The teaching profession: the pros and cons. The specifics of the work and requirements for teachers.


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The Teacher — the most noble profession. People who devote their life to education and teaching, leave in the minds of children track, which might subsequently affect the choice of life. The teacher lays in the heads of the disciples, the seed of knowledge, which, germinating, bearing fruit in adulthood.

History of the teaching profession

the teaching Profession: pros and cons

This is one of the oldest occupations on the planet. In ancient times teachers were usually the elders in the tribe, the tribal community. They passed on to the younger members of society their skills. As a separate Institute, the profession stood out in the XVII century. During this period, people who are engaged in teaching, formed a separate caste. Teaching others became an important and high-paying occupation, soon, this profession has gained popularity throughout the world.

In our time to be a teacher, may not be as prestigious. People who devote this sort of activity life very hard work. Their work is often not valued as young people do not understand the meaning and importance of this profession. And only as adults and self-sufficient, the former students understand how career development on their formation, as individuals, affected favorite, and not so teachers. The history of the teaching profession continues to evolve in the twenty-first century, since there are new directions in science and different spheres of life.

The Advantages of the teaching profession

the History of the teaching profession

Like any other activity, this activity also has two sides of the coin. The teaching profession, the pros and cons of which are closely intertwined, very complicated and probably one of the most difficult. The positive side is a constant interaction with the children. If you love them, then teaching will bring you incomparable pleasure. Always be with students, listening to their still so "green" opinions, to see sincere smiles - well worth it.


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A Long vacation — also positive side. When the school holidays, the teacher also can to rest and relax. Although this is rarely done by the people whose profession is a teacher. The pros and cons of this activity are clearly visible. Therefore, public work, and social benefits that it provides, and the stability can also be attributed to the advantages. The absolute advantage is also constant work on yourself, self-study, the progress is moving forward, and the knowledge you need to give, keeping pace with the times.

Cons of work at the school

The Difficulty of this activity is undeniable. The teaching profession, the pros and cons which we consider requires great patience. Because students are not always cheerful, smart and polite. Sometimes there are "difficult" kids, losers, bullies. All kids are different and solving them is half the battle. You need to be able to find to everyone the approach, to put them on the path of correction, to convince that the doctrine — the light and the darkness in my life to be sure, if you behave inappropriately.

The disadvantages include constant stress, work-related with minors. The teacher for each in the response. And if the student something happens, the blame will be the teacher, they say, not follow. Low salary and work at home related to checking notebooks, also is not each soul. Preparing for new lessons takes a lot of personal time, which, no doubt, is the opposite, not very pleasant side of the coin.

The Specifics of teaching activities

Teacher of the Russian language profession

We already know that a special role in human life plays the teaching profession. The pros and cons of activity, its ancient origin and a special approach — all that we have discussed. But do not forget about the specifics of this work. First and foremost this is a shortened working day: 4—6 hours. Also is using his free time to work on the house. Specificity also lies in the long summer vacation. And in the long-term strategy, because the result is never visible after years, sometimes decades. In their work teachers need to follow the program, the freethinking school is not encouraged, although some innovations are acceptable.

Specificity — work with children. To understand the language to understand the problem and unravel the sometimes complex relationships too can not everyone is an adult. Therefore, it is another feature of pedagogical activity, which really demonstrates the complexity of the work of the teacher, his daily hard specific work.

Requirements to teachers

the Advantages of the teaching profession

They are very rigid and strict. For example, a teacher of the Russian language. The profession requires you to own figures of speech, syntax, morphology, punctuation and so on. A man must not only follow his speech, but to be an example in how to say, how to behave in a given situation. Vocabulary, rules of spelling, of their importance — all of this can change, and you need to follow all the innovations.

Like any other teacher, teacher of Russian language should also be involved in methodological work, in the creative life of the school, is obliged to maintain discipline in the class, analyze performance, communicate with parents and to achieve full learning. The tasks are many, and deal with them should be one person-the teacher. Even his clothes and hair should not be like the others. They also respected the rigor, restraint and modesty.

The Teacher — not an easy profession with lots of responsibilities and tasks. But if it is attached with all my heart and love her with all my heart, the returns will not keep itself waiting long. 10 years from now—15 in the door of the class knocks former losers Bob, embrace and brag about his new scientific discovery. And then you realize that life is lived not without reason, even if the life of a simple teacher.


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