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Moscow — one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world, where every day, thousands of tourists from different countries. There is developed infrastructure, which directly affects the economy of the capital, which is now at a fairly good level. In addition, in Moscow there is a lot of attractions, but, unfortunately, they're not as interesting as the modern shopping center (callous as it may sound). By the way, today we will talk about one popular chain of shopping centers.

In this small article we'll discuss the shopping center «City» in the capital, the reviews about them, know their address, hours of operation, contact details and other useful information.

Shopping center «City», Ryazanka

First, talk more about the school, located at the Ryazan Avenue, and then turn to the discussion of the second complex of the network. Well, Moscow shopping center «City» near metro «Kuzminki”, “Taganskaya” and “Ryazan PR-t” in 2006 she took very happily. At present, there work an incredible variety of shops most famous brands in the world.

Moscow, shopping center "City"

It is worth noting that for people in their own vehicles Parking is available for 2 thousand 800 vehicles, which testifies to the large scale of this project.


So, why were built the shopping center «City» (Moscow, Ryazan prospectus)? Of course, for shopping and memorable, but still the main purpose of people visiting this establishment, is the acquisition of new things. In this Mall you can visit such famous retailers as “Auchan”, “Zebra” and “Eldorado”, whose representatives always welcome new visitors. In addition to these institutions work successfully and hundreds of other shops, where anyone has the opportunity to purchase trendy women's and men's clothing, including sportswear and shoes from renowned manufacturers, a variety of cosmetic and perfumery means, the most interesting accessories and even products for the children.


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TC "City" (Moscow): shopping

For example, let us mention the most famous brands, shops which work in the shopping center «City» (Moscow metro «Ryazanskiy PR-t,” and others): “Zara", «Adidas”, “Ralph ringer”, “Respect”, “Rive Gauche», «L’Etoile" and even Mothercare. By the way, if you decide to visit this Mall in order to purchase any building materials, be sure to visit the hypermarket "home depot" where you can buy a variety of products for the home at affordable prices.

Restaurants and cafes

We All know that going to any shopping Mall can take a whole day, and especially well learned people in such a huge village, like Moscow. The shopping center «City» cares about its customers, so almost the entire territory of the complex there are nice restaurants and cafes where you can eat.

All the places have interesting interiors that offer an unforgettable holiday. Work there only experienced friendly waiters, always ready to help customers make the right choice for the best drink or food.

Activities and amenities

The shopping center «City» (Moscow) stores, as you know, is very different, but this does not prevent the complex work of banking offices and studios of sunburn, travel agencies, salon of cellular communication and even workshops. In General, here you will find everything that is possible!

TC "City" (Moscow): metro

As for entertainment in this Mall they are also very much. For example, you can visit a special children's town, where a professional caregiver, with whom you can leave your small child. In addition, it is useful to know that “City” are often held the following activities: circus performances, theatrical performances, fashion shows, modern clothes and so on. Well, without competition with prizes now in General anywhere, so here they also have.

Basic information

Coming to a fashion capital like Moscow, shopping center «City» should go to one of the first, because such a huge complex you certainly have never seen before. So, is the first institution of the network at the Ryazan Avenue (2nd building, the 2nd building) and is open every day from 8 am to 22.30 PM.

In turn, the shopping gallery you can visit from 10 to 22 hours, and the time of work of the hypermarket “Auchan” is fully consistent with the schedule “City”. In addition, the home goods store «Leroy Merlin” is open from 8 am to 22 PM.

TC "City" (Moscow, Ryazansky Prospekt)

If you have any questions, please call the phone number +7 (499) 174-72-87 and get informative answers.

The shopping center «City», shosse Entuziastov

Shopping Mall in the Lefortovo district, many visitors believe a real shopping city, because there are more than 250 did not like each other stores that are in great demand. The project office has posted this “City” is enoughwell, because it is in walking distance from the third ring road and very close to metro stations "Lenin Square" of the “Roman” and “aircraft”.

Here for visitors on private vehicles also have Parking, but for 100 cars less, that is only 2 thousand 700 pieces.

Services TRC

Many people somehow think that the shopping centre features stores exclusively, but this is wrong, because “City” you can find branches of Russian banks, and tailoring, dry cleaning, travel Agency, beauty salon and similar establishments. In addition, parents have the opportunity to leave their children in a special entertainment center with educators and animators to quickly make all the necessary purchases, without being distracted by anything.

TC "City" cafe '

In General, In such a megalopolis as Moscow, shopping center «City» very strongly stands out among the other complexes, because not all establishments of this kind, the Directorate tries to do everything for people that are very happy!

Major stores

In this popular shopping center is 5 hypermarkets, which you visit most often. Among them, the supermarket “Auchan” Department store "home depot" of the store of modern technology “M. Video" institution "decathlon”, where can I buy brand sporting goods features «the World of furniture”.

In addition to the above companies, there are less popular clothing stores, cosmetics, accessories, children's products and more that are also worth a visit.

General entertainment

The shopping center «City» (highway of Enthusiasts) has a cinema, which is called “Kronverk Sinema”, has eight huge rooms, where anyone can watch the new movies. Also worth noting is the presence of the ice Palace, which will definitely appeal to fans of active pastime. By the way, at the rink are not only public skating, but hockey games between professional athletes, for whom it will be interesting to watch with unique restaurant “Coslovich”, located above the stands, making its Windows offer a view of the whole arena.

TC "City" (shosse Entuziastov)

Additionally, “City” are other popular cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets, so you can spend the whole day and not even want to leave home.

For the people!

The Management of this Mall has provided to each client of the institution feel as comfortable as possible. Thus, in TTS, all adapted for the disabled, which is a huge advantage, because almost always about people with disabilities simply forget.

Contact information

The shopping center «City» (Lefortovo; address: Moscow, Enthusiasts highway, 12 building, 2nd building) is open daily from 8 am to 23 PM. In turn, the shopping gallery opens 2 hours later and closes an hour before, and an ice arena, a hypermarket “Auchan” works according to the following schedule: Monday-Thursday — from 8.30 to 22.00, Friday-Sunday — from 8.00 to 23.00. In addition, «Leroy Merlin” every day opens at 8.30 and closes together with the entire shopping center.

TC "City" (Lefortovo; address: Moscow)

To speak with the administrator of the Mall, call +7 (495) 663-83-09.


Customers of each of the shopping complex, which was discussed in the article, and leave only positive comments. People like the large selection of boutiques, convenient schedules, as well as a huge Parking lot. While guests note that in the complex you can find shops with high prices and acceptable, depending on the financial possibilities. Decent reviews left by the animators and educators of the projects that daily monitor dozens of children.

In General, today we learned more details of the shopping center «City», address in Moscow these institutions and a lot of other information, so we can conclude: “Town” — the best network of shopping malls in the capital.

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