Carrier - who is this guy and what are his duties?


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Russia has often used words of foreign origin. They are found in the product names, names of organizations, clothing brands and even some professions. For example, it is difficult to answer the question about who the freighter. It's the driver, the taxi driver responsible for the transportation or the employee that sphere?

this is the freighter

What does?

Carrier – it is, first and foremost, a person legal. As it is a sole proprietorship. The fundamental duties of the carrier includes provision of vehicles for transportation of people, Luggage (baggage) or cargo.

the charterer and the shipowner who is

Carrier – is a person who interacts directly with the charterer. As the second specialist may be both individuals and legal persons. He uses and pays for rental vehicles designed for transportation of persons, baggage or cargo.

Can Simultaneously use multiple transports or one, but on several flights.


The Charterer and the shipowner, who is it? As mentioned earlier, it is a physical or legal person has the following responsibilities:

  • The Primary obligation – implementation of cargo transportation. Moreover, this task is performed only if all accompanying documentation for the cargo was transferred to the recipient.
  • Any violation on the part of the carrier, must be recorded in writing.
  • The Claim emanating from the customer shall be considered within seven days.
  • The Goods must be delivered in a timely manner, in strictly specified terms.
  • The Goods must be completed strictly in accordance with the specified parameters of the customer.

Carrier – the carrier, so the whole responsibility of the move of the transport is on him. This applies to losses, a different kind of damage and delays.


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liability of carrier

The Person who is responsible for transport, has the right to:

  • Increase the cost of transportation, depending on the additional costs.
  • Increase the cost of transportation, if the increased expenditures.
  • Require senders accompanying documentation on the goods.
  • Use invoices and other documentation as evidence for the existence of a right of transport.
  • To Request the reimbursement of the recipient, if at the time of transporting the cargo it became necessary to expend its own funds.

In that case, if the consignee violates the contract object, the carrier may retain the goods or even to sell it at auction.

The liability of the carrier does not provide for the payment of various costs associated with the movement of traffic. All rights and obligations must be adhered to strictly since the conclusion of the contract and prior to the transfer of cargo to the recipient.

Transportation light Luggage and people

The Freighter in a taxi – a person engaged in the transportation of people and light Luggage. This action can be performed on the basis of an oral contract or written.

the freighter is in a taxi

All of the rules associated with transportation of Luggage, sets from the freighter. The recipient is obliged to read them carefully and sign the agreement. May be subject to minor adjustments by agreement of the two parties.

Depending on the situation, the carrier also may refuse to carry Luggage. For example, if the package in which to place the Luggage, will not meet the security requirements; if there is no direct risk of damage of the Luggage during the transportation; if the Luggage does not belong to the ferry by car. In this case, the customer and the contractor must come to one common decision or to terminate the contract.

Payment for the use of the vehicle takes place officially. The charterer must submit to the carrier a receipt or other document confirming the transfer of funds.

The interaction between the carrier and the charterer

As in the transportation of large cargo, when the transaction is concluded to transport hand Luggage or people, there are two sides – the shipowner and the charterer. Carrier – a legal entity that provides one or more vehicles. The charterer – a natural or legal person who is responsible for the use of this vehicle. Between them is a written contract. It can terminate in the following cases:

  • If the freighter was spotted simple vehicle.
  • If during transportation any delay.
  • If you have violated the rules indicated in the agreement.

The Charterer must pay the carrier if the Luggage has not been delivered to the recipient within a specified time.

Checkout freighter

 carrier's carrier

The Freighter when placing a new order must fill in the log. It must include the following information:

  • Date when it was adopted by the order, and the time within which it must be processed.
  • Order no.
  • Personal details of the recipient and the charterer.
  • Information about the vehicle.
  • Placewhere must be transferred to the car.

Also, the carrier is a contract. In it, he needs to specify the rules of use of the vehicle. In writing indicating the cost of providing services. After conclusion of the contract it cannot be changed.

There are also some requirements relating to the transportation of Luggage:

  • Carry-on Baggage must be of such size that it passes freely in doorways or fit in the trunk.
  • Luggage must be transported in tightly Packed, so it was not damaged during transport.
  • It is Impossible to carry forbidden, flammable and toxic baggage.

The Freighter is also required to make a photocopy of the driver card, which depicts a photo of him. On the windshield of the car also needs to be signs which should be provided information about where he should be next.

The Transportation of Luggage, cargo or people – this is a very important and responsible procedure. It affects human life, the integrity of the baggage and vehicles. Therefore, the carrier have a special responsibility towards their work and to prevent violations.

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