What to do if you cracked skin on hands?


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Each of us at least once in a lifetime encounter with a small, but very, when the crack the skin on the hands. At this time there are wounds of different sizes, which hurt and cause inconvenience, especially when in contact with water or detergents. To get rid of this condition, you must first find out the cause: why did this happen?

The Most frequent reasons of occurrence of cracks on the hands

Very often crack the skin on the hands from contact with chemicals, detergents or washing powders. In order to get rid of this unpleasant problem, it is enough to protect themselves from the washing, cleaning and dishwashing or to do all the work around the house in rubber gloves. Touch to mixes also face an unpleasant manifestations in the form of cracks on the hands, and therefore will have to limit contact with cement, paint and other construction mixtures. The temperature difference also adversely affects the condition of the skin, that is why they often crack the skin on your fingers when you stay in cold water. In the spring it happens quite often, and the reason for that is the spring beriberi. The body lacks vitamins E and A, and the skin dries out and thus signals the instability. On the background of allergies in humans can manifest diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or some other that also are characterized by the appearance of painful cracks on the hands. If that happened, then self-medicate do not need to immediately consult a dermatologist. To him the same should apply if cracked skin on the penis, it may cause not only fungal diseases but also diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If you get to the doctor immediately is not possible, so it is possible to alleviate their condition, cleaning the trouble spots with a decoction of plantain, nettle and Linden blossom.

What to do if you crack the skin on the hands?

Very often the cause of cracking of the skin is dehydration, and therefore after any contact with water on the skin apply a thick nourishing cream. If creams do not help, you can buy special gloves, wear them and leave overnight. Sometimes cracking in the skin of the fingers and feet is due to hormonal imbalance in the body. To solve this problem and assign the appropriate treatment can only be experienced specialist who will conduct a special inspection for hormones: blood tests and some other studies. As a rule, specialists prescribe not only external treatment, vitamins inside too. To get rid of this problem once and for all, you must undergo a full examination to visit a good specialist and undergo treatment. As a rule, this is neither the time nor the money we have, and therefore try to facilitate their lives with the help of folk remedies.

Folk remedies for treating cracks on the hands

Only a specialist can prescribe adequate treatment, if cracked skin on the hands, but there are traditional methods that will relieve pain and greatly facilitate the human condition. From cracks on the hands will help the special bath of potato broth, two tablespoons of starch and a few drops of sunflower oil. Hold it in such a bath hands, within ten minutes you will feel relief and will be able to continue to do their household chores. An excellent effect has also the mask of oatmeal. It is necessary to cook normal porridge on water and add a little olive oil, porridge put in gloves (x/b) and put them up. After 30 min, remove gloves, thoroughly wash away the remains of the porridge with his hands and spread them with a nourishing cream. For those who have periodically cracked skin on fingers and toes, there are special drugs charges of nettle, plantain, lime blossom. They need to make a decoction and rinse the problem area is not water, and this decoction.

Get Rid of the cracks is not difficult, but to ensure that they doesn't happen again, you will have to pay more attention to yourself and eliminate the cause of this disease.

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