Toyota bB: description of the first and second generation Japanese subcompacts


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Toyota bB – subcompact, which is produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer since 2000. Under this name it is sold only in Japan. However, the model still exists in the US, where it is known as the Scion xB. Two letters «b» car dubbed for a reason. This short abbreviation came from the phrase ‘black box”, which translates as “black box”. What's this? The black box represents, according to the project managers, infinity has not yet disclosed features.

toyota bb

First generation

Toyota bB Built on the basis of compact hatchback under the name Vitz. Interestingly, the first manufacturers decided to release this model for sales in the domestic market. However, seeing how the model Cube from their competitor called “Nissan” is popular in North America, they changed their plan. The model began to produce for the United States. However, this idea they made only 4 years after the start of production of subcompacts in Japan.

The First model of Toyota bB agregatirovatsya with engines of 1.3 and 1.5 liters, which produces 88, 105 and 110 horsepower respectively. More interestingly, they are running only automatic transmission. It should be noted that there are subcompacta as with front-wheel drive or full. Still these cars can boast of systems ESP, BAS, ABS, and assistant descent and ascent of the mountain.

toyota bb photo

Second generation

In 2005 the world saw a new car Toyota bB. The second generation was a more interesting design than the first. First, the body became more streamlined front end. However, the main and left is square. The front bumper gained a rounded Central air intake and side niches in the shape of a diamond. Even the new Toyota bB, photos of which were provided above, received a modified grille. She became less, and it divided horizontal “edge”. But the main highlight of this machine is the curved windscreen and sleek a-pillars.


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In a special version, which became known as the Aeropackage, the machine assumed a totally different grille. Looking at this model, it looks like she's smiling. And her bumper side niches decorated in the shape of a triangle, which are located in the fog lamps.

features toyota bb

Technical features

Finally it is worth to reveal more detail a topic such as performance. Toyota bB – subcompact, so its main advantage is the spacious interior. And let the machine length is just over 3.7 meters, inside you can really be accommodated comfortably. And all thanks to the fact that the roof line is very high.

Set paired Front seats, but the middle is a wide folding armrest. It on the reverse side there are several Cup holders and a niche for small things. The back also has a sofa that can be folded in relation 40: 60.

By the Way, nice decorated and the driver's seat. The dashboard developers decided to bring to the centre the torpedo, setting it on the center console. And she, in turn, has a niche for 13 CDs. It also has a "climate"..

What about performance? Models of the second generation set of 1.3 - and 1.5-liter engines with a capacity of 92 and 109 of the “horse”. And they work in tandem with 4-speed “machine”.

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