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It is Known that demand cannot exist without supply. How, indeed, Vice versa. One of the varieties of offerings are services. However, they can not be attributed to the finished product, since the latter can always buy and dispose of them at its discretion. Services well – it's kind of a process aimed at meeting the needs of the buyer.

servicesAt the moment there are all kinds of services, and their number is constantly growing. These include:

  • Communications (TV, radio, communication, Internet, etc.).
  • Medical services (consultations, examinations, treatment).
  • Trade (shops, markets).
  • Leisure and travel (hotels, hotels, sanatoria, rest homes, etc.).
  • Education (schools, kindergartens).
  • Repair and service (from production machinery to small household appliances in the household).
  • Transportation and all kinds of transportation (sea, land, air).
  • Insurance.
  • Legal services.
  • Banks (loans, deposits, etc.)
  • Advertising.

banking servicesToday it is not possible to do without banking services. Wherever modern man and whatever he was doing, his actions directly or indirectly are connected with money. He needed to regularly spend money on their needs and to monitor savings. No legal entity will not be without a current account and salary payments to employees. For these purposes, are the types of banking services:

  • Deposits (creation of Bank account).
  • The Opening of accounts and their subsequent maintenance.
  • Lending (issuing Bank of funds with subsequent responsibility of their repayment and payment of interest).
  • Transfers from one account to another, withdrawing money from any of them.
  • Manufacturer plastic cards. They can be used to control the movement of money from account to account, and to receive and pay wages.
  • Cash and non-Cash remittances.
  • Receive payments (e.g. for utilities, insurance, fines).
  • Rental of safe-Deposit boxes (safes) to store values.
  • Investing, factoring, cash collection (for legal entities).

Banks can provide other types of services. This, for example, counseling its clients in selecting the most appropriate method of disposal of material values.


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types of advertising servicesThe Huge popularity of such services as advertising. With the help of her moving any product and any activity. Advertising aimed at stimulating demand growth, and hence a good sales proposal. Its purpose – to interest the largest possible number of potential buyers or users. This is facilitated by various types of advertising services:

  • Newspapers and magazines (restricted target audience).
  • TV (most powerful method covering the majority of consumers).
  • Radio.
  • Outdoor advertising (signs, banners, shields, light Cabinet, transportation, building walls, etc.).
  • Printed (the specific mention of a product or service on paper for subsequent distribution).
  • Souvenirs (products with the logo of the manufacturer).
  • Advertising at the point of sale (e.g. the seller in the store any product).
  • Mailing.

In addition, there is a services on benches, on the walls, on the pavement, on balloons, on the human body, with 25 fps and laser inscriptions on the sky, and even in public toilets. And it is in this place with the modern pace of life there is the opportunity to quietly read.

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