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The truck belongs to the popular varieties of warehouse equipment. With its help move and lift loads to a height. Such tasks are nowadays increasingly charge automatic self-propelled loaders, but in crowded conditions, small spaces the use of such equipment impractical. In turn, the hydraulic stacker with elektropodemom capable of providing high capacity, but with the compact size. I must say that the model with the actuators closely compete with manual mechanical assemblies. Request for works on a simple principle still remains, but even a modest enterprise in order to improve the efficiency of cargo handling tend to use the technique with elektropodemom.

The Advantages of electric drive

The Technique enables you to easily lift different loads to a height of over 3 m. the presence of a mechanical lift makes it possible to work in tight spaces. By the way, hydraulic stacker, photo which is presented below, it is possible to use in a small shop.

hydraulic stacker

This technique gives the possibility of safe and careful handling of goods at the site is less than 3 m2. Compact Assembly mechanisms and causes modest size of the unit, and the minimum free space required for its operation. The rest of the vehicles with electric drive match the other trucks. Such models can be used in low temperatures, the loading of refrigerators and other cooling equipment. Of course, pallet truck stacker with electric drive requires no special maintenance. But simple mechanisms and generally accessible for repair design problems with the maintenance and care are rare.


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Stacker from Eoslift

hydraulic stacker

The Company Eoslift is a joint German-Chinese enterprise that enables manufactured products to combine affordable cost and reliability. The advantages of electric drive-this brand allows us to estimate the hydraulic stacker in the performance of SPN 1030. This model has a sturdy mast made of German alloy steels, and the platform with a load capacity of 1000 kg. This combination gives the device reliability and resistance to various mechanical impacts.

For convenience, the technique is equipped with a charger, which makes it Autonomous. The 3-metre lift masts and forks with a wide grip, the operator can use the hydraulic stacker Eoslift handle loads with different dimensions. The cost model is about 100 thousand.

Stacker from Pramac

hydraulic stacker photo

This time we will talk about the Italian technique, famous brand “Premack”. In particular, an interesting model line-TX, which provides a compact and easy to operate stackers. With the help of this assistant the operator can perform operations with cargo, which weight is 1200 kg While the maximum available height - 3.5 m. Due to the presence of starter batteries hydraulic stacker TX can be used without a network connection. Aggregate technical and operational performance is one of the most attractive options for electric stacker. But the price of this model is significant – an average of 130 thousand rubles.

Electric pallet truck from Ningbo Ruyi

pallet truck stacker

Another representative of storage equipment, which is suitable for a wide range of loading operations. Model CDD 15B combines the principles of manual control and the rise of electric vehicles. Design feature is the presence of the controllers of the Italian brand MOSFET. As a result, hydraulic stacker received and reliable materials for construction, and high quality electronic filling. No less attractive and operational capabilities of the equipment. Maximum load capacity is 1500 kg, and the height of the racks to which unit can realize the rise is 3.3 m. the price of the truck is 170 thousand rubles.

Stacker Lema

hydraulic stacker lema

The Polish firm Lema also known on the market of warehouse equipment. Among the most successful developments of the manufacturer it is possible to note a series of LM. It presents models with different lifting capacity and maximum height of loading. For example, you can find solutions and services 2-meter-high shelves, and to work at the level of 3 m hydraulic stacker Lema in the LM series offers a maximum lifting capacity of 1,500 kg. Like other models of electric units, Polish equipment has a compact size and allows to perform operations in confined spaces. As for the cost, it is very democratic. For the model in the richest picking will have to pay about 100 thousand rubles Less productive and functional members of the series LM are 60-80 thousand rubles.

How to choose the best option?

Before selecting you need to determine the working conditions of technology and nature designed for it. First and foremost, it is necessary to consider the load. In one approach, the hydraulic stacker can serve no more than 1500 kg, but this is even enough for medium-sized enterprises. Then take into account the dimensions of the equipment. If you plan to use it in the store, it is advisable to choose a small model. Although the concept of hydraulic stackers itself suggests compactness and portability, the desire for increased productivity is forcing companies to increase the size of the structure. The buyer, in turn, must find a compromise. But in terms of reliability there are no discounts should not be. It is desirable that the base of the stacker made of high strength steel, rollers and wheels made from polyamide. This will allow the technique to cope with high loads.


hydraulic stacker with elektropodemom

The Market of warehouse equipment is quite extensive and can be difficult to differentiate segments with different techniques. However, the hydraulic stacker with features of your device stand out from the total number of loading units. First and foremost, many other types of warehouse equipment it is characterized by the inability of independent movement. On the one hand, it affects the reduction in the functionality, but allows you to win in maneuverability and ergonomics. At the same time, these stackers can not be attributed to simple manual devices. The presence of the drive for the implementation of lifting substantially improves the efficiency of the unit against the usual mechanical devices. The model occupies the middle niche, providing the user the ease of use without extra costs.


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