Man-Barber: genius scissors or a representative of the homosexual? What awaits the guy in this profession?


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The Male hairdressers today – it is rather the exception than the rule. And in vain, because this profession for centuries has been male. What are the advantages of guys in front of the hairdressers, the girls, what stereotypes are prevalent around the profession, as well as many other interesting things you will learn from the article.

men's barbers

Of the history

In General, the profession of hairdresser is not one thousand years. The word itself is of German origin and means "one who makes wigs”. And images of people, casts a spell over hair, met another ancient Greek frescoes. Moreover, in some cultures, where human hair was his spirit, his strength and power, hairdressers had a special status.

Because of the long hair of women was their pride, the women almost never had it. Regulars hairdressers were all men, and hence sheared their male hairdressers. After all, the woman was considered indecent to touch a man, even to his hair.

Why do guys choose this profession?

It has Long been developed so that women are more often interested in fashion and beauty, more likely to choose a job as a hairdresser. But this does not mean that the man in this incarnation will look worse.

male hair stylist hairdresser

Men who have chosen as a professional tool comb and scissors, I think that nothing wrong with that. And especially do not pay attention to criticism and attributing them to sexual orientation. On the contrary: male hair stylist absolutely free from prejudice. He doesn't listen to anyone who says, they say, a man's job to unload the cars or iron forging, and hair cut – for women. And rightly so.


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Men-the barbers if the competent professional approach and desire to develop will succeed. Have a pleasant skillful craftsmen more likely to win sympathy and a young girl client, and child, and an elderly lady. In addition, the female Barber, going on maternity leave, runs the risk of losing loyal customers. The guy is more “robust” plan.

Customer Testimonials

Many girls want to go for a haircut and styling it to his male hairdresser. He sees a woman from a very different perspective, not as another woman. It is important to make it truly beautiful, the envy and admiration of others and not just to get money for their work. He is always attentive to wishes of the client, and complete with accuracy and sincere compliment – what else should a girl, who came to the salon for a haircut?

hairdresser male photo

Among the customers are of the opinion: can a woman cut another woman worse than just envy, subconscious desire to get rid of rivals. This applies, of course, not every hairdresser, but a certain sense in the words there. But for a man to even question this is not worth it – he does his work inspiring and beautiful.

Legendary men-barbers

A French hairdressers were just men. Here are the most famous ones in the history of mankind. Some were so famous for their talent, their names I know so far.

  • Champagne. The first known Barber, who lived in the XVII century in France and strigi princes, kings and their wives. Many customers were ready to pay anything to get in his chair.
  • Legros de Rumigny. The French Barber, whose regular patron was Madame de Pompadour. He is the author of the first book with drawings of hairstyles, the reading of which was considered a must among the ‘cream of society”.
  • Léonard. Famous for their extravagant hairstyles, to one and a half meters tall and with the most incredible decorations. He had his hair cut Marie-Antoinette and the Duchess de Lying.
  • Marcel Grateau. Famously made the world's first Curling iron hair. The invention became so popular that still remained laying under the title “Marseilles wave”.
  • Antoine (Antoine). The hairdresser-a man whose photo you see below, working in 20-ies of the last century. Talented master of Polish origin have entrusted their hair herself Coco Chanel. And he came up with the timeless classics – hair “Bob”.

master Barber man

  • Sydney Guilaroff. A native of Russia who grew up in a family of Jewish immigrants. Sheared Greta Garbo, grace Kelly and many other celebrities of the time.
  • Alexander de Paris. A pupil of Antoine, who became the stylist of famous personalities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. Participated in fashion shows of Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent.
  • Raymond Bessone, or “Mr Teasy-Weasy”. He was famous for his luxurious London salon and the invention of the fashionable fleece. He was the first hairdresser, «lit» on the blue screen.
  • Vidal Sassoon. Style icon of the swing, a hairdresser, a revolution in the hairstyles: 60-ies they were perfectly geometric, clear and simple in styling.

men's barbers

Barbers today

A Male hairdresser can be a stylist and colorist, and weaving. It can specialize exclusively on women, or Vice versamen's hairstyles. There are station wagons – real "shear genius", popular in most salons.

In short, there is nothing strange and unusual, if your hairdresser – man. Rather, you just got very lucky!

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