Pinout RJ45 - mandatory attribute the formation of large networks


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Pinout RJ45 – an important step in the organization's local area network. When you build a small segment with this problem usually does not arise. Especially with most network routers comes pre-prepared twisted pair, and it can be used immediately. But it's convenient when near a router. But when you build a large corporate network without Pinout can not do, and should be well versed in this matter to do all the work at the appropriate level.

Depending on the connected devices, there are two possible options for crimping. In each case, the RJ45 Pinout is performed on its own, special rules. The first option is used when connecting to network two PCs, and the second  is to connect the computer either to active or to passive network router or router.

Pinout RJ45

Let's Start with the most common type of connection – the computer and hub. In this case, uses two identical versions swage, which received respectively the titles “A” and “B”. Each specialist of this profile selects the option that it is easier to remember and to do in the future, he only uses them. The RJ45 Pinout in the performance of “A” as follows:

  • A pair of brown wires (from one piece, and then with splashes of white colour)
  • Solid orange;
  • A pair of blue and then blue with white;
  • Combo - white with orange;
  • A pair of green wires that are the same as brown.

On the opposite end of all the wires are in the mirror, that is, in reverse order. The second option in the performance “B” differs in that the orange and green wires are swapped.

RJ45 Connector.

To connect computers to each other is used slightly different Pinout RJ45. They use only one option swage, and he has no alternative. On the one hand sequence leads:

  • Patch cord RJ45.A pair of brown (first brown, then white with brown);
  • Solid orange;
  • A pair of blue (comes with inserts white);
  • Orange with accents of white;
  • Green wires (from the solid, and then combined).

From the opposite end all is in the following order:

  • A pair of orange (just goes wire combo);
  • White-green;
  • A pair of brown (the first comes with a mixed colors);
  • Green;
  • Blue and blue-white.

Patch cord RJ45.

To Prepare the conductors and arrange them in the correct order-is half the battle. At the end with the use of special tools need to install the patch cord RJ45. This is accomplished by the following sequence of actions:

  • Cropped cable;
  • Removed the screen if it is;
  • There are conductors in the correct sequence;
  • Fits over the tip and using a crimping fixture is fixed.

Though outwardly RJ45 connector is the same everywhere, but electrically it's actually not. You need to be aware at the stage of its preparation. If properly crimp a twisted pair, the network may not work. Will eventually have to redo, and for these purposes will need at least another 2 tip, because the old once crimping is not suitable.

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