Milking machines for cows: type, device characteristics


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The Popularity of agriculture among the population is again growing, and livestock keeping for many people in the private sector is the norm. Along with this and to buy a home fresh milk becomes easier, due to the content of private households cows. For small estates with one or two cows, the best option to maximize profits is a manual milking of livestock. In the case of increasing the number of livestock require additional assistance. You can hire workers who for a fee will milk some cows, or buy a milking machine. Milking machines pay off quickly enough and soon you come in, plus, unlike the workers, who will always require payment.

Types of vehicles

milking machinesToday, the milking machines may differ:

  • Appearance;
  • Power;
  • Feature design, and so on.

Considering all the distinctive features of each camera, we can determine that they are United by principle. Each individual unit is equipped with a vacuum pump with a small pressure. Also they all have the possibility of attachment to the udder of the cow with rubber suckers or special clips. The latter is more easy to operate and does not cause absolutely no problems at any of the farmer. As a rule, all the time milking takes several minutes and does not require any effort from man. The milk is decanted into a special container, after which it can be used for further processing or implementation.


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Division of the technical characteristics

All the types of milking machines can be divided according to the following criteria:

  • By type of container for milk;
  • The number of cows serviced in parallel;
  • The look of the pump;
  • The number of ticks.

milking installation, the deviceIn order to make the right choice in favor of milking machines needed for a specific case should be addressed each item in detail.

Types of containers for milk

In fact, in any case, the milk always falls into the prepared container. The only difference of the volume of the container and whether it is part of the milking machine. The most frequently used installation with built-in cans that are perfect for milking a small herd. For large farms there are milking machines that collect milk from several cows through the tubes in one big container. The container itself may be in an adjacent room, and the number of simultaneously served by the cows is the next feature.

The number of cows serviced in parallel

milking machines for cowsHere it is necessary to consider first the previous paragraph, because the milking machines for the small private herds are not able to handle multiple cows. They are designed to work only with one cow, or at best two. Large machines for farms capable of simultaneously milked a few dozen cows. Of course, the cost of such a device is appropriate, but working with large volumes, to save work on other things and much more, so the benefit is obvious.

The look of the pump

This classification distributes all milking machines for cows for three types. Pumps may be:

  • Rotary;
  • Piston type;
  • Diaphragm.

The Last option is the most popular because its price is the lowest compared to pumps of another type of action to operate such a device capable of simultaneously with only a small number of cows. It turns out that the milking system, device based on the membrane pump is the best budget option for individual use.

For the simultaneous maintenance of a small number of cows will need to purchase a more powerful machine on the reciprocating pump. Of course, along with the increased capacity it has one substantial drawback-the device during operation is very noisy, which can disturb cows. There is also a downside some consider its dimensions.

types of milking machinesThe Best option for peace and quiet during milking and a high performance installation machine with rotary pump. They are further subdivided into dry and oily, but in any case will be the best compared to other types.

Number of cycles

Their number depends on the capacity of the unit and its weight. Three, of course, heavier, but more productive, while two-stroke - on the contrary.

The Division of work

All characteristics of milking machines define their work based on creating a vacuum, which drags the milk from the udder. The vacuum can be to install a permanent or frequently changing, due to what is happening and are milking-off.

characteristics of milking installationsIn the first case are milking-off milk in minutes and very efficiently, leaving no drops, and it is completely safe for cows. Machines with this principle of operation is expensive and the vacuum they createdusing a centrifugal pump or pulsator. In another embodiment vacuum and essentially no, and milking is carried out by movements of a piston pump. It creates pressure surges that provide pumping milk. These units are significantly cheaper, but the quality of their work is not always perfect.


Depending on the dimensions of the apparatus can be classified as the mobile milking unit or stationary. The latter are now used very rarely, because working with them is very inconvenient. Mobile units are additionally equipped with small wheels and can be used with different size farms. They are easy to move around the farm and easy to operate.

Real customer testimonials

Having said that, to acquire this facility when you have one or two cows on the farm just doesn't make sense, the reasons for this are numerous and primarily long payback period.

For the maintenance of more livestock benefit in the purchase of a machine is obvious. First and foremost, the machine quickly pays for itself. It also promotes more free time for the farmer, which previously spent on manual milking of all cows. Given the speed along with simplicity and practicality, can be reduced and operating personnel, previously engaged in milking. This can further reduce the cost of the payment of wages to employees.

mobile milking machineThe positive qualities of milking machines should be attributed to the high quality of their work, allowing for a short time to get the cows all the milk.

Of Course, dissatisfied with the purchase of this unit too much. First, many complain about the high cost of milking machines. In addition, negative reviews can be triggered by a wrong selection of the device for a particular economy. Because their species are many to choose, you should consider all their features.

Of Course the purchase of the milking machine should be accompanied by prior consultation of a professional or at least an independent examination of all characteristics of the variety of equipment. Therefore, before purchasing the installation, weigh the pros and cons. And most importantly - calculate whether you best financial purchase of the device.

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