How to remove rust from the car: useful tips


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Probably every car owner cares for the looks of his iron friend. And the appearance of various scratches and other defects in paintwork, the problem arises of restoring the former appearance of the body. But unfortunately, in addition to scratches, the car is still afraid of rust, which appears as a result of prolonged operation of the vehicle in places with high concentration of moisture. how to remove rust from the carThis attack can be vulnerable to machine any brand, any production (only difference in time). But in any case, after the detection of traces of corrosion on the back of your iron friend need to take immediate steps to eliminate them, otherwise the rust will spread across the surface of the vehicle. In this article you will learn how to remove rust from the machine.


In fact, the reasons for the occurrence of corrosion is more than enough, and it can be not only riding in wet areas. The main reason for their appearance is as follows: the metal is affected by two elements-water and air, and then under his paint have small dings or scratches that harm your iron friend.

What if there was rust on the body? How to remove it? Preparation phase

Initially the whole process should start with surface preparation. For this you need to clean the old paint that already covered with potholes, with the help of sandpaper, and, of course, the rust. rust on the body how to removeThis is Done using a conventional sander. Then the surface must be degreased with alcohol or gasoline and to seal entire areas of the body with paper or tape to colorful dust does not harm the paint still intact. After this you need to buy a can of primer and paint that matches the color of your car.


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How to remove rust from the car? Step by step process

Once our surface has passed the process of preparation, you can safely get to work. So, apply primer thin coat of lacquer and wait a few minutes until it dries. So you need to do two more times so the layer was confirmed on the surface. After applying the 3rd layer need to put the car in the garage for 12 hours.

How to remove rust from the car? The paint coating process

After desired time, carefully clean the site of application layers using fine-grained sandpaper. Further, in order to remove rust from car, you need to move on to the paint work. At this stage, we will apply a layer of paint on the surface where the corrosion originated. To make this work you need only one layer, otherwise the appearance of the streaks you can not avoid. remove rust from a carThen leave your vehicle on the day in the garage, then remove the tape and paper covering the entire parts of the body from undesirable exposure to primer dust, and proceed to full operation.

So we figured out how to remove rust from the car with his hands.

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