Heat gun on diesel fuel: principle of operation, review of the best models and reviews


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To ensure targeted heating often use a heat gun. Their feature is high power in the flow of air masses of certain temperatures. This is due to the wide application of this equipment in the construction sector and industry. Properly chosen heat gun on diesel fuel capable of performing heating of the concrete, to maintain optimum microclimate in the workplace and to protect the plants in the greenhouse from hypothermia in the winter.

heat gun on diesel fuel

The Principle of operation of heat guns

Organization of the working process in any heat gun provides the ability to activate the fan, which provides air flow. In this case, this task is implemented due to the energy generated in the combustion chamber of the diesel fuel. The design of the unit provides a tank fill of diesel fuel or kerosene. Through a special filter, the mixture goes into the sump and then the pump pumps it to the injector for further use. Usually at the rear of the equipment is a fan which delivers a cold air mass in the combustion chamber, dispensing it is and diesel from the injectors. In the end the combustion of fuel, and already hot mass are directed to the target. This scheme is built the heat gun on diesel fuel, but there are some differences of course depending on the structural features of a particular model. At least, there are fundamental differences in the two types of plants – with direct and indirect heating. Is more familiar with these types of heat gun.

Varieties of heat guns

Models with direct heating are characterized in that in the process, emit the products of combustion directly into the operating area – can be, for example, a production facility or construction site. Versions with indirect heating include the diversion of products of combustion over the boundary of the working object. It is obvious that the direct heating has serious limitations in terms of use. In particular, such equipment can not be used in residential areas. In exchange for this inconvenience, the user gets better performance.


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In turn heat gun on diesel fuel for indirect heating can be used in areas where there are people. Its design includes a mechanism for removing products of combustion, which are joined to the channel of a chimney through a special nozzle. That is, in the process, heat flows rid of Gary, spreading around the room or shop in a relatively pure form. However, for operation of such models requires and organization of the ventilation system in the room, because the unit would recycle oxygen.

heat gun on diesel fuel

Main features of the equipment

Among the main technical and operational parameters of heat guns it is worth noting the capacity, the volume of delivered air and fuel consumption. As for power, the figure is in the middle of the corridor from 10 to 80 kW. For homes are usually purchased installation with the power capacity of 15-25 kW. In the industry use a more productive units with a capacity of about 200 kW. To ensure future savings should take into account the volume of combustible mixture which will work the heat gun on diesel. Fuel consumption varies on average from 1 to 6 l/h. the higher the power, the hungry heat. Depending on the area of the premises selected and the amount of warm mass that can distribute the installation. This indicator can make 200 and 3000 m3/h For the living room will be enough installing the initial value of volume, and production facilities, warehouses and construction sites are served by high-performance heat gun.

Reviews about the model BV 290E from the Master

heat gun diesel fuel consumption

This is one of the most popular units, which provide for the possibility of removal of products of combustion. Therefore, the bulk of users of the model are the traders that serve a heat gun dwelling. Owners say the quality of the work of the fuel filter, which had been raised and the service life of the equipment. The heat generator has enough power capacity of 81 kW, which makes it universal. In addition to residential areas the heat gun on diesel fuel used in agriculture and construction. As noted by users, it effectively copes with heated materials, while requiring a small cost. On set of the operating parameters and financial investment is a decent option in terms of a multi-purpose use.

Reviews about the model Gryp 28 from Sial

This model can also be attributed to universal to use, but it also has many good design features, which are highly appreciated by the users. For example, many say the reliability of stainless steel body and stable function burners with pneumatic atomization. In addition, the unit is ensured by the integrated control Board, which allows installation inautomatic mode. This Supplement is especially important if the heat gun on diesel fuel is calculated on operation in a private house. In favor of this model as a solution for domestic use tells and environmentally friendly powder coating. Many owners also point to the ease of physical handling of the equipment. The unit can be equipped with an ergonomic trolley that simplifies its transportation.

heat gun on diesel fuel with his own hands

Reviews about the model Mistral H 85 from Fubag

Manufacturer Fubag recognized among the leaders in the segment of equipment for utilities. The Mistral H 85 model in its line of heat guns is positioned as an effective solution for household needs. The owners of this unit note the use in construction activities, maintenance of greenhouse facilities, warehouses and sheds. Especially notable is the performance of this model and a system for removing exhaust gases. In other words, this heat gun on diesel fuel, which has absorbed the advantages of domestic and industrial units of this type.

repair heat gun on diesel fuel

Reviews about model Jumbo 200 M from Ballu

If you want a high performance gun, you should go to Assembly Jumbo 200 M from the Italian manufacturer of climatic technics Ballu. This heat source is focused on the service of larger spaces. According to the owners installation for short intervals of time accomplishes drying of warehouses, manufacturing facilities, basements, etc. of Course, if necessary, the equipment can be used as a heating system. It is important to note the reliability of the model. The fact that the most frequent malfunction heat gun on diesel fuel associated with burner and fan. Designers increased the strength characteristics of these parts, so the criticism against the reliability of the installation of the Jumbo 200 M practically does not occur. In addition, many emphasize the benefits of pressure relief and limiting thermostats that improve the safety of the equipment.

heat gun on diesel fuel for indirect heating

How to choose the best option?

Should take into Account not only the nature of the target destination, but also the dimensions and need for additional functions. To push you from the power of potential and performance. This will help to determine the principle of operation of the gun – with the withdrawal of the exhaust products of combustion. In accordance with the dimensions of the room are determined by the dimensions, which can position the heat gun on diesel fuel. With his own hands the unit is easy to install, but in the case of models for the extraction of gases, may require additional equipment design pipes and adapters for the chimney. Is also useful to calculate in advance the need for electronic control systems control heat gun.

Recommendations for maintenance

Most of the heat generators work in an intensive mode, which increases the value of technical measures on their service. Mainly the user needs to take care of regular cleaning and replacement of filters. In particular, element air filter, which filters out the fibers and fluff should be updated after every 500 hours of operation. Usually it changes at the end of each season. To avoid the need to repair heat gun on diesel fuel to power part of the filling, you should regularly take care of and after fan. In polluted as it complicates the workflow, which increased the load on the generator. Therefore, you should at least once a season to produce and clean the fan.

fault heat gun on diesel fuel


In most cases a heat gun represent massive structures and impressive weight. Despite this, such equipment is quite practical to operate without any problems and performs its tasks. However, depending on the structural performance of a heat gun on diesel fuel can present special requirements for the place of use. This applies mainly to models with indirect heating, the operation of which is possible only in areas with organized ventilation. But also do not forget about the specifics of the application units that are directly emitted combustion products into the environment. Such models it is desirable to use outdoors or in manufacturing plants, where the presence of hazardous substances will not pose a danger.

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