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Relatively recently in the economic sector was distributed by hand. Eventually it was replaced by mass production, where the share of person has decreased significantly. Along with it was eliminated the deficit, many products have become available. With the development of society changes the needs of its members. Today, in particular, buyers tend to purchase things is not like the others. However, many are willing to pay more for unique product. Modern business cannot be imagined without customers. In fact, they act as the second key component of the success of the enterprise after the uniqueness of the proposal. In this regard, of particular importance is the system of customer relationship management. Will consider it in more detail. system of customer relationship management

Current issues

To establish mutually beneficial relations with consumers, the company needs to develop in two main directions. The first step is to organize their production so that it could refocus depending on the reverse reaction of the buyer of the product. Secondly, it is necessary to develop a system of information exchange with consumers and partners. In the period of competition, the quality of the products is approximately the same between all manufacturers. In these conditions decreases the rate of profit of the enterprise. As the only way to stay on the market is the development of individual offers for each customer.

Modern solutions

Currently there is a widespread system of customer relationship management. The consumer thus is perceived in a broad sense. It is not only the end user of the product. The abbreviation for a system of customer relationship management in English sounds like Customer Relationship Management. This model aims to build a sustainable business relationship with the consumer. She acts as a business strategy for enterprises. The core of it is the approach that focuses on meeting the individual needs of the consumer. working with systems of customer relationship management


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The Concept system of customer relationship management (CRM) was introduced by experts in the field of marketing. This model was to act as a technology focused on the consumer. Work with the systems of customer relationship management is aimed at improving the profitability of the buyer, its profitability, increased loyalty, and so on. It is based on advanced information technologies, using which a company collects data about its customers. The company extracts the required information and applies them in the interests of the business by building mutually beneficial cooperation.


On the level of technology system of customer relationship management is a set of programs, which are used for such critical operations as:

  1. Sales of services and goods.
  2. Maintenance and service, including.
  3. Marketing.

In addition, the system of customer relationship management allows you to examine consumer behavior. The findings leadership and management of the enterprise is used for planning future activities. system of customer relationship management is

Analysis of customer relationship management

How does this model? In General, the system of customer relationship management is a special program that tracks the history of the interaction of an enterprise with consumers. The input supports all the information about the buyer and its actions (gender, age, purpose of acquisition, method of payment, income) and about the purchased product. All these information obtained from different sources. It can be emails, questionnaires, personal interviews. The output is the data on how to adjust the company's activities for better interaction with the subject. This information can be shared, and must be considered when drawing up or changing the concept or it can be directed to a specific employee. the evolution of systems of customer relationship management

Tasks model

Currently estimates significant improvement models, however, the evolution of systems of customer relationship management has not yet ended. Meanwhile, there are several problems to be solved by any program:

  1. Gathering information. Information can be added automatically or entered manually by the employee.
  2. Storage and data processing. the information Obtained sistematizarea and distributed to certain groups.
  3. The Transfer of information to employees. information Processed needs to be easy to understand. It is necessary for staff to analyze and develop appropriate concepts. For convenience, information is provided in graphs, tables. In some cases, the program itself gives some guidance.

Practical application

The Integrated system helps to ensure coordination among the different departments. The program provides all employees a common platform for interaction with consumers. The main purpose of the system in this case is to ensure the coordinated work of departments of the service, marketing, sales. It often happens that they act separately from each other. While their understanding of customers usually do not coincide. If we consider the value systems from the point of view of enterprise management, the effect of their implementation is manifested in the transfer of decision-making to lower levels through automation. Accordingly, this enhances the speed of response to queries, the acceleration of turnover of funds and reduce costs. The application of systems practice enhances the company's competitiveness and increase profit. the abbreviation refers to a system of customer relationship management

Top users

CRM Systems are particularly relevant for small companies operating in markets with high competition. In such situations the priority is given not to the price superiority and high level of management. Competition benefit those companies that are fully embracing the CRM system. Popular program and for economic entities having a network of small customers. Exploring customer preferences, we can predict the demand for a particular product in a particular price segment. Accordingly, it is possible to plan the efficiency of the output product on the market. In demand system management service companies. Managers of such enterprises can monitor the wear of the equipment available at the client, and the need for prevention and maintenance, frequent breakdowns and defects. Based on the preferences of the customers of the service company to offer updated technology. systems analysis of customer relationship management


Using a system to manage interactions with customers, the enterprise can gain significant competitive advantage in comparison with other companies in your market segment. The program allows you to develop a specific proposal for a particular buyer. At the same time in an automated mode summarizes his needs. The control system can be used by any enterprise irrespective of sphere of its activities.


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