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All of the unknown since ancient times attracted people. One of the most enigmatic science-palmistry. Arm line will be able to tell everything about the person that he wants to hide. They tells what man really is, not how he sees himself. Transcript of the lines of the hand – one of the most versatile methods to know about the nature of the subject, its preferences, and the ability, if lucky, get a glimpse into his future: a not very distant. Palmistry will tell you how to approach a person and what to expect from him.

deciphering the lines of the hand

What is palmistry?

The Lines on the hand could tell a lot about a person. Palmistry can describe your future, based on the incomprehensible to the layman formulas on your hand.

Main lines on the palm of your hand

There are six main lines that are located on our palms: the Life line that includes a line of Mars, as well as three bracelets outlet; Destiny line; the Head line; the line of the Liver that contains the path of sensuality and Intuition; the line of the Sun and, of course, the Heart line, including the line of unity and the belt of Venus.

palmistry lines

Color lines

As you probably already know, the colors of the lines on the palm are of great significance in palmistry. If we turn to science for palmistry originated in India, it is possible to identify fourteen types of lines, esperada hand.

A Rich man is defined by bright, sharp and narrow line. If the pale lines, it means that the health of the subject is weak, and his lack of determination and energy. A sign of trouble and are barely visible, dry lines. Yellow says that the blood of the subject is an excess of bile, he is proud, restrained and, most likely, selfish. The red color indicates that a person has a healthy, active and a quick temper, and good spirits. Vengeful, arrogant and unforgiving nature of the individual give the dark lines. If the line is deep then the person is happy and gracious. T


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the fortune telling with hand lines

Oncie lines indicate the acquisition of wealth. Favorable destiny says and triangle in the center of the palm. Lack of energy, loss of good and the complete absence of resilience to give the broken line. The sorrows show short lines that exhibit branching. Adverse considered and an irregular line downward. These are considered line, standing on the palm are not in place. The complete opposite are rounded and deep lines with clarity, colour and required length.

Defects lines

Divination by hand lines or palmistry, teaches that a favorable only those lines that are well painted and are narrow. However, each arm can show a variety of broken, uneven or loose lines that have a dissimilar color. They contain all kinds of symbols and signs, in most cases showing the defects of the lines on the palm, which, in varying degrees, unfavorable.

That the body is weakened, evidenced by the wavy, chain, intermittent, and faint line or a line with the island. If the line is broken, it promises to obstacles, illness, misfortune and betrayal. A line terminated by a brush, says that it has dissipated, and there is soreness of the subject, the weakness and the lack of any good qualities. The extremely adverse sign is a star, located on one of the main lines. As a rule, it means an accident, shock, misfortune or fatal misfortune until death. But this should be confirmed and other notes that are on hand. If any lines cross arm, except for the line of Heart and Head, they are considered an unfavorable sign. Overlapping and staying on that line – a bad sign, as they should continue. If the line is deeply marked cross, it symbolizes an obstacle or is an indication of poor health or global change. Bad sign, if the line is split and weakened. If there is a point, then it is a mess and violations. Cross member on the line is also a bad sign, which indicates the defects of health or an obstacle. Than it deeper, the worse. Bad, if the line after his break turns back to its source.

Lines on the hand change – trouble or happiness?

Signs on the palm have a psychological value. The brain creates, and changes the lines on the hand. Divination by hand lines argues that these changes occur only on branches either upward or downward lines that depart from the main.

The Main line does not change: neither structure nor direction. That is, they talk about what life path are destined, and to show its natural life course. While fine lines, which tend to appear and disappear, tell about the events that can happen in a short period of time, and also reflect what a person thinks and feels, his recent ideas and small goals.

description of the lines on the hand

Deciphering the lines of the hand will allow you to see the person as he is. He can't seemothers or change the pattern on the hands especially.

What are the signs of a particularly favorable?

Deciphering the lines of the hand tells about the three following signs, which will bring the owner a favor. Let's consider them in detail.

First of all, it should be noted that the double lines on the hand, usually mean something is favorable and does not promise any sickness or trouble.

The First sign – Trident which is at the end of any line. Often this sign is located at the ends of the line of Fate, Health, Sun. However, it can be any other line that is vertical. If you by swiping the description of the lines on the hand, noticed a Trident, you should know that you will find financial success and other favorable events. However, it must be well defined and clearly visible.

The Second auspicious sign – square, meaning protection. Its function-to protect from danger man. Transcript of the lines of the hand as a science suggests that square that are available on any line, provides protection from the excess of those qualities which symbolizes the line. This sign will protect the subject from all sorts of financial losses from loss of profession or position, and failure in everyday situations. Palmistry says that standing on the line of square Head prevents all sorts of danger for the brain. If the mark is close to the line of Fate and is under the hill of Saturn, it means the opportunity to avoid the accident. The square, located on the Heart line, it means that the subject of possible unrest related to the beloved loved one. If the mark exists on the hill of Saturn, it indicates an impending heavy misfortune will soon befall a loved one.

line widows on hand

Another in most cases auspicious symbol – banknotes formed by the lines on the hand. The triangle formed from the lines of Fate and line of Mind, promises financial success.

Life Line

The very first line that appears on the palm of the person, – it's a lifeline. She begins to form at the stage of development of the embryo, when he turns eight weeks. After the appearance of the Life line begins to form Heart line, and then line the Mind.

It Should be noted that all these marks on the child's hands appear long before he gets the opportunity to move or show some activity, so they cannot be considered freely-formed creases that have formed due to the fact that people worked with their hands, as some skeptics claim.

So a kind of indicator of the vitality and viability of the individual is the Life line. It is capable to reflect the amount of vitality possessed by the people, and the quality of his life. Also the Life line illustrates how tough, strong and energetic entity.

Heart Line

The Main line, closest to the base of the fingers, – the Heart line. This mark on the palm of your hand can tell about the emotional sphere of the person. Through the Heart you can understand what kind of relationships the subject is formed with the people around him. It originates on the edge of the palm under the little finger, and ends, usually, in the area between the index finger and thumb. That is the line of Heart crosses the whole hand.

a line on the arm triangle

The Line of Marriage is located near the edge of the palm under the little finger. If it goes up, it indicates that the person may not marry. Those who do not want to start a family and those who lost their spouse, a line of the widow on his arm. A variant of this line is the ring of mercury.

Head Line

This is one of the main lines on the hand. Line Head, or the Mind says about a person's intelligence. On this line you can learn more about how you thought the subject at different stages of his life. It is also possible to determine what is the human approach to solving life's problems and troubles, and learn about his attitude to life in General.

Palmistry believes that the intelligence of the owner is governed by the length of the line. But it's worth noting that even if the Head line is sufficiently long, it does not mean that the person will be able to realize their full mental potential. Why? Because the subject with a short line of Mind, aspiring to be in life, you will achieve much greater success than the subject with a long line linewise somehow to show themselves.


The line on the hand, positioned centrally and vertically across the palm of his hand, – the line of Destiny. It originates at the wrist and goes upwards to the base of the fingers. An interesting feature of this line is that it can begin at absolutely any point in the base of the palms. But, as a rule, it originates approximately at the center and is committed to the middle finger.

double lines on the hand

The Line of Destiny indicates what life aspirations driven by a man talking about his capabilities and desire to achieve success in life. If the palm of the person only one line of Fate, means that over a long period of time, he will work to realize your dream or to achieve a specific goal.

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