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So it turns out that modern man, with all his technical knowledge, quite a broad Outlook and the ability to understand such things, about which a few generations ago people could only dream of, or does not think, is absolutely helpless before the forces that existed for centuries. We are talking about all kinds of evil that sent envious, jealous, detractors and other enemies against their victims.

Quick help

the prayer of the wickedScience is powerless here. Any tutorial is not written the prayer of the wicked or other helpful tips. But come to the aid of ancient Christian and hillbilly magic. It was used by our ancestors since time immemorial, relying in their rituals to appeal to a higher power, nature, and the mysterious unseen spirits that inhabit the “one”, and the world. Of course, all believers in the first place I go to churches, light candles in front of images, confess, receive Holy communion. Ask the priests what the prayer of the wicked will be effective in a given situation.

If the house knocked trouble...

prayer protects against evil peopleSay, did you notice that in your family recently became very restless. The children stopped to listen to your advice or criticisms either don't react or talk back in response. The husband of a caring, affectionate, zealous family man turned into indifferent or cranky fuddy-Duddy. Between the other household if the cat is black ran. The walls of their home or apartment is like stepping on the shoulders. All of this – the clear signs of someone else's negative interference in your life. In such situations, a very effective and reliable is the prayer of the wicked saints such as Cyprian, Justina, and Martyr Tryphon. Why them? Now, let us explain. And while tips: be sure to parastites, if you have not completed this ceremony. If the marriage was concluded without the wedding – that too should be corrected. Home and call a priest in to sanctify the home. And, of course, buy icons of these saints, for every day, and sometimes repeatedly, could ascend to him and to the Lord your prayer of evil people.


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Holy helpers

Orthodox prayer of the wickedThe Day of worship of Cyprian and Justina – October 15 (or 2, depending on the style). Cyprian once and he was a Gentile, a magician, a sorcerer, possessed of great magical powers. He talked freely with demons and commanded them. But believing in the Lord, began to successfully fight and defeat them, thanks to their knowledge. So strong passed through him to God the prayer that protects from the evil people. And helped Kyprianou to address the true faith of immaculate virgin Justina, which has managed to resist the demons and other evil spirits, as were all your soul, with all my heart devoted to the Word and work of God. Together they were killed after cruel tortures at the hands of the pagans, instigated by the devil. Lord, in His glory, and to protect the human race from the machinations of evil, and after death be blessed to help us. These saints hear our prayers Orthodox Christians from the evil people and try to help us. Great-Martyr Trifon is also a support in moments of temptation. From his youth he could easily pacify the demons, and after the Martyr's death hears our requests and supports needs and troubles.

What prayers to read?

What the prayers should say man to save her from the evil intent? Of course, «our father”. Still – prayer of the Optina elders (from the Antichrist, and others), “let God arise" Psalms – 6, 50, 90. A special prayer to Cyprian, as well as private – against the enemies. Most importantly – all to do with faith!

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