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Mercury Cougar – one of the representatives of the lineup of cars mercury, manufactured by American company Ford. The first cars appeared in 1938, in 2011, the series was discontinued.

Mercury CougarMercury Cougar different generations were produced until 2002. Over the entire period there were 8 generations of these machines.

Technical characteristics of the car Mercury Cougar 1998-2002 model years with engine 2.5 l

According to the body type of this model refers to a three-door four-seat coupe. The length of the car – 470 cm, width excluding mirrors – 177 cm, height-132 cm Machine 8.5 l accelerates 185 km/h, the maximum speed that it can reach – 225 km/h.

mercury CougarMercury Cougar reviews:

This American car stands out from the General stream of cars due to the unusual appearance. If the popular in Russia French and Korean cars are different elongated headlights, sleek elegant lines of the body, the mercury attracts the eye even slightly elongated and flattened shape of the body, a small headlamp. Despite the relatively advanced age of these cars, they look modern, bold, predatory and expensive. This machine is suitable rather than the exponential family people and fans to dissect on roads for long distances at high speeds.

The car is very spacious, four people fit into it without difficulty, without interfering with each other. Excellent dynamics – another plus of this model. Mercury Cougar literally tears from the start, leaving behind the less agile competitors and causing envious glances of their respective owners. The machine is quite easily controllable even at high speed.


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Car mercuryThe Car is not demanding to the quality of fuel (unlike most cars) still run on diesel, and on 92-m gasoline. Many have noted a good overview of how the front, through the windshield and back. Despite the age of these models, the body is not susceptible to corrosion. Well the stove works, though American cars are not designed for the Russian cold. Despite the excellent handling, owners say the rather soft suspension of the car mercury Cougar. Even when traveling long distances on rough roads the drivers are not at risk to fight off his back.

Many owners say the brake is very sensitive, even a slight press on the pedal causes the stop of the vehicle. The interior of the car looks very expensive and comfortable.

Have model Mercury Cougar and a number of disadvantages. For example, some complain about the high cost of parts and the complexity of the service, because what would be reliable nor was the car, it will sooner or later have to fix. Also, many complain about the weak headlights, and some not quite ustraivaet small interior of the car Mercury Cougar. In the back seat can comfortably fit no more than 2 people, three is placed with difficulty, and high passengers rested your head on the ceiling. Some say high fuel consumption, especially if the driver is used to drive pressing the pedal to the floor. Car mercury boasts a large trunk – is it only the most necessary, besides the rear seat does not fold and does not increase the volume of this compartment (unlike many other vehicle models).

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