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Some time ago adopted new standards for certification of employees of preschool educational institutions (DOW). In addition to the documents confirming the professional compliance office, you must also prepare an essay kindergarten teacher. For portfolio is one of the most important investments, reflecting a portrait of the educator not only for their peers but for parents of kids who attend this kindergarten. After reading the essay parents should get an impression about the person who decided to devote himself to the upbringing and education of the youngest members of society.

essay kindergarten teacher portfolio

Legislative framework

When compiling a portfolio, including an essay by teacher DOE in the FSES (Federal state educational standard), you must follow these rules of design that were developed in Minobra of the Russian Federation. On the basis of this document and available methodological recommendations of the Ministry each preschool educational institution forms their own position, in accordance with which all educators must create their own portfolio. Head of kindergarten and Methodist advise what documents you may need and how best to make a portfolio to match the requirements of institutions and new educational standards.

the profession of a kindergarten teacher

What is a portfolio

Every employee must regularly make additional information in your portfolio. This information will reflect professional growth, performance and a mark on significant achievements. There is also the possibility to attach scanned copies of documents confirming education, achievements, certificates and diplomas of completion of training and so on.


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In the portfolio, it is necessary to mention the regular study of professional pedagogical literature and periodicals, courses of improvement of qualification. The candidate should clearly understand that this is a very demanding profession. The kindergarten teacher is responsible not only for physical but also for the moral health of its pupils.

For the employee's appraisal should also have well-composed essay of kindergarten (portfolio), which will give you a score for approval of the candidate or for promotion.

essays of an educator at DOE GEF

How to write an essay

Despite the fact that this work is written in free form, there are several aspects of presentation and content of the essay kindergarten teacher for a portfolio, which should adhere to. Will be very good if the teacher will talk about what prompted him to choose this profession, what he or she wants to achieve, what are the prospects. In the essay, you can note what techniques the author thinks are relevant, what changes are needed in the field of preschool education. The teacher also can analyze their own activities and successes.

As an example, you can focus on the essay kindergarten teacher for portfolios prepared by other colleagues, and on their basis to create your own document.

In the framework of the essay senior educator in preschool, the teacher also reflects your thoughts and pedagogical values, talks about what inspires the work, what goals are set, what has been achieved and what still needs work and what to develop, according to the author. In the introduction, many educators write about yourself, why and when they began to work in a kindergarten. Then in the main part write about their pedagogical principles and models of work, possible applications of new paradigms in education and parenting.

essay senior educator in preschool

What can help essay the work of an educator

Parents of young children are well aware that being a "kindergarten teacher" requires great labor and preparation. Every day children come to the garden, and each of them is required to find an individual approach to the child feel comfortable and confident in their new surroundings. Of course, that parents, knowing the importance of the individual with whom the child will spend most of the day trying to learn about it as much as possible. This is what contributes to the essay of the teacher. For portfolio in kindergarten, a large amount of information on all aspects of the work of each employee so that the parents could form their own idea of the institution as a whole.

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