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Today, there are various ways of earning. You can work in organizations specialization or a private entrepreneur. And you can organize your business – mini-production of any product. The return on this activity is dependent on many factors.

Production in the garage

Each person in whose disposal there is a garage space, trying to use it for their own businesses. Production can be of different scales. It all depends on the skills of a novice businessman and his investments.

manufacturing in the garage

Today it is possible to produce in the garage the following products:

  • Metal;
  • Construction materials
  • Various industrial and commercial products.

Some businessmen get to create a mini-alcohol plant for the production of alcohol.

Note. Illegal conduct such activities threatens the entrepreneur with administrative punishment. Therefore, it is better to register.

The Distillery at home

Initially, you must determine the purposes for which products will be produced. It may be such areas:

  • Pharmacy;
  • The manufacture of alcoholic products;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Perfume and cosmetics.

It is Also necessary to choose raw materials for the production of alcohol. Typically, the process uses the following agricultural crops:

  • Grain;
  • Potatoes;
  • Sugar beets;
  • Fruits.

You Need to choose a supplier of quality raw materials so that the products meet all established standards (state Standards).

Equipment Needed:

  • Distillery;
  • Industrial tank;
  • Spirometry;
  • Separators;
  • Refrigeration unit;
  • Thermoelectric heaters.

mini alcohol plant for the production of ethanol

Today the search of specialized equipment lightweight. There are plenty of companies to manufacture it. You only need to select the seller which has the best production value.


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Fabrication in the garage

Small business – production of metal products in the utility or garage. A budding entrepreneur should be able to:

  • Welding the structural elements of various welding processes;
  • Process joints;
  • To correctly measure the dimensions of the product;
  • Qualitatively to paint the finished products.

Installation of steel structures is carried out by the employer or employees. Despite this, knowledge on how to fix structures on any grounds necessary.

At the initial stage of establishing the production will need this equipment:

  • Welding machine;
  • An angle grinder with additional attachments;
  • Clamp;
  • Table for cutting and welding of structural elements;
  • Vise.

Do Not forget about utility tools: hammer, corner, tape measure, level, construction and others.

Note. To measure parameters of the future design can be your own.

Today, entrepreneurs produce the following products:

  • Gates (entrance and garage);
  • Gate;
  • Grid;
  • Door;
  • Railings of varying complexity;
  • Stairs;
  • Elements.

Used For the production of such raw material: metal pipe, angles, steel sheets, wire.

small business manufacturing

It is Worth considering that a simple design of steel structures nowadays. Therefore, in creation of certain products need to use forged items. You could buy ready made or make your own. This will require forges to heat metal special shape of the hammer, tongs and other tools.

Ideas mini-production of construction materials

This kind of activity is now known to almost everyone. Can be made in the garage the following:

  • Foam block;
  • Aerated concrete;
  • Edges;
  • Paving tiles;
  • Ring;
  • Cover for Luke;
  • Grape posts;
  • Adobe bricks and more.

Almost all small designs that are created on the basis of concrete or natural clay.

Raw materials for production:

  • Cement;
  • Sand;
  • Water;
  • Clay;
  • Additional components.

The latter include Summerdale that enables concrete mortar to harden much faster. As well as substances that improve quality indicators of concrete.

To equip a mini-workshop for this production, you will need the following:

  • Concrete mixer
  • Form for adding options to the product;
  • Auxiliary tools;
  • Vibrating table, which can be assembled independently;
  • Common table for assessment tools and forms.

The Natural process of hardening of concrete and mortar can last from one to three days. If in the garage room to put a small camera which will be heated, the finished product is obtained faster. Forms with a concrete solution is placed into this chamber where they are to dry material.

It Will be useful to not only organize a mini-workshop and small warehouse for storage of finished products. In a private household this question will not ariseproblems.

Manufacturing hardware

Production in the garage of fasteners is gaining popularity. You can produce bolts, nuts, studs and much more. For this you need to install a lathe with various attachments and optional equipment and tables. Such production can be put on the line, if the scale of storage facilities.

ideas for mini production

Manufacture of wire products

The Idea of a mini-production, wire in the garage is quite diverse. Despite this, quite often made nails and a grid-netting. This requires special machines. This type of production is characterized in that in the flow of his set is not necessary. You can perform one-time orders.

Recycling of plastics

This business you can open in your garage and not to invest large amounts. As a rule, capital for the creation of mini-plant on processing of plastic is limited to 50 000 rubles is Required to purchase such oborudovanie:

  • Extruder;
  • Press-compressor;
  • Shrader;
  • Injector.

Going, and build machines on their own. You can ask for help from a specialist in this field.

The Main advantage of this idea is a mini-production is the availability of feedstock. In the manufacture using plastic debris: bottles, trays and much more. All of this can be recycled and create real masterpieces and stunning decorative elements:

  • Sconces;
  • Flower pots;
  • Wicker boxes and more.

The prerequisite for this industry is the imagination of the entrepreneur. Developing this business with friends and acquaintances.

Carpentry products

Wood Products today have gained special popularity. All this thanks to its quality indicators. Products last a long time and have an attractive appearance. Only here for a good master who would have manufactured products to order, are difficult to find.

business mini production

In this business a lot of competition, and initially will have to earn reputation. What can be made from wood.

  • Doors;
  • Tables and chairs;
  • Cabinets and chests of drawers;
  • Wardrobes and beds;
  • Shelves and stands.

This product range does not end there. All depends on the imagination and abilities of a businessman, because to begin production will have to save a little at the initial stage of development.

For production you will need the following:

  • Machine tools: lathe, sawing, sanding;
  • Jointer;
  • Table;
  • Utility tools.

If products are painted, it is necessary to allocate work in a separate room.

To Lure buyers to the original design and quality of work. The more unusual the product is, the greater the interest and enthusiasm it will cause.

Consumer products

Whatever happens in life, he will provide all that are necessary. The group of consumer goods include the following:

  • Products;
  • Shoes;
  • Clothes;
  • Household chemicals.

The production of each product are significantly different from each other.

Products Manufacturer in the home

Consumer Goods were realized in the past centuries. Only previously the market was limited to neighbors and relatives. Now this home is a mini production develops on a commercial scale.

mini home production

If the size of land you can grow vegetables, fruits, agricultural crops. At the moment the government buys the finished products of these species with the purpose of processing or resale.

Note. Quite often the farmer is running at a loss. This factor is due to the rather large initial financial investment and wrong allocation.

For this reason, it is necessary to pre-calculate all the costs of doing business and prepare a business plan with planning payback. This can be done independently, but it is better to attract specialist.

The Idea of a mini-production of consumer products does not end there. It is possible to produce dairy products. It should be noted that keeping cattle is optional. It is sufficient to find a constant supplier of quality raw materials.

To Process milk and manufacture products is only possible with the help of special equipment. Since these goods are perishable and belong to the first group of risk for contamination of harmful bacteria. It is necessary to observe the process.

Council. This kind of activity need to register, and for production to obtain a license.

Tailoring of clothes and shoes

Perhaps this is the most common form of home production. It requires very little investment, as all work is done at home in a separate room, and the equipment is not too expensive. Better to start with repair, earning a reputation. Competition in this field is quite large. Over time you can develop their production and go for large volumes and implementation of the finished products.

consumer products

Mini-bakery at home

Any owner,which can bake culinary delights, wants to open their production. You need to start small: to bake rolls or pies. You can then move on to more complex products: cakes, pastries and other sweets. Will not be superfluous to Express their imagination in decorating the cakes. The more interesting the design and taste of products, the more buyers will become permanent.

mini bakery at home

For baking products will require a quality oven. Preferably one that is powered by electricity. Furnaces of this type have multiple heating elements located at the top, bottom and sides brass camera.

General guidelines

Small business – the production of any product at home. Over time, you can go to the next level, which involves additional capital investment, and produce products on an industrial scale.

In the organization of own production do not neglect the quality of the products. Must also find suppliers of raw materials and to organize the market. Without proper implementation of products further development and increased profitability impossible.

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