American brands of autos: a great story of the transatlantic automobile industry


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The Entire global auto industry can be easily divided into three so-called pillars of the automotive industry. We are talking about European, Japanese and American cars. There is a fourth category – all the rest, but in this case not interested.American brand car

Undoubtedly, each of these giants authentic, has an interesting history and worthy representatives that from year to year attracts thousands of eyes on the world's best forums. About the European cars we know all (or almost all), "Japanese" is also widely presented in domestic spaces, but the American car brand – something more distant and therefore even more interesting.

To comment on the history of the American automobile industry in General, there is no sense – it is too rich and personal to each individual manufacturer. And we will talk about the most popular American cars.


Everything connected with the brand "Lincoln" is primarily associated with the presidential car. American cars in MoscowIndeed, the car always kept the brand Executive class. It was used by high-ranking officials of the White House, and to have such a car in private ownership was considered an incredibly prestigious. American cars in Moscow in the late 90s-early 2000s was often represented this brand and the "Cadillac" and only 10 years ago, began to appear models of companies such as Chrysler and Dodge. However, the us auto giant is forced to keep pace with the times, and in recent years has renewed the model range. New cars, of course, hasn't lost in quality, but the former highlights, thanks to which Lincoln knew at first sight, alas, is not there.


How does the rear bushing front arm and how many it serves?

How does the rear bushing front arm and how many it serves?

The Rear bushing front arm – one of the constituent elements of the vehicle chassis. He refers to the guide elements of the suspension together with the levers endures tremendous stress with wheels. However, with this this item, there are many ...

Oil consumption in the engine. Six reasons

Oil consumption in the engine. Six reasons

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How does the exhaust system?

How does the exhaust system?

The exhaust System is designed to remove combustion products from the engine and output them to the environment. It also must be ensured a reduction in noise pollution to acceptable limits. Like any other complex devices, this system consists of seve...


Popular American carsThe name of the cars of this brand has already become a household name. "Jeep" has long been referred to as any SUV, and that says a lot. First of all, that the American auto brand has always been famous for its reliability. Perhaps the most famous brainchild of the automaker's Jeep is a Cherokee model, it is quite often seen on local roads.


The Automaker Dodge produces cars, SUVs, pickups and commercial vehicles. The company was founded in 1900. The first car rolled off the Assembly line 14 years later. In the second half of the last century, the manufacturer was active in two segments: sports cars and Executive class. American brand carThe Situation changed at the turn of the Millennium, when the company began to position its machine as a more affordable model, has started active cooperation with Mitsubishi and Chrysler.


American auto brands is difficult to imagine without a good old Ford. Lineup that giant has more than 20 representatives of a huge family, 2 of them (Focus and Mondeo) is produced on the territory of the Russian Federation. Ford – a shining example of the people's car, the level of mass popularity it long and well heads all ratings, even on domestic roads. Like other American car brands, Ford has a high level of security and good running characteristics.

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