Uterus bees: the main individual in the hive


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Even a novice beekeeper always tell a uterus from a working bee. Make it absolutely easy. The main female in the hive, living much longer than ordinary bees. It is two and sometimes three times bigger in size, and unlike the latter has a complete reproductive system. How it will be prolific, directly depends on the strength of the family.

Matka beesIn the hive it performs a single function-produces the eggs from which then derived the drones and the working individuals. In just one year period it can delay up to 120-200 thousand the Uterus bees has been in the hive and out of it only in order to meet the drones. Interesting is the fact that it is in a long term save inside seminal fluid, using it to lay their new eggs.

She Especially productive in the first 2 years of his life. All the time while she lays eggs and takes care of her specially appointed Suite – the worker bees. Replacement ewes are usually made in the third year, but, of course, only if they reduce your productivity. You must examine the hive. A young breeding female lays eggs in all the cells in a row. Old or sick let them. If this is seen, the stud must be replaced.

Matka bees photoThe Uterus bees can lay two types of eggs-fertilized, which deliver working individuals and other of the uterus, unfertilized, of whom later come the drones. Worker bees clean and feed her.  pollen and Royal jelly. Approaching the cell, the uterus sends her abdomen and lays a small oblong egg. However, always make a preliminary inspection – how well the cleaned the future home of a larva.


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Sometimes it happens that the uterus bees, photo  which you can see below, dies. This is most often to blame the beekeeper. He can crush her in the hive, or holding a frame over it, drop a Queen on the ground, where after a short period of time dies. In this case, bees in 6 – 8 hours choose several larvae and begin to feed heavily with milk. The cells in which they develop, expand and build on.

bees replace QueensThe Uterus bees grown in this way is called fistulous. In most cases, these procreator in no way inferior to swarm. However, if the bees will choose not one, but three-four-day larva it will make the uterus is of poor quality. The family may be adversely affected. Meanwhile, if desired, from the potentially poor quality Queen bees the hive can be freed. To do this, remove all Queen cells that were sealed within four days after laying.

The beginning of the withdrawal of the bees new procreator should try not to miss. The fact that four-uterus bees will come out faster and then destroy all day. Only in a very strong family working individuals not allowed to her. In this situation, and swarming with a swarm of flies and a bad uterus. Producer flies out of the hive several times, until you mate with drones.

This happens only if the street is the rainy weather. If it lasted more than 20 days, the uterus starts to lay only an empty egg. Drone cells to be distinguished from the cells of worker bees is easy: the cap is convex. Like the uterus, which is also called drone, you will need as quickly as possible to replace.

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