Sealing rubber rings of circular section (GOST)


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Rubber o-rings is intended for sealing joints of different parts, both stationary and moving. These products are also used in the construction of hydraulic and pneumatic units and devices. Consider the features and classification of the Sealing rubber rings according to GOST. o ring rubber

General information

Scope of Rubber rings is quite wide. They are used in sanitary-technical products internal combustion engines, sewer systems, pipelines, pumps, etc.

Rubber ring can have x-shaped, round or rectangular cross-section. However, regardless of shape specifications must match the parameters set The GOST. Rings rubber sealing round type, for example, produced according to GOST 9833-73.

Physical characteristics of products differ depending on the purpose of their use. Rubber rings can be elastic, hard, resistant to temperature changes, the negative effects of aggressive environment and different chemicals. rubber o ring


The choice depends on the properties of the working fluid which contacts the product. Currently available O colza:

  • Rezinovye;
  • Kauchukovaja;
  • Silikonovye;
  • Kozhanye.

If the liquid which contacts the product, may affect him negatively, for example, the destructive impact of oil on the rubber, then use seals made of rubber. Why? This material is resistant to the compounds present in the oil.


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Main advantages Rubber rings are:

  1. Easy installation.
  2. Durable.
  3. High functionality.

In some cases, these settings are extremely important. For example, the importance they have when you install the sewer system. ring rubber sealing round section of GOST

The Undoubted advantage of products is that they do not lose their properties even after several Assembly/disassembly of the structure. The round parts provides seat. It significantly facilitates installation of the o-ring.

The Use of rectangular products

A Set of square rings is generally used to seal static connections. Allowed the use of such products and in the movable parts, but with a minor amplitude of movement. This particularly applies to flanged connections and shut-off valves.

Most Often square seals used in pipe connections for different purposes. Products in such cases, ensure optimum sealing.

Working fluid may be water (cold/hot), alkali, acid, steam, gases.

Special parameters

To replace the square seals the margin compression – 0.1-0.2 mm., the Tightness is achieved by displacement of the ring by means of pressure in a production environment. ring rubber sealing round

Each ring in the set has a designation. It allows you to determine the scope and possibility of the use of products in a particular situation. The first digit represents the diameter of the rod, the second – of the cylinder, and the third – the height of the ring.

The rubber sealing Ring of circular section (GOST 9833-73, 18829-73)

Typically, these products are applied in static joints of the structures. However, in some cases, allowed the use in dynamic connections, if there is a reciprocating, rotational, vibrational motion.

Classification of products is carried out depending on the type of material

  • Rings rubber sealing round section, GOST 18829-73. These products are used in pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel systems.
  • Teploproizvoditelnosti seals (tmksch). These rings are used in pipelines transporting alkali, acid, other chemical reagents, including at elevated temperatures.
  • Rubber rings GOST 9833-73. These products are intended for use in the food industry, i.e. they can directly contact with the products.
  • Oil and petrol resistant (MBS) seals are used, respectively, in equipment, fluids which are oil and gasoline.

Basic settings

Inner diameter Round rubber o-rings ranges from 1 to 2000 mm. diameter can be 0.5-20 mm. For convenience, the product is applied to the appropriate designation. ring rubber sealing GOST

For example, if we talk about the set of seals for internal Sewerage system:

  • The first 3 digits indicate the diameter of the rod that is worn on the ring;
  • 3 – the diameter of the cylinder (it is where the product is inserted);
  • The thickness specifies the seventh and the eighth digit;
  • Accuracy class – ninth;
  • Type of rubber – tenth.

In some cases, may be a slight deviation from real parametersgiven in the marking.

Operating Conditions

The Seals made of rubber can be used at temperatures from -60 to +250O S. the Exact numbers depend on the type of material.

If we talk about pressure when a static connection, it should not life more than 500 ATM, and if dynamic (especially if the fluid is a lubricant, fuel, water, oil) – not more than 350 ATM. If the rings are used in air systems for dynamic seals, the pressure may not exceed 100 ATM.


These products are used where not likely to be rings. They apply, in particular, in the compounds of the moving structures from the rods and axes performing rotational or translational motion.

Rubber cuffs have external and internal diameters. To increase strength, you use a special reinforcement.

Classified cuff as a ring, depending on the scope of application:

  • Reinforced, whose parameters correspond to GOST 8752-79. They are used in the joints of the parts in mineral oil, water, diesel fuel.
  • Plastic properties of which corresponds to the state standard 6678-72. These cuffs are used in pneumatic units, compressors, and other similar installations.
  • Reinforced, the characteristics of which correspond to the state standard 14896-84. Such products are used in hydraulic devices.
  • Cuff, manufactured according to TU 38-1051725-86. They are used for sealing knots, moving steadily.

Rings for storm sewer systems

When installing such sewer rubber seals use impractical. High tightness of connections can provide a silicone ring. They can withstand temperatures from -60 to +200O C. rings rubber sealing round GOST

The advantage of the sealants of silicone is their low (in comparison with rubber products) price. They quickly gained popularity in the market. This is due to the high elasticity, durability, strength. In addition, these products are produced in many sizes.

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