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Small berries in the dream – sign of tears. About this my grandmother said, and not to believe them impossible. They are also on their own experience has repeatedly convinced of the veracity of the interpretation. And what a dream blueberry? Whether it can be attributed to the rest of the berries, or it heralds something else? Let's face it.

what dreams blueberry

Just see blueberries

Not everyone knows how in nature is this berry. It is not everywhere growing. But to know what you dream of blueberries, I wonder anyone she saw. Famous commentators agree with the grandmothers. Nothing a good sleep doesn't look promising. If I saw her on the bushes in the woods – wait for ailments. For example, in the tooth will be found severe pain the hole, whose existence was not suspected. People suffering from chronic illnesses, must be careful. Berry predicts a worsening of the disease. Some commentators agree with the folk superstition that says that blueberries dark soul. Sadness settled at some time in your heart. Probably the reason of it lies in the past mistakes or unpleasant memories. Try to come up with some life-affirming thing in the next days. The realization that working for the common good, will help get rid of sadness.

what dreams may collect blueberries in the forest

What dreams may collect blueberries in the forest

Logic dictates that the berries, carefully drop it into the basket on the roads of the country of Morpheus, also does not promise good. If you saw such a story, think about whether you relate to the events and people. Sometimes excessive strictness to others in conjunction with indulgence leads to deformation of perception of the world. And hence grow the anger, resentment, jealousy and other negative. That's what you dream of blueberries. She predicts that you personally attract into the life the darkness that threatens to plunge the soul into the darkness of misery and suffering. Whether you do that to yourself? This is the case for the enemy, isn't it? And blame others for anything. Dreaming of blueberries, it means that light goes from the soul. Return it before its too late view events from a different angle.


If you saw a large crop of black berries, there is stress. And only the dreamer depends on what kind of trail he leaves in the heart. The fact that the cause of experiences will in fact be contrived, and suffering is unjustified.

what dream blueberries

Buy berries at the market

A resident of the City, examining what dreams blueberry, is often faced with such a plot. In the astral plane he visits a market or supermarket and selects there the beautiful and tasty berries. The dream foretells the desire for vengeance, say the commentators. In fact, it is also a darkening of the soul. Agree, to judge others – the case of higher powers, and not a mere mortal. Let a offender or enemy wait of the Lord's punishment, why take a sin on soul? Although your work. Know only that the acquisition of the berries of black colour – the desire to prepare a dish, “which is served cold". If you bought sour berries – beware. Yielding to revenge, put yourself in the unenviable and dangerous position. The enemy will intercede influential person you counted on his supporters. Will be sad and unfortunate.

what dreams may collect blueberries

Other stories about blueberries

To dream the jam from these berries – to an incorrect assessment of the situation. You blame man, no harm done. If jam was spoiled or sour – temporarily evil will possess your soul. Look at the sun or stars. Unless they are trying to take revenge on all who did not notice their charms and charm? Why spread the negativity around when the world is so beautiful? Sometimes, examining what a dream to pick blueberries, people don't pay attention to the degree of its maturity. But commentators say that this factor also affects the transcript. Tearing green berries – to tears, ripe – to the offense, over-ripe – to the stupidity of someone from others.

To See the blueberries growing on the tree are a different breed, means that deception will be the cause of your concerns. Lovers dream recommends a closer look at the object of passion. This man is not as open as you want, befogged with romantic dreams of the imagination. It is likely that the beloved is willing to sacrifice loyalty for short-term whim. The business person also should not be in the clouds. Check the documents, count the fees, there is the trickster, willing to get their hands on your money.

Mothers dream about the blueberry tells us that children will soon get sick. Have to worry about the health of kids sitting at the crib long sleepless nights. Huge berries on a tall tree – a sign of mourning. I wish they never dream. Agree?

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