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Mustang Shelby GT 500 – a car with long and interesting history. It – not just a vehicle, it – the legend of the American automotive industry. Few cars can boast such a pedigree and such characteristics as the model "Mustang". What makes it so unusual, you will learn from this article.


"Ford Mustang" became the ACE of the company in the eternal confrontation of "Ford" and "Chevrolet". The predecessor of the "Mustang", model "Falcon", began to take positions in the struggle with the Corvair Monza, and it was decided to start production of a new car, surpassing competitors on all parameters. So, in 1964, the world saw the first "wild stallion" in the back of a convertible. Unusual for the time silhouette with a long bonnet and stubby tail retained their features in modern models of the Mustang.Shelby Mustang

Bestseller – "the king of the road"

Soon, the Shelby Mustang became a sales hit. It was not only the sporty design and high dynamic performance, but also the relatively low price. The use of some elements from the model of "Falcon" helped to reduce the cost of production of the Mustang that made it even more popular. In 1967, Ford in conjunction with Carroll Shelby to develop sport modification Shelby GT 500 with motor Galaxy. This increased the already considerable demand for the Mustang, because the car was more powerful and fast. The top version of 1968 bore the proud name of Shelby Mustang GT 500 KR (King of Road, "the king of the road").

Shelby Mustang GT

Features Mustang Shelby

Under the long bonnet with the two bands settled a 7-liter Cobra Jet with a declared capacity of 355 horsepower. It should be noted that the actual number of horses was more than the said manufacturers. GT 500, in addition to more powerful engine, was also developed air inlets for cooling the rear brakes, spoiler on the trunk lid, a longer body, original exhaust system and large fog lights on the grille. Even the emblem in the form of the horse changed to Cobra – distinguishing sign of motor vehicles "Shelby."


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The overall dimensions are 4.66 x 1,81 x 1,44 meter, rear-wheel drive car has a 4-speed manual transmission. Can reach speeds of up to 203 km/h, while acceleration to 100 km/hour is spent just 4.3 seconds. Fuel tank volume is 61 liter. But fuel consumption very rather big: for the 28 litres per 100 kilometres on the highway to 21. Body style Shelby Mustang - coupe-fastback and the fit of the rear passengers it is not very convenient. However, this machine applies to sports, not family cars, so the extra seats as the passengers, it is simply not needed.


"Mustang Shelby" GT 500 1967 became the star of the movie "Gone in 60 seconds", filmed in 2000. This car is known around the world as Ford Mustang Shelby Eleanor, and copies of it sold thousands of copies. In 2008 specifically for the show Knight Rider was built GT 500 KR K. I. T. T. Thus, the "Mustang" again became a star of the screen. Copies of a limited edition, sold out like hotcakes.

But not only in this tape lit up "King of the road". In the movie "I am legend" the main character drives it on the Mustang Shelby GT. Also the car was depicted in the film "Kick-ass", "transformers", one of the parts of "fast and Furious", "Deal with the devil." This is not a complete list of films in which "a Ford Mustang" is the "iron horse" of the protagonist.

features of Mustang Shelby

The king of the road returns

In 1970, the production model "Shelby" was discontinued. This pause lasted for a long 36 years – Ford Shelby Mustang GT-H appeared before the public in 2006. Despite a significant "facelift", the Mustang has retained its original style model – the same muscular body with long hood and short trunk. The engine became more powerful modification of the GT 500 2006 had a motor on 507 forces a volume of 5.4 liters. Release and improvement of the Mustangs continues to this day and is not going to stop.

Mustang Shelby GT 500

What has changed after the return

A Package of improvements from Super Snake "Shelby" is able to add regular GT 500 a few dozen horsepower. The most modern version of the Ford Mustang GT 500 Super Snake has a top speed over 320 km/h at a power of 850 forces. The cars are equipped with 6-speed manual transmission Tremec. Shelby GT 500 has always been more technologically advanced version of the Mustangs, and at the moment the car is equipped with the most modern “bells and whistles”: system, traction control, stability control, upgraded brakes and suspension are aimed at maximum control.

The GT 500 go up with the time to give its owners maximum driving pleasure. Together with "Shelby" refinement "Mustang" is engaged and the unit of Ford SVT. Shelby Mustang with the SVT Performance package is worth $ 5,500 more expensive and has a glass roof. This model "Mustang" has become a style icon and founder of an entire class of car-the pony car.

Interesting facts about Mustang Shelby GT 500

  • The Car was created in opposition to a competitor - the Chevrolet Camaro SS.
  • Included in the list of 10 cars that changed the world.
  • For car collectors to have a Mustang Shelby GT 500 is considered very prestigious.
  • The Prefix "Shelby" appeared in honor of the rider who won the race at Le Mans in 1959;
  • Shelby Mustang, which wasfilmed in the movie "Gone in 60 seconds" still exists in real life – it is owned by the widow of the film's Director.
  • Initially, the car model was named after the American fighter "North American P-51 Mustang" of world war II, and then under the name began to mean a wild horse.

Ford Mustang Shelby

The value of the car high enough – from 70 000 to $ 150 000. It all depends on the condition of the car and demand for it. Since the "Ford Mustang" was made and assembled very high quality compared to modern cars, even in strongly "that rumpled" condition it is admirable. Especially in demand models in obvese "Eleanor" that allows tuning in to this business of astronomical profits. Becoming a cult "King", the car falls in the price – the legend, which will have a long existence.

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