Work with transport companies - letter of attorney for receiving goods and some other aspects


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A power of Attorney to receive the goods you will need if you will not be able to get your ordered and already the cargo arrived.

This service of transport companies is very convenient and easy to use. For some companies it is enough to write a power of attorney to receive the cargo in the form of a transport company, others may require a notarized power of attorney. Therefore, ceteris paribus it is preferable to choose a company for which it is enough to fill a power of attorney for the receipt of goods in their form, since it is not always possible to quickly find a notary, not to mention the fact that it can be done only during working hours.

If a power of attorney for the receipt of goods issues a legal person, it is obligatory, specify the following details:

  • Date of issuance of the proxy;
  • Desto the issuance of the proxy;
  • The validity of this document;
  • The data of the passport of the Trustee (receiving cargo);
  • Details of the organization that issues the power of attorney;
  • Seal;
  • Signature: Director, chief accountant and individuals trust receipt.

If the Trustee of the company is its Director General, instead of the above list he will need the following documents:

  • His passport;
  • The order of appointment and minutes of the meeting of shareholders;
  • Stamped.

Depending on the carrier, you may need other statutory documents. For example, some transport companies upon the first receipt of goods individual entrepreneurs require the provision of evidence of the bin.

The Man to whom you write the paper can come at a convenient working time of the carrier, taking with him a power of attorney to receive the goods and your passport, and quickly receive your goods.

First, you save time (no need to break away from urgent cases), and secondly, without any delay get your merchandise.

The power of attorney to receive the goods easy to find on the website of any transportation company. You can easily print out yourself and fill it.

Complete the form of proxy must be strictly in accordance with the documents (passport) of the Trustee. In case of an error in the identity of the said person, he will refuse to issue the goods.

Often there are cases when the consignor not correctly indicate the data recipient (for example, error in name). In this case, you will not be able to obtain the goods or trust receipt to another person to resolve the error. To change the recipient's details can only be the sender itself, for that most transport companies will be asked to write a letter in the form specified by the carrier.

In Addition, in recent years actively developing direction of delivery to the house (office, warehouse), so you can arrange delivery of the goods to a place convenient for you. Of course this service is not free, but in many cases the costs incurred are justified. The cost of this service in the first place depends on the cargo volume and distance of transportation. Sometimes the transport company runs special promotions, providing free delivery or free shipping of certain size (usually set limits to ... kg) provided by the rules of the company. Before you decide to choose a carrier, pay attention to this point.

To Order the delivery of cargo to the recipient the sender at the time of shipment or the recipient, but after the arrival of the goods at the branch of the transport company (in the specified city). A transport company can put limitations on the size of cargo delivery.

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