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So, today we will present examples of best summary. Without this document it is very difficult to imagine employment. And, accordingly, when a person not, the chance to take a position rapidly approaching zero. Thus, we have a lot to think, how to write a resume. Sometimes it is made irrelevant to reality. To some extent this is correct. Especially if you are a quick learner. Then you can quickly master the skills and programs that are listed in the document. But if not, you will have to write only the truth. Examples of good summary — are those that demonstrate not only your skills and abilities, but also your honesty. So let's as soon as possible begin to explore today's topic.


To Begin with, let us try to understand more clearly what would today be discussed. To know how to write a good resume (an example we will consider the units) have to know what we're dealing with. Maybe this will help you to understand what to write in this document.examples of good resumesSo, what is a summary? Is a document that reflects your skills and characteristics and places of the previous work. An application form for employment. Without it is now impossible to get a job. Is that loader, and not the fact. In summary, as a rule, also indicate more personal personality. And, of course, there is a small list of mandatory items. After all, improperly created resume can just ruin your career.

The truth is, to create such a document, one has to exercise extreme honesty. FIB can only be about his character. Because most of the population is now nervous. And this is a very bad trait. It is better not to specify. So let us try to consider an example of creating a good CV for different jobs. Moreover, you should pay attention to a versatile option that is suitable for absolutely any profession.

About myself

Starts writing a resume with one simple ' point — about yourself. You can still find the wording of the contact details. To be honest, this"place" seems to be the easiest to fill. To fill it with information, you may need a passport.

The First thing you should pay attention — this is your contact details. More precisely, personal. The name, surname and patronymic. This is the most important point. Without it resume does not do. Examples best resume it is impossible to imagine without "name". Write full name, surname and patronymic. Galeeries to fill in the city you live in and report your home address. Sometimes it can be omitted in the beginning. But then still have.


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If you live in a place of registration or temporary registration, you specify two addresses — and the actual registration. This will help to get rid of problems in the future. How to write a better summary? The examples we learn later. And while chorusverse in General, what should write in this document. After the address and personal data you want to publish your phone and email. This will help in the future more quickly to contact you if necessary.example of a good CVWill Also have to indicate your gender, age, desired income level, and marital status and date of birth. To be honest, without these items cannot be neither an example of a good summary. So try to specify everything very honestly. Anyway, there's nothing special. As mentioned, the moment — this is the easiest area to fill. Now it's time to move on to more difficult things.


The best summary, examples (specific) of which we will examine later, it is impossible to imagine without such an important item of education. To be honest, in its absence, you may have problems with employment. Because now every employer wants to get a truly good and well-educated subordinate. But there are exceptions.

As a rule, examples best resume under "Education" reflect all the information about your learning for life since high school. But it is usually indicated only the fact of graduating from high school (with graduation year), as well as higher education. If you only study it is also necessary to specify.

So, if you need to see an example of a good summary of the engineer, this item shall be full secondary school education and training in a technical University. What exactly - depends on your specialty. Include not only faculty, but also the direction. For example: Moscow state mining University, "Automation and control" specialty "Robots and robotic systems", the training period is from 2005 to 2010. By the way, the more prestigious your University the better. It is often not possible to have no knowledge, but graduate from a good high school. And this will allow you to obtain a lot of attention from employers. Because first you "meet" on the diplomas and the questionnaire, and only then — professional skills and abilities. So already as a teenager should think about the future of the University.

However, sometimes examples are the best summary I have a small exception. In rare cases, in the column "Education" is enough to write just "mean full" and the place where you studied. In this case you must have extra Luggage requiredknowledge and skills that are confirmed. For example, diplomas from Olympic games or additional diplomas with courses. In addition, some employers make to education if all other parameters fit the employee to the maximum extent. But all this happens extremely rarely. You should not rely on such a gift of fate.

Further education

The critical moment — it is nothing like additional education. The University and the school — it's all undeniably good. Only now, many employers now want to get themselves as subordinates the true professionals that are fully developed. And so now the best resume, examples of which can find, include a fairly extensive item of additional education. Without it, in principle, can do. But I don't. Always need to demonstrate their skills and abilities to be among the first candidates for a particular position.

best resume examplesOf Course, often has to take rescuetime and the place where you want to find a job. So, by the way, if you need an example of a good summary of the head, you should not write in it about the end of, say, courses of "magicians" or entertainment areas. It would be redundant. But the fact that you have completed courses in accounting or human resource management you need to specify. So it's a very important point.

Basically, every example of a good summary includes additional education in the field of computers. If you have it, it will be a huge plus. Especially if you decide to work in the office. In this case, you can sometimes count on a raise. But not much. Quite often extra charges are not paid in Russia. Every employer wants to get a versatile employee who will perform the work for him and earn a penny. However, if you important to make a correct and decent summary, take care of the presence of additional education in advance. Remember, this is very important when taking on one or another workspace.

Places of previous work

The other important point is still an indication of former employment. Rather, all of your ladder. Examples of good summary for the device to work, as a rule, have a very long list. And without it, can be difficult. Especially if you just graduated from University but had never worked officially. And not even tried.

The fact is that without experience you will take with reluctance. Nobody wants smart, but not able to apply their skills employee. Sometimes the employer can make a "discount" on this item, but only if you are on probation can prove that they are worthy of attention. An example of a good resume with no work experience - not an easy task. And it can be tolerated only in adolescence. Well, don't count on a good salary.

In Addition to specifying the place and job of work, should also pay attention to the reason for dismissal. Or you write it yourself, or will ask you in the interview. It is customary to ask. In addition, do not forget to specify the dates of your stay in the same places. And if you decided to just change jobs for normal reasons (downsizing, wage level, schedule and so on), you can also leave phone numbers of your former leaders. This will help you to guarantee that someone can vouch for you. That is, to tell you what the employee is actually. In principle, an example of a good resume sales Manager, for example, may not have any experience and jobs in the official order. In this case, let, worked informally for certain reasons and give contact the previous employer. Ask to contact him to give advice. And you can do without it, but better not.

Remember, the more your work experience and less a list of jobs, the better. It is important to show that you are diligent and responsible employee who can work and perform the same tasks for a long time. And places of work will help you with this. Let's try to figure out what else might be in a good CV that will be your "calling card" when making work.


Quite often, the summary is not only the "face" of a man, but its form. Though not universal. After all, every workplace will have to change such an item, as do expectations about work. In principle, it is possible to do without it. But I don't. Verbally explain what and why you want it will be quite difficult. After all, employers will start to ask you leading questions. And you simply can alarmed and confused. So let's try to understand what is an example of a good summary would be very effective in this regard.example of a good summary engineerThe fact that the main thing is not to exaggerate. Of course, everyone wants a high salary. But immediately to start with this is not worth it. This may simply scare off the employer. People will think you are too arrogant. And it is no use to us. So the list of expectations must be in the first place:

  • Career growth.

  • The development of the company;

  • Friendly staff

  • Personal development.

Only then should specify the salary. And it would be better to write "a decent wage". Inthis case will be the clear that you, like everyone, I want to get a lot. But are you willing to really work for this, and not just sit in the office doing nothing. So in this case, the main thing to know the measure. Though often at the interview you will fill out a detailed questionnaire, which implies the item "Expectations" and everything that is available in the summary. So it is possible that this document, which is prepared in advance for "labor and defense" will save you time and effort. Try to fill it as accurately as possible.


Example of creating a good resume is not only an indication of their education or expectations from a new job. First and foremost, this document is nothing like a demonstration of your professional skills. They, incidentally, may not depend on education. Often, this phenomenon gives a huge advantage over other applicants. So, try to tell the employer about your professional skills.

As you might guess, they depend in General from every profession and position. And the universal variant is not here. For example, if you need an example of a good summary the Manager, this paragraph should specify:

  • The ability to find an approach to people;

  • The ability to sell;

  • The ability to prove that the person needs your product;

  • Counselling skills and so on.

In General, it is very difficult to find the correct answer. Ask yourself the question: "What do you need in order to properly and effectively perform their job duties?". This will help you to understand what to write in skills. However, in the case of economists and lawyers, things are a little easier. It is enough to specify knowledge of legislation, ability to carry out calculations of different complexity and that sort of thing. So, probably, this moment will cause you the most difficulties. Try to think in advance about what to write here. Otherwise you'll have very long to explain to the employer about your skills and abilities.


Examples of good summary, to be honest, constantly include a point as a personal quality. Without them it is impossible. Well, when the employer is aware of your education and skills, and work experience. But to understand what kind of person you are is also very important. For this reason, each summary should be a paragraph about personality. Or characteristics of your character. Then you can respond further for a few standard survey items. Just the fact that so many employers need.examples of good summary for the device to workOf Course, is to specify only important for quality. And it all largely depends on what position you are applying for. Only here there is a small standard list of qualities that should be in every employee. In this sense, some potential employees choose the path of lies. They indicate those qualities do not possess. Sometimes this behavior is acceptable. How to make a good summary? The example should contain a specific list of traits. So, universal personal qualities otnosyat:

  • Otvetstvennosti;

  • Usedquot;

  • Trudolyubie;

  • The ability to perform long, monotonous rabotu;

  • Stressoustojchivosti;

  • Spokoistvie;

  • Chestnostj;

  • Poryadochnosti;

  • Kompetentnosti;

  • Dobrota;

  • Punktualnost;

  • Ability to learn quickly;

  • Honesty.

  • Culture.

This list can be extended. But these items are required for each employee. Sometimes you when filling out the questionnaire can ask leading questions. In summary their is also better to specify. What can I write? For example:

  1. "What will you do if you see that your colleague is cheating or violating the rules?" - Will tell the authorities.

  2. "How do you get rid of stress?" - Drink a Cup of tea/coffee/juice, take home a bath and so on.

  3. "are you Willing to deceive for their own benefit?" - No.

  4. "you have any personal conflict with a colleague. What will you do?" - To avoid unnecessary communication, to ignore unnecessarily.

In principle, this is enough. Thus, you will be able to emphasize their advantage over the other, and also to show that you are not some "six", and a diligent employee. That is very much appreciated.example of a good summary of the head


Of Course, the most popular right now vacancy (especially without experience) is the Manager. So now we will try to give an example of a decent summary for this employee. Pay attention to the sales managers. For now, the "managers" called almost anyone who is somehow involved in or manages. So, let's start.

The name, Surname and middle names write your. Here you should write all your personal data. For example:

  • Full name: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich.

  • City of residence: Moscow.

  • Address: Moscow, Ivan Susanin str. 32b 64 sq.

  • Date of birth: 12.10.1992.

  • Gender: unisex.

  • Marital status: not married.

  • Children: none.

Next, you should write about your education (assuming that we make a clean summary without a hint of assistance in filling out the questionnaire) and skills.

  • Secondary complete, high school number 61 in Moscow, study period: 2000-2011

  • Higher: Moscow state University, "Management", training period: 2012-current time.

  • Additional education: courses "Computer literacy", 2008.

  • The Training course "Accounting and analysis", 2007.

  • The Courses "personality Psychology", 2009-2011

  • The Training course "human resource Management", 2012

  • Professional skills: knowledge of accounting and psychology, the ability to persuade, openness and responsiveness, the ability to sell the product, but also to prove that your products are the necessary, skills of consulting clients, selection of goods, based on the requirements.

  • Personal qualities: resistance to stress, fast trainability, calmness, diligence, responsibility, honesty, punctuality.

  • Expectations from work, career growth, friendly staff, promotion of the employer.

  • Work Experience: none because of training.example of a good summary sales Manager


So, today we saw examples of good resumes that you can imagine. However, in parts. Only summary sales Manager was disassembled for a visual example. To be honest, by this scheme, should make this document for any vacancies. Only change personal information, as well as experience and education. The rest is best left in the "template" option.

Remember, your resume plays an important role in hiring. And so he should pay special attention. Try to set aside several hours to fill it. Do not forget to attach your photos to the "privacy" section. Appearance also plays a pretty big role. That's all. Now you only have to choose a job and then edit an illustrative example summary. You can get a job. Here you know how to make a good resume for a job, an example of which can only please.

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