Connection of HDPE pipes with a metal pipe: features, practical advice and reviews


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When settling a different sort of system of water supply systems, there is a need for connecting metal pipes with plastic. To solve this problem you can use one of many options, but the main ones include the use of flanges and threaded mates method.

The Main types of joints and their characteristics

connect HDPE pipe

If you decide to connect HDPE pipe with a metal, it is important to familiarize yourself with the basic technology of the work. When the threaded connecting metal pipes with HDPE small diameter in the range of 40 mm it is best to use fittings that have a thread for metal pipe. At the same time, often, for these purposes, and couplings. To connect HDPE pipe with metal they are, however, not apply. But for the joints of polypropylene elements together fits perfectly. To do this, you should purchase a smooth connecting element. In order to obtain reliable sealing of joints, use of flax fiber that is pre-treated in linseed oil. This is true when assembling steel pipes. If we are talking about a flange connection, which uses larger diameter pipe, it is possible to match the elements whose diameter is 600 mm. the twisting is done by hand. Below will be examined the connection of polypropylene pipes according to the method of use of the thread. Then as the flange joint is better to use in conjunction with polypropylene and polyethylene pipes. But it is worth noting that these compounds can be used for both varieties.

Use fittings with threads

connecting HDPE pipes with a metal pipe

To install polypropylene pipes, which have metal parts in the form of filters, pipes, counters, and faucets, use fittings with thread of the desired diameter. This item will be placed on one side, while the other should be a coupling for soldering of plastic pipes. Threaded fittings can be external or internal. Connection of HDPE pipe fittings is carried out by the following method. You must first Unscrew the coupling a metal pipe in the place where you want to connect it with a plastic element. Otherwise, the part of the steel pipe can be cut, while the obtained region should be treated with oil or grease to form a new thread with an appropriate tool. In the next step the thread is wiped on her wrap-FUM-tape or tow, the surface is lubricated with silicone. Coils should not be more than two, the tape edge when the clamp must be submitted in the course of the thread. Without the use of a key to wind the press-fitting that will prevent the cracking. If after starting the system the water began to leak, you should tighten up the fitting.


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Technique works

connect HDPE pipe fittings

When the connection pipes, the steel element can be coupled by the fitting. Polypropylene the elements will generate different twists and turns in the system. The configuration of the fitting can also be changed, it should be warmed using a Hairdryer, but the temperature should not be more than 140°. Polypropylene will burn if the temperature goes above 350°, it is therefore not necessary to prevent the possibility of overheating. Polypropylene products to expand and constrict when exposed to temperature, so when used for the arrangement of the heating or supply of hot water it is necessary to install pipe under a layer of plaster. With the gap in strobach should be approximately one centimeter, around tees and bends when it should be placed tubular insulation.


coupler to connect HDPE pipe

The Connection of HDPE pipes, PVC with metal may be effected by means of flanges. This will be able to get the connector for which are used the grommet under the flanges. They are welded to the ends of the products. Otherwise, you can use the overhead flanges, which are made of metal. If in the process you will use HDPE pipe, methods of connection of this element with metal pipes may include the use of flanges. This technology is applicable if the pipe has a steel part (this category may include valves, pumps). In addition, the plug connection is important when there is a need for dismantling of the pipeline during operation. The need arises for repair and cleaning. Flange connection should be used for large diameter pipes. In the sale you can meet the so-called flanges of free type, they rely on piles and are most common when working with plastic pipes. Loose flanges can conform to the dimensions of the metal parts of the pipelines.


connection pipe HDPE steel

When a connection is made between HDPE pipe with metal by means of flanges, it should be noted that at the last there should be no burrs and sharpelements. If their presence might cause damage to plastic products.

Expert Advice on the connection of pipe flanges

connect HDPE pipe compression fittings

There was the loose flanges, are most commonly used for heavy and medium plastic products, the diameter of which does not exceed 150 mm. in Addition, such connecting elements can be used to light pipes however, their diameter should not exceed the parameter of 300 mm. in order to increase the strength of the joint, you can use a straight collar with a conical transition. Loose flanges can be used for pipe connections, diameters exceeding 200 mm, Wedge coupling, which is characteristic of the notched flanges, can be used for pipes of any diameter.

Recommendations for conducting works with the use of flanges

connect HDPE pipe PVC

When a connection is made between pipes with a metal by means of flanges, pipe cut off at the joint, the cut must be smooth as possible. The pipe fits over the metal flange, then – rubber gasket. Its release for the cut pipe should not be allowed, but the maximum value of the overlap is 10 mm. Flange should be on the strip, and after producing the connection by means of bolts. The bolts must be tightened uniformly, the force is applied only until such time as you feel resistance. Please be guided by the specification, which is attached to the component parts.

Features of HDPE pipes connection

The Connection of HDPE pipes is carried out at home quite often, too. To create a plug connection, you can use the flanges which are the most common type of attachment. This is because in the process there is no need to use welding. The easiest option is to use a water pipe, the diameter of which starts from the level of 50 mm. If we are talking about a smaller diameter, it is necessary to use special fittings or clamps, which are sometimes replaced by clamps. Flanges can be used for the connection of copper, cast iron or metal pipes with plastic. To connect HDPE pipe compression fittings necessary to properly prepare the pipe. This trimmed the plastic piece right angle. In the next stage of work needs to be carried out by the above technology, however, in this case, two pipes will be plastic.

Features connect pipes of different materials

If you decide to connect HDPE pipe with a metal pipe, it is not recommended to save trying to seal a plastic pipe with a sealing joints with cement or by minting technology. In the latter case, fail the plasticity of the polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene, as a tight connection will be achieved. In addition, the pipelines to deform. In other cases, one should remember the thermal expansion coefficient of plastic. If more time will be lowered hot water, the connection just get loose and lose their initial integrity. If you need to connect HDPE pipe with a metal pipe, but sales failed to find a sealer, then the problem can be solved by the use of microporous rubber. From the old automobile carpet must be cut long, narrow ribbon that can wrap the joint, tamped material inside by using a wide blunt screwdriver.

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