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Due To the ever increasing price of fuel, many car owners are seriously thinking about purchasing more economical vehicles. To completely abandon the car and bike, not everyone can. Because of the growing demand for eco-friendly cars with small fuel consumption, leading manufacturers offer a large number of options that will fit almost any buyer inquiries.

For Those looking for fuel-efficient vehicles, it is first necessary to draw their attention to the lightweight model. In them the curb weight is maximally reduced, and for this reason installed is not the most powerful engine. This is the machine small fuel consumption. Of course, this car will give stunning results on a rapid start or acceleration. But it, like other fuel-efficient vehicles can greatly save the budget of the owner.

To date, one of the leaders in fuel economy is a model from the Korean manufacturer Kia Rio in picking Eco Dynamics. On Board this car-mounted engine, which amounts to just 1.1 liters. Consumption of this unit is only of 2.66 liters per hundred. This is an absolute record among cars of this category. In addition, the Kia Rio can be called environmentally friendly car, since the amount of carbon dioxide emissions does not exceed 85 g/km. economical carsThe Car has 69 HP and accelerates to 100 km / h in approximately 15 seconds. These indicators are enough for normal driving in the city.


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Very economical car produces the Czech company Skoda. Their model Fabia Greenline consumes only 2.8 liters per hundred. This low consumption is achieved in several ways. First, use a low-power engine. The same motor is installed in the most economical car from Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion, however, gives there is not such a good performance. Second, the start-stop system helps to reduce fuel consumption when in city traffic, at traffic lights and traffic jams. Thirdly, there are special tires that have lower rolling resistance.

the most economical car from VolkswagenThe Good performance demonstrates the Smart Fortwo. The fuel consumption of this car is 2.85 liters. It is quite good value, considering that the Board has an engine in 799 cubic centimeters. The top speed of this German baby does not exceed 135 mph. In contrast to the Fabia Greenline and the Kia Rio is just the two-seater, which is suitable exclusively for the city.

cars with small fuel consumptionAnd, of course, if we talk about economical cars, not to mention the Toyota Prius. Despite the fact that this model does not consume record amounts of fuel, it certainly leads in the number of sales for many years. In contrast to the above car, a Toyota Prius has a large interior and ample trunk. It consumes 4.6 liters of fuel in city driving and slightly less than 5 liters on the highway. This is achieved through the built-in generators and intelligent onboard computer, which includes the work of the internal combustion engine at a time when there is not enough power from electric.

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