How to get out of "Skype" on the "Android" and not only


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How to get out of "Skype" "Android"? This question bothers many users. The thing is that the messenger is not so difficult. But there are features that are only for mobile versions. To log out of Skype in this case more difficult than it seems. But in General, the task can handle even a novice to quit Skype on Android

Change user

"Skype" "Android" working well. Only not everyone understands how to act in a particular case. The first method logoff utility implies the change of the user.

To log out of your account, you will need:

  1. Log in to Skype.
  2. Press the "Menu" button. It is usually located in the corner of the app and looks like a button with horizontal lines.
  3. Select the "log out".

After done actions people can sign in to messenger under a different username. Everything is very simple!

Full output

And how to get out of "Skype" on the "Android" completely? As we have seen, the proposed scenario is suitable only for a change of user. The full finished app can deliver a lot of trouble. After all, to accomplish the task, you will have to download and install a file Manager. It can be found, for example, on the AppStore or in PlayMarket.

How to get out of "Skype" "Android"? To implement the task will help the following guide:

  1. Install any file Manager on your mobile device.
  2. Open the desired program.
  3. Choose Skype. You will need to select the appropriate line.
  4. Click on "Quit/Exit/Close".
  5. Confirm.

After a few seconds the program will be fully closed. Now, to get started with messenger, you need to click on its picture in the menu of the mobile device and pass the authorization. Nothing difficult or obscure!Skype Android



Now I understand how to get out of "Skype" on the "Android". The instructions are perfect for any mobile devices. Only Skype also works with computers. And they also sometimes necessary to make the application exit.

How to proceed in this case? To exit Skype, you can:

  1. Open the program and select "Skype"-"logout".
  2. Expand the system tray, click the right mouse button on the icon of "Skype" and click on "Exit". In the resulting window, click "Exit".
  3. If we are talking about Windows Vista and newer OS, you can click on Skype icon on the taskbar (to the right of the "Start-up") right mouse and then clicking on the command "Exit".

The Proposed methods work on all operating systems. They normally allow you to complete contact with via Skype.

Emergency exit

Clearly how to get out of "Skype" on the "Android". On computers too. But what if the suggested methods don't work? Sometimes these things happen. Under such circumstances required an emergency shutdown.

The following steps work only on computers. In the case of mobile devices exit the app is through the file Manager.exit Skype

To exit Skype need:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del, choose "task Manager", go to "Processes" and terminate the command skype.exe.
  2. Open a command prompt (in the search in "Start-up" enough to write the name referred to the service), and then write and run the query taskkill/IM skype.exe/F.
  3. To Invoke "task Manager", in the tab "Applications" select Skype and click on the "Finish"button.

That's all. Now it is clear how to get out of "Skype" on the "Android" and not only. All of these methods work equally well. An emergency exit is not recommended. He, as we have said, can deliver a lot of trouble when working with the messenger. However, sometimes only emergency completion can help to close the tool.

Are There any other ways to solve the problem? Users say that while no other techniques to close Skype no.

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