Thermal pad for laptop with their hands. Replacing the pads in the laptop


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The laptop has hardware that is very hot in the process. It is normal for the heat dissipation from the housing uses special cooling technology in the form of pads for laptops. However, over time they can come into disrepair and require replacement. This will affect the strong heating of the body, and sometimes the laptop will just go off. If this happens, it's time to go to the service center or try to replace the thermal pads on laptops. It is easy to do, although will have to Tinker. But first you need to understand how it all works.

thermal pad for laptop graphics card

What is the thermal pad for your laptop?

There is such a thing as "thermal interface". It is a layer between the CPU and heatsink, and is designed to increase thermal conductivity and reduce thermal resistance. Often used for this purpose thermal grease-a substance with high conductivity. Contrary to popular belief, thermal paste does not cool anything, it just increases the efficiency of heat transfer from the hot CPU to the cooler.

The Second most popular thermal interface is the thermal pad for laptop. This is a small plate that is installed between the processor (or other heating element) and heat sink (the cooling element). The gasket is elastic, and it perfectly fills the possible gap that almost always exists between surfaces. It is also believed that this plate is better job, because pasta can not cope with the large volume of work.

Depending on the size of the chips you can pick up the correct gasket. They come in different sizes and thickness. Someone advised to pick up a gasket with a thickness of 1 mm, but ideally need to measure the old Termoli and select a gasket of the same thickness. But to use the old layer otherwise the chipset will overheat, which will always lead to shutdown of the computer. Over time, the chip will melt and eventually melt completely.

Ceramic pads

pad for laptop

The Pads can be made of ceramics, copper, silicone. Of these three ceramic materials is the best conductor of heat, so it has higher efficiency. The best ones are made from aluminum nitride – ceramics. Despite the name, it's still ceramic with cool features. Strip of this material are resistant to temperature or chemical attack, it really reduces the operating temperature of semiconductors and in the heating process does not lose its properties of heat conductor.


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thermal pad for laptop with your hands

Silicone is also resistant to high temperatures and is often used in laptops to dissipate heat from the CPU and bridges. Can also be used as a thermal pad for laptop graphics card. Silicone is used in cases when there is no contact between the two surfaces. Silicone gasket is more effective in comparison with thermal paste. Moreover, it is elastic and can be compressed or relaxed, thereby effectively filling the empty space.


what to replace the thermal pad on the laptop

Copper strips have higher conductivity, but their use is more complicated. To install such gaskets required sealant which will close the clearance between the radiator and the heating surface. The use of this insulation layer is time consuming, but this is justified by the higher efficiency.

What to replace the thermal pad on the laptop?

If you hyped my laptop and found that the gasket needs to be replaced, and you can buy it nowhere, you can try to do it yourself. To make a thermal pad for laptop with your hands is easy. There are several ways. The most popular of these involves the use of the bandage.

To do this we need to fold the bandage in 4-5 layers. First it is possible to impregnate in thermopaste, because if you just smear it on the bandage, it will spread. Now apply the bandage to the processor, and if it is a little to stick out beyond the boundaries, it's okay. Is that your strip snug.

The results of the testing of this layer is not particularly impressive. This thermal pad for laptop does not allow the CPU to heat up more than 800While watching a movie, but if you load laptop games, he alarm goes off. But at the time this option works.

Aluminium plate (or copper) would be the best option for a makeshift gasket. Aluminium (and copper) has a good conductivity. For manufacturing we need a little sheet with a thickness of only 1 mm. But to get so difficult. Alternatively, you can order "Aliexpress".

Cut the gasket on the eyes and does not verify the accuracy to the millimeter. In theory, the greater the area of the plate, the more heat it can take. Importantly, the plate very tightly to the surface. Wizard, testing the method in practice, tell us that after installing the plate and run laptop software temperature testing showed500C. But it is in rest mode and when you turn on the film, the temperature rose to 680C. the result Is good.

Chinese strip

On the same "Aliexpress" you can order Chinese pads for laptops. They do not live up to expectations, and after turning the laptop heats up instantly. No effective removal of heat from such strips should not wait. When watching videos, the CPU temperature rises above the 900C, which is close to the critical point.

Thermal grease as an alternative to

replacement pads in laptop

The thermal paste Layer with a thickness of 0.1 mm was the worst option. After the beginning of viewing the video processor is heated to 980C and emergency shut down. Therefore it is not always appropriate simply to change the thermal paste, or use it as a replacement for the thermal pad. Its efficiency is worse, so much so that even the alarm system turned off.

In any case, these self-made spacers for permanent use not suitable, however, for a short period of time, you can take them. In addition, these gaskets will not allow you to load the laptop more or less seriously, so they should not be considered as a permanent option CPU cooling.

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