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The Famous German crossover «VW Touareg" first came to light in 2002. Create a new model called "Touareg" has become for the developers of a new step in the history of the development of the group, as this model was very popular not only at home but far beyond its borders (and not only in the CIS). For 8 years the first generation of SUVs has hardly changed in appearance and even in the specifications. But according to modern requirements of the European market, every model should be updated at least every 6 years. On this occasion, in 2010 year the company showed the audience a new, second generation of the legendary crossover «VW Touareg”. 2013 was also a landmark for the “German”, but this year the novelty almost not changed in appearance, so we today we will discuss the 2011 SUV lineup, which debuted in the spring of 2010.VW Touareg


The appearance of the new crossover reminded his fans about a single corporate style «Volkswagen», through which the machine somewhat resembled their younger counterparts - model "Golf" and “Polo”. But, despite this, to confuse novelty with a car pretty hard, and all thanks to the coordinated work of designers led by Walter de Silvo. In contrast to the predecessor, the new SUV has got a new headlight Assembly, new bumper and a radiator lattice form. All of this gave the new more harmony, smartness and athleticness. Also such characteristics the vehicle has reached due to the increased dimensions of the body – in length it has grown by 41 mm in height added another 12 millimeters, and the width of the new thicker, with 38 millimeters. The design of the car remained quite recognizable.


How does the rear bushing front arm and how many it serves?

How does the rear bushing front arm and how many it serves?

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How does the exhaust system?

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InteriorTouareg Volkswagen 2013

Beauty trends have survived, though unobtrusive, but very important changes. The inner part of the “VW Touareg” began to look more luxurious and solid, changes are clearly visible in the ergonomic design and high quality finishing materials. By the way, thanks to the small changes in dimensions, the inside of the car became more spacious and the Luggage capacity increased to the level of 580 liters.

Specifications “VW Touareg”Volkswagen Touareg diesel

For buyers, the manufacturer has provided the creation of an entirely new range of engines. Now anyone can buy both gasoline and diesel variants. The line of 280-strong petrol unit working volume of which is equal to 3.6 liters. On this line of engines fuel injection ends (the company is mainly focused on the development of the diesel units). As for engines running on heavy fuel, here the buyer can purchase one of 3 optional units with a capacity of 240, 340 and 380 HP and working volume of  3.0, 3.6 and 4.2 liters, respectively.


The Minimum price for the new generation of German SUVs 2013 model year is about 1 million 900 thousand rubles. For this price, the buyer will be able to buy the crossover only with a gasoline engine. “VW Touareg" diesel is slightly higher, its price may reach level of 3 million rubles (in top configuration).

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