"Nissan Almera hatchback" is a good ratio of price and quality


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Despite the fact that "Nissan Almera hatchback" has a very conservative appearance, underneath efficiently built and balanced car with precise steering, though not original, but cozy interior and low fuel consumption. Nissan Almera hatchbackIn addition, competitive price and high level of equipment make the machine a great option for those who need a quality vehicle without any claim to originality.


"Nissan Almera hatchback" agile and very quick acceleration. The vehicle exhibits good handling and grip with the road, which allows to take turns, almost dropping the speed. Among the shortcomings should be described in greater rigidity (which, in principle, rather, is the norm for cars in the hatchback). The line "Nissan Almera hatchback" (the pictures of models you see in the article) updated was over 10 years ago.


Nissan Almera hatchback photoThe Interior of the "Almeria hatchback", as has been said, lowly, so the first thing you pay attention – an obvious shortage of space in the back seat. The chairs are comfortable. There are various hooks, pockets, shelves, in short, all those useful things which are needed in the car. As for equipment, the basic version assumes the presence of adjustment driver's seat height adjustment and built-in head unit – in fact, the car empty. The package "Sport" includes fog lights, alloy wheels (15 inch) and Central locking. The more demanding the owner can buy the update for "Nissan Almera hatchback" in the maximum configuration with a satellite navigation system, leather steering wheel, CD changer, fog lights, and other delights. But the trunk model to the advantages of difficult to rank because it is impractical and low capacity, even compared to other cars in this class.Nissan Almera hatchback price


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According to the results of EuroNCAP testing, "Nissan Almera hatchback" has received 4 stars, which in itself inspires a confidence. For the safety of passengers meet the robust design of the car, ABS, system of blocking of doors, and in the wider models, in addition to the above, and Central locking. However, the reliability for Japanese cars – it is rather a routine than a pleasant surprise.

Now, as for the cost of the car "Nissan Almera hatchback". The price, depending on which package you choose, can start from 10 thousand USD. A good option to buy a used car. Especially when you consider the combination of very reasonable prices and the fact that 6-7 years with proper care for Japanese cars is absolutely not time. In addition to the aforementioned cost, the advantages of this model include quality interior trim and the reliability of the car as a whole. If to speak about the negative moments, then comes to mind only a few outdated design and the previously mentioned lack of space for rear seat passengers. Thus, the car is suitable for the average urban dweller and solving his daily needs.

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