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Today Audi is a subsidiary of a large firm Volkswagen AG, engaged in the production of cars under different brands. Audi has a rich history and diverse range of models.

model series Audi

Machine, time-tested

Talking about the model range of Audi, the first thing I would like to mention the attention the car was produced from 1969 to 1976. Reliable, with excellent performance and excellent handling. These cars were the Audi 100. They were the founders of the concept of large cars with front wheel drive and the engine located longitudinally. The "hundredth" "Audi" improved, was produced in various modifications. The latest version is 4A, C4, the release of which dates back to 1994. I must say that the performance of this car deserve respect. For example, the power of the Audi 100 S4 4.2 is 280 HP, and engine size – 4.2 l! Given that the car was produced over twenty years ago, at that time, it was really a lot. The most inexpensive models of this range are 44, 44Q, C3 – the cost is about 70 thousand rubles. However, the corresponding indicators, for example, Audi 100 1.8 had a volume of 1.8 liters, and its power reached only 88 HP

Seria a

This model of Audi is the most popular, judging by the number of cars sold. They were manufactured twenty years ago, in 1995. And they are represented in different models, starting with budget and ending with business class. By far the most popular car – the Audi A6. Also enjoys the fame of the Audi A3, which was based on Golf IV. Due to this, it relates to machines of a Golf class. However, due to the fact that this model has a pretty impressive specifications, it can be compared with other, higher classes. The distinctive features of the A3 are an excellent indicator of torque, excellent dynamics and maneuverability.

range of cars Audi

Sports cars

The Sporty range of Audi deserves special attention. This company has been producing sports cars since 1900. Almost all cars in this class is marked with the letter “S”, and three model series before it is still and “R”. They all date from a certain time period. For example, S2 – these are the cars produced from 1990 to 1995, S3 – 1999, S4 – 1990. Applies to the modern model range Audi S5 (from 2007) and RS6 (since 2002).

I Must say that the production sports car the company is very successful. For example, recently was given photos of Audi S5 in the updated body. One of the most expensive sports cars this is the model released in 2012 – R8. Design, interior, power – the developers really did a great job on every detail of this machine. The minimum cost maximum completed model is 7 540 000 rubles.

the Audi model range price


The range of cars "Audi" is almost endless. And any person can provided by diversity to find the car that suits him by price and purpose. This can be a five-door hatchback A1, selected for travel within the city, or a spacious family A3. If you want something more solid, then a good alternative would be the A4 sedan and TT coupe with the original design. Fans of convertibles will definitely like A3 or A5. All of this – the car "Audi". The range of the prices is different depending on year, equipment and vehicle. For example, the cost of the A6 sedan may vary from two million rubles to 2 870 000 R. This is the car belonging to the business class. But the minimum price of the A3 Sportback is about 1 050 000 rubles. It is through such diversity and excellent quality of Audi cars has become one of the most popular manufacturers in the world.

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