details as valve, rings, caps, shoes. In addition to coloring and lettering on the tank must be passport information.

The Application of these data is done by percussion method. It is important to know what to apply information at the top of the cylinder, and its location fully trimmed to the metal layer and has produce a line width of 20-25 mm yellow. Here is a list of information that must contain the passport:

  • Date of the production capacity and the subsequent year's audit;
  • What is the pressure of carbon dioxide in the cylinder (indicated in MPa (kgf/cm2);
  • Tank capacity (specified in gallons);
  • Empty weight capacity (specified in kilograms);
  • The sequence number of the tank and the mark of the firm that produced it;
  • The stigma of the company that conducted the technical examination;
  • The last stamp from the Department of technical control of the company that manufactured the tank.

the temperature of the carbon dioxide in the cylinder

Technical parameters

Depending on the capacity of the tank, it must meet different technical requirements. If the reservoir produced a volume of 5 liters, steel grade that should be used for its production - 45 D. the carbon dioxide Pressure in the cylinder with the same displacement should be at 14.7 MPa (kgf/cm2). The diameter of this cylindrical container - 140 mm length - 475 mm and a weight of 8.5 kg.

Construction of the receptacles with a capacity of 10 liters is made of the same steel grade, and 5-liter. The pressure in such tanks, and their diameter also corresponds to the previous type. The length of the cylinder should be 865 mm and weight 8.5 kg.

the volume of a cylinder of carbon dioxide

The 40-liter tank of carbon dioxide may be made of steel grade 45 D or steel 40 X GAW. If the production is ofthe first grade of steel, the pressure therein remains at the level of 14.7 MPa (kgf/cm2), and if steel 40 X GAW, the working pressure increases to 19.5 MPa (kgf/cm2). The diameter of both tanks with gas will be equal to 219 mm. Length of cylinder, steel, 45 D is equal to 1370 mm, steel 40 X GAW 1350 mm. weight of the container of the first brands of steel - 58,5 kg, and the second at 51.5 kg.


The following are some applications of these CO2 tanks.

  1. In medicine they are used during freezing in the operating unit.
  2. In the food industry used in the manufacture of carbonated beverages and some cocktails.
  3. Used in the perfume industry in order to obtain perfume with a rich aroma and no unpleasant, distinctive odor.
  4. Of Course, used in such construction or repair work during welding of the structure where it is impossible to prevent the formation of additional deposits.

carbon dioxide cylinder how much pressure

It is Also worth noting that conventionally all cylinders with carbon dioxide are divided into three categories. The former include small-capacity - 2, 5, 10 liters. The second group includes the middle tanks of 20 to 40 liters, and the third large - from 40 liters and more. The demand for each category depends on the scope of their use. For example, in industries used medium and large cylinders, as they do not need to fill too often. It is important to note that each tank must be certified every 5 years.

The pressure Parameters

In the operation of these vessels is important to know that they have two increased pressure. The first indicator refers to the working pressure, which is in compliance with all rules of operation and transportation of the tank must not go beyond 150 ATM. The second type of pressure refers to testing that acquires greater importance during the phase of connection to the main system. This parameter should not be higher than 225 ATM. It is also worth noting that when you order these containers, it is necessary to verify the presence of the protective cap.

You Can add that after conducting some research chemical and laboratory observations, it was found that CO2 in the tank is the safest among all the gas, and therefore it can be used in open areas.

fill the balloon with carbon dioxide

Characteristic of the gas in the tank

You Can start with the fact that the cost of this substance is small. This product has no color and is not poisonous. Get carbon dioxide from the combustion of coal fuel, gas, waste alcohol and sugar industry. When the temperature of the carbon dioxide in the container +31 degrees Celsius and a pressure of at 75.3 ATM, there is a liquefaction of this substance. With a decrease in temperature will decrease and the pressure of liquefaction.

It is Important to note that with temperature increased at -78,5 degrees Celsius, the substance will move from the gaseous to the liquid state. During the evaporation of 1 kg of liquid to be received 505 litres of gas. It is also important to note that during storage and transportation this product is in a liquid state under a pressure of 60-70 ATM. Another important fact is the tank volume 40 l holds the entire 25 kg of liquid carbon dioxide. Evaporation the total volume of liquid will be obtained 12 600 gallons of gas.

Filling cylinders with carbon dioxide

In order to fill the tank with gas, can be used several methods. The first method is the overflow of the substance from one container to another. To realize this process, it is necessary to use specialized equipment and adapters. The most important point when refueling is weigh capacity, as it is the only method that will allow you to determine how much of the substance was inside after refueling.

It is Possible to use specialized facilities for injecting gas using the compressor to fill the balloon with carbon dioxide. This method is considered more relevant, as it provides a more accurate filling of the container with gas, and also minimizes the loss of substance in the implementation of this operation. In order to understand how tucked the container, you also need to use a weighing container.

It is Worth noting that the implementation of the filling process, it is necessary to turn capacity, which is the donor of the down valve so that it is as close as possible to the floor. Then he fastened the high-pressure hose, which will be a conduit of the substance from one tank to another.

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