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Until recently, about the tires "Laufen" opinions was not heard because didn't exist and the brand is "Laufen". In 2014, world-renowned Korean Corporation Hankokk presented its subsidiary brand Laufenn ("Laufen"). Plants for the production of tires has opened in Indonesia, Hungary and now plans to expand existing production in North America. Tires "Laufen" is designed for those who want to buy quality tyres, not overpaying for a hyped, well-known brand. It happens - good tires at a reasonable price.bus Laufen reviews

Bus "Laufen": owner reviews

Three or four years ago to those involved in finding appropriate price and handling characteristics of tires, brand "Laufen" is almost never met. Now you can discover dozens of web sites offer purchase and advertising. About tires "Laufen" the owners of the network are filled with grateful and even enthusiastic reviews.

Here are some of them:

  • In the puddles on the highway the car goes confidently, which is nice to know;
  • Noiseless tyres, the car is very soft on the road;
  • Both on wet and on dry asphalt the braking and acceleration without comment.

bus Laufen owner reviews

Tire "Laufen": a source of rapid success

"Laufen" is a new brand renowned company Hankokk. The head of the company at the presentation of the tire "Laufen" noted that this product is designed for drivers who are looking for a combination of decent quality and reasonable prices, they have created tires "Laufen" is almost the same as "Hancock", only focused on different price categories. Ie, the goal is to achieve an optimum ratio "price/quality", and, judging by the reviews on the tires "Laufen", managed to do it. Tire companies Hankokk need no introduction, as the tires of this manufacturer are surely among the top ten global brands.


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How to behave tires "Laufen" in winter conditions

Winter tires "Laufen" is released as a studded and without studs, but the latter has the brand of tires, which provides the ability to install studs in the future. Reviews about winter tires "Laufen" car owners also remain positive. The firm designed and produced models of tires especially for Northern Europe and Russia, there is a special ceramic mixture, which makes the rubber resistant to low temperatures. Safe tyres for driving in snow and ice, but here to the fore the specific edge protectors and slats that allow the tire to feel confident on snow and ice road.Laufen tires reviews winter

Reviews about winter tires "Laufen"

How about all the rubber, online and on the forums info about "Laufen" the most different. But on winter tyres "Laufen" owner reviews usually good. Celebrates the tenacity of tire, good cornering on snowy and slippery roads, low noise, sure start and braking and, of course, very reasonable cost. When with the arrival of winter it is necessary to lay out a set of tires of well-known brands from 25 to 35 thousand rubles, inevitably looking for an alternative. "Laufen" is one of the alternative proposals, the same winter kit here cost depending on the wheel diameter and brand of tyres from 12 to 23 thousand rubles.winter tires Laufen owner reviews

The opinions of the drivers about winter driving on the "Laufen"

Like some other winter tyres of famous brands, transformed with winter tyres "Laufen" large, directed, item height - 8 mm, large grooves for water drainage and snow porridge. Rubber unpretentious, judging by the reviews on winter tyres "Laufen" owners, wear during the winter is negligible, so that the rubber is durable. The opinion of owners who have traveled on these tires and made a conclusion about their properties are given below:

  • Nice and quiet, tenacious;
  • On the ice a solid 4, not felt the difference with "Hancocka";
  • Strong, even if we get a decent pit, without consequences, confidently behaves on ice and Packed snow;
  • New from the "Laufen" surprise quality, studded tires is fine on the road, justifies their money 100 %.

Winter tires Laufenn i Fit Ice LW 71

Many well-known brands, such as "Michelin", "Bridgestone", "Nokian" and "Pirelli", etc., use the option to create in the company's subsidiaries with a different name. This subsidiary manufactures tires, often on the same factory lines and using the same technology. This is done to extend the price range and increase the client base. Sometimes my daughter is not inferior in quality to the parent brand, sometimes the experience is bad. Bad experience happens when you are planning to do rubber, in this case low price does not compensate for the loss of quality. For example, "chancaca" tires subsidiaries Kingstar clearly fail in quality, and, according to leaked information, the project is winding down. In the case of rubber "Laufen" the reverse situation, the purpose of the company's management was not to lose reputation, and outcomes consistent with the target. For example, reviews about winter tires "Laufen Fit ays," just enthusiastic. Motorists wonder how for relatively little money you can get such a high about the Laufen winter tyres

Design features that provide quality tyres "Laufen Fit ice71"

These tires provide excellent traction during acceleration and braking efficiency on snow, smoothness and lack of noise even at high speeds. The owners of these pleasing characteristics are explained a good tread design and carefully chosen chemical composition of the rubber compound. Three Central sector of the tyre is beveled in the direction of rotation of the wheel, which increases traction on icy and snowy roads. Beveled edges of these sectors improve the efficiency of water drainage and slush. It was achieved increasing the area of contact of the wheel surface and the road by 15-20 %, that increases traction and improves braking performance. Optimized rubber compound keeps it flexible at low temperatures, which again affects the grip. If a studded tire in the contact patch of the tire with the road can be obtained in several spikes, which increases the grip and makes it safe for extreme maneuvers on slippery road. But "Laufen Fit ice" to the popular range of winter tyres Laufenn are Laufenn i Fit LW31, Laufenn i Fit Van LY31. The first is for passenger cars, the second model for light-duty trucks and minibuses.winter tires Laufen fit ice reviews

The opinions of the drivers about tyres "Laufen Fit ays 71"

Here are the reviews about winter tires "Laufen Fit ice" car owners.

  • Excellent device flaws not yet identified;
  • Excellent tires from concern "Hancock", the soft is more in the plus;
  • Because of the modesty of the budget was reasonably priced "Laufen Fit ays 71", the decisive factor was the presence of spines on clean pavement requires taxiing, a little swimming, but on snow and ice, no complaints, noise does not add;
  • Needed a sturdy rubber to polihachit selected "Laufen Fit ice", and riding in the pits, and the potholes did not affect them - for guys who love to twist the wheel, that's it, rubber - upper class.

According to the technical features and reviews about tires "Laufen" is the product that best meets the needs of drivers. Corporation "Hancock" has achieved the desired quality for the money available.

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