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The One who strives for success in business and wants to gain financial independence, must read the success story of this man. Every hour he earns one million dollars. Of course, there is much to learn from this entrepreneur. Who is he? American Sheldon Adelson. He is the host of one of the most profitable companies in Las Vegas, where thousands of people descend to the casinos fortunes. But how could become a multimillionaire Sheldon Adelson? The success story of this rich man is unique.

Sheldon Adelson

Childhood and youth

He was born in August 1933 in the small provincial town of Dorchester. His father was a simple taxi driver, so money in the family lacked. In the house where the family lived Adelson, there was only one bed that was occupied by the parents. The children slept on the floor.

To somehow improve the financial situation, already in his early years, Sheldon Adelson was forced to look for jobs. And the boy was taken on any case if it could bring some income. For a while he delivered Newspapers, but by becoming a little older, he suddenly realized that, without special education to achieve success in any field is almost impossible. The teenager has already accepted the fact that he will never have a diploma, because the studies need a lot of money.


But along with the realization that to get a higher education, most likely, will not work, Sheldon Adelson suddenly suggested: to make money, you need a certain sequence of actions, a systematic approach. And he thought that success comes faster if you work not alone but with a team. And then Sheldon asked their friends the partnership.


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Sheldon Adelson story of success

He gave all my friends at the pile of Newspapers, gave each of them a specific area and some time later he received his first Commission.


Having matriculation, Sheldon Adelson has decided to expand business horizons. He invited his companions to sell more profitable goods, namely toiletries. As clients, he chose hotels because they were in desperate need of shampoo and toilet paper. Soon the plan worked, and business started to yield good dividends. They even helped the Concierge and doormen for a certain percentage to sell the goods.

As an adult, Sheldon Adelson (growth - 175 cm) started to earn more and soon became a seasoned entrepreneur. He immediately could tell the prospect of a case.

Prototype casino

Some time Later, the young man began to help his uncle, who owned a fairground farce.

Sheldon Adelson photo

Suddenly, he came up with a fantastic idea – to put in the tent spinning wooden wheel with an arrow and numbers. Remain to place bets and spin the wheel. So he planned to make the guessing of numbers. Sheldon here built the business plan for their new venture and estimate that the business will bring huge profit. And so it happened.

Other projects

In 60 years, Sheldon Adelson, whose biography will be of particular interest to the beginners, gives start other business projects. In particular, it is investing in the stock market, organizes business Charter services and is engaged in the sale of real estate.


In the late 1970s, Sheldon Adelson, a photo of which is familiar to almost every American is actively involved in the sphere of computer business.

It creates a profile of the commercial structure of the Computer Dealers Exhibition, which holds a major exhibition, which presents a wide range of equipment for the PC. The entrepreneur is not doubt that computer technology has a great future, and that means they can build a profitable business. And he was not mistaken…

Some time Later, he managed for a lot of money to sell the Corporation Computer Dealers Exhibition.

Sheldon Adelson biography

The Casino

In Return, Adelson invested in large gambling club called The Sands Hotel & Casino. He soon added the building of the casino, the exhibition centre, which is subsequently further enriched the businessman. But after a while Sheldon is looking to turn The Sands Hotel & Casino in a large-scale project, which would be equipped with everything necessary for gamblers. But in the original version of the casino did not match his plans, so he dismantles the building, and in its place erected a giant gambling complex called the Venetian. The mere fact that, instead of the pavilions in the new casino there was a real canal with gondolas that transported visitors from one game zone to another, testified of the greatness and uniqueness of the project.

Dimensions of the famous publication «Forbes» estimated that in 2007 the profit of the entrepreneur Adelson amounted to 26 billion dollars, which gave him the right to occupy the sixth position in the ranking of the richest people in the world and third place in the list of most wealthy Americans. However, the year 2010 from a financial point of view was unsuccessful to Sheldon. Then he lost almost 50% of his fortune, but in 2011 he managed to rehabilitate themselves, andthe level of his income was 23 billion dollars. Despite the fact that the businessman has passed eighty, he can give odds to any presumptuous rich man.

Sheldon Adelson growth

A Businessman for 25 years, married to Miriam Ochshorn. Their first meeting took place within the walls of a clinic for drug addicts. That's where the king of American roulette came to visit his son from his first marriage, who got in trouble. Miriam worked as a doctor in the clinic. Today Chet Adelianos deals with the problem of drug addiction. Thus, Sheldon is not going to retire, continuing to live an active life.

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