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Interview with a Director - one of the most important steps when applying for a particular position. Very often, untrained people fail the quiz or do not behave quite correctly, why not taking them to work. So how do yourself is to behave and what to say in the interview? Let's deal.

interview with Director

5 key mistakes

First of all you should start with the 5 main mistakes made by virtually all candidates during the interview with the head. At first glance, these things may not seem so significant, but in the end, they play a rather important role.

Calm down

The First and most common mistake in any interview with a head of excitement. Actually, worry for the person in certain situations is quite normal, but not in this case. Excitement is one of the most dangerous enemies in any interview. Even if a completed application form and rich summary will be on the side of the applicant, the uncertainty, the trembling of the voice, perspiration, shifty eyes, etc., will play obviously not good candidate.

how to answer the interview

Here is a simple example of how jobs behave in the interview. The voice is clear and confident, opinion-centered, behavior quiet, hands are "dancing" around, but, most importantly, the absence of fear. If you stick to this behavior, no excitement will not. As for fear, then all is simple. Do not be afraid that the person who receives you at the interview, with a leading position, because first of all he is the same person as you. We don't have a sense of fear in the shops before sellers, to the employees of the Bank or in a cafe in front of the waiters, why are you afraid of the head?


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Another very important point. Some people before the interview comes to mind is "awesome" idea, ostensibly to help with the excitement and experience of receiving a sedative. Doing this is not recommended. The head and the mind must be very clear in order to clearly receive all the information and correctly answer the questions, and sedatives do not allow it in full.

Everybody knows, everybody can

The Second most common mistake when interviewing head - over-confidence in themselves and their abilities. It would seem, what could be bad? It's simple. Overconfident in a candidate, as a rule, puts a little excessive requirements, for example, the salary of 30,000 rubles., and 60000. Of course, nothing wrong with this desire, but if we are talking about specific jobs with specific conditions, then ask for more, especially at the negotiation stage, is just silly.

 the story about myself on the interview example

In Addition, such people often begin to enumerate large lists of what they know and can do, even a little bit of everything is prikrasa - to great effect, so to speak. Naturally, the head appears quite logical question, like, why would someone with such a track record and knowledge is still without a job? The answer is known to both parties, but the employer was just silent, not becoming his voice, and the applicant will say that until that time, interesting proposals were not.

Anyway, we should not overestimate itself and even more to lie, even a little bit. You should always be yourself and answer as openly as possible.

Are satisfied

The Third most common mistake when interviewing the head is in full agreement with everything and even more. Refers to the fact that the candidate agrees with everything said by the employer, and also slightly lowers its demands in the hope that it will play into the hands. The blame for this stereotype that leaders need to answer is always what they want to hear.

 what to say during an interview

This is an extremely incorrect statement, especially in the framework of the interview. Agreeing with absolutely everything that says "home" and understating its own requirements, the applicant shows a real lack of character and, as a consequence, in the future, not focus on results at work. Why, then, to take that person to a position, if you can find other, more interested and with a "spark" in his eyes?

The Conclusion here is simple: in any case it is not necessary to underestimate their self-worth and certainly to seem all ready, malleable and spineless person.

Past work

The Fourth error in the interview with the Director, which allow many - a history of departure from last place of work. Not everyone tells the truth as it really was, because sometimes it can play not for the better. It's one thing to say that the dismissal was at his own request, and another that fired the leadership. In fact, and in another case, the Director in the interview the question arises, what was the reason for this action?

pass the interview

The Answers here are always different, but usually all boils down to the fact that he was a bad boss or the conditions are not satisfied, the pay was low, vacation was not etc. of Course, words are few who believe, even if they are true, because if it were otherwise, it turns out that honest leadersnot so much. Of course, care information with past work you can check at the contact telephone numbers of the former boss who left in the questionnaire, but not always. Besides, if the same number is not specified, it only exacerbates the situation.

Here Is only one solution that will reflect a positive characteristic. It is the characteristic from the previous place of work will be the best argument that people left on their own, or fired him for one reason or another. To feature easily - the main thing is not to quarrel with the authorities when leaving work.


Well, the last error that occurs on job interview for a position at a new location - a bluff. It means the following, when the candidate allegedly inadvertently, during the interview with the Director or someone from the leadership, mentions that he has one or more clauses in a similar position, and if today take the job, then he refuses to negotiate with them.

This is Done in order to show the significance of his person, like, here I am, here's how many people give me work. In fact, it appears everything is different. In the best case, such a candidate will be informed that he will call back - a classic of the genre. At worst you will be denied immediately with an offer to go to work in other firms, according to the applicant, offering him a similar position.

how to behave at the job interview

Here you need to remember the following - even if you have a couple "spare" options to talk about them at interview in any case can not, because no one will beg to get a job in their firm. It should be clearly understood. Best - first read all conditions in two, three different places, and then to draw conclusions on where to go. And to tell you that someone out there offers a similar vacancy is not needed because if it were true, it is unlikely that such a person was sitting in the office at the interview in another firm.

The interview

Very often you can hear a lot of questions related to how we are still interviewing?

Usually, the whole process is divided into 2 phases: a telephone conversation and a visit to the office. More info will be below. Otherwise, everything goes according to the classical scheme. First you fill in the application, where the candidate indicates on what position he pretend, information about yourself, your qualities, previous work experience, desired salary, etc.

examples of responses to the interview

After this questionnaire surrenders to the Registrar, who referred her to the head. Usually after 5 minutes starts the second stage — an interview with the boss, in which will be asked questions about certain items on the questionnaire and additional. If all goes well, the candidate made a positive impression on the employer, then 99% probability that he will be offered a job. That's all the information relating to the question: how does the interview.


Questions in the interview with the head of a fairly standard and, in theory, should not cause any difficulties, but it is usually otherwise. In order to avoid misunderstandings, below is a short list of the most common questions and answers, rather that we should respond.

interview for position

Sample answers to the interview:

  1. To List the strengths of and quality. In this case, you must list all of its strengths, for example, hard work, responsibility, quality of performance, compliance with all the prescribed terms etc. in Fact, nothing complicated.
  2. What is interesting vacancy for a candidate? Usually this question is asked often of those who decided to change not only the workplace, but also a specialty. A very simple example. The man worked as a shop assistant, and claims the position of the forwarder. In this case, you should clearly explain what the reasons for the decision. Experience shows that this is usually a simple desire to change the situation and learn a new profession.
  3. Why the post should take you? One of the most frequent questions. Responding to him, not to say that you need the money or that there is no other choice - it repels. Have to tell you what attracts the profession (if it differs from the last), what experience you hope to obtain, what prospects do you see all in this style.

From the above examples it is possible to draw one conclusion, that the answer to the interview must be the most honest, and most importantly, confidently, without a tremor in her voice. In this case, you can guarantee a 25% success rate.

Now is the time to go to interviews.

Phone Interview

The First phase of employment for any job begins with a phone call. In other words, being given a first interview by phone. It is best to call before lunch, because very often there is an opportunity this day to come for an interview at the office.

phone interview

As for how to have a conversation, then there is a minimal set of hints:

  • Clearly defined voice.
  • The Lack of excitement.
  • Care.

Here, perhaps, 3 basic rules you need to remember. Also a big plus of the phone call is that you can immediatelyto clarify some questions about the work schedule, wages and formal employment.

Second step

Now is the time to talk about what to do on the second stage — the interview with the head. First, you need to prepare. There is such Russian proverb: "Meet on clothes, escorted to the mind". So, the appearance must match, because the first impression is formed by how the person is dressed.

interview with the head issues

Clothing should be comfortable, clean, in any case not dented. The style can be chosen both business and casual, but you need to remember the following: if you are going to apply for the position, such as superintendent, to wear pants, a shirt with a tie and jacket is not necessary. Clothing is chosen directly from the circumstances. And yet, in the summer some often come to the interview in a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops is wrong. T-shirt, you can leave, but shorts and flip-flops should change into jeans and sneakers.

interview with Director

Also very important at the second stage, show your manners and punctuality, i.e., to arrive at the scene ahead of time, for 10-15 minutes, and politely say Hello.

When the time comes to go to the head office for a personal conversation, be sure to first knock on the door, and after to open it. Thus it is possible to show your good manners and make the first positive impression.

how to behave at the job interview

As for the future conversation and how to answer the interview, it was mentioned earlier, so no reason to repeat no. The only thing going for an interview in the office, be sure to take along a portfolio with the best works, a copy of your CV, references from past jobs (if any), pen, passport and Notepad, in case you need something to record, for example, any important details of the type of work schedule, salary, etc.

 second stage interviews with the head what to do

5 tips

In conclusion, I would like to tell you about 5 very valuable tips. They will definitely help to pass an interview. So, let's start.

About myself

The Most frequently job-seekers enters into a stupor a simple request - tell us about yourself. At first glance, nothing complicated about it, but for some reason very often people just get lost. Here is the plan needs to be written the right story about yourself in the interview. Example:

  • Tell about your education, what it is to specify the name of Institute, Department, profession.
  • Next, you need to recall about all additional training courses, if any.
  • An Enumeration of previous jobs. Here it is advisable to mention the periods, i.e. how many days, weeks, months, or years have you worked at previous places.
  • If the future job is connected with the computer, it is necessary to tell about all the programs that you own, including even very well mastered (sometimes this is important).
  • And finally we can say a few words about the knowledge of foreign languages.

It is Worth remembering that to tell about all of this is without any worries and hesitation like you're talking with your buddy or an old friend.

interview with Director

But a bad example of story about yourself in the interview include a limited listing of their capabilities, frequent hiccups, interruptions, uncertainty, or worse, if the employer would have to pull information, as they say, "mites".


The Second piece of advice is smile and good mood. It is very important to come to the interview in a good mood - this is very helpful in filling the questionnaires and personal conversation with the head. Funny and cheerful person attracts a lot more than gloomy or too concentrated.

interview with the head issues

Phone — the enemy

Another very useful tip is to mute the phone during the interview. Therefore, nobody can hinder you, and if you suddenly hear a bell during a conversation with the boss, then it will play only in the negative. By the way, a competent supervisor in the interview also turns off the sound.

second stage interviews with the head what to do


Some people prefer during the interview, chew gum, order to calm their nerves. You shouldn't, because no it won't help, and besides, such behavior say about the "high" level of culture.

the story about myself on the interview example


Well the last tip is always to sustain a pause during a conversation. Learn to clearly speak is one thing, but the sense will be zero, if you do not do tactical pauses in the conversation. Everything is just mixed into the "mush."

Here, in General, and everything concerning the interview. Pass it easy, the main thing to remember about some things and be confident!

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