Kingo ROOT: how to use the program to gain administrative rights on Android


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The Gadgets on the platform Android regained the lion's share of the market. Developers are continually perfecting the OS, trying to fit the needs of the users, but from year to year admit palpable mistake: forbid the owner to "stuffing" of his gadget.

And for such cases there is a program Kingo Android ROOT.

Why user need root privileges

Getting admin rights may be needed by inexperienced users. This stems from the huge number of demanding applications, embedded developers in a shell OS. Sooner or later they start to have a detrimental effect on the health gadget, and return it to the same as possible, only getting rid of them.

Without the presence of root-rights to the user this action will not, as originally Android does not provide the uninstall or change "system files". In fact, obtaining an administrator account on the system, the owner of the device removes all restrictions. From this moment the user has access to all secrets of the OS and the ability to change it to your liking: from the design of icons and applications to the CPU clock.

Thus, a program like Kingo Android ROOT, extend the functionality of gadgets, and in some cases give them a "second wind".

Prepare the device to mutirovannye

Despite the fact that the developers claim it as absolutely safe for the device, no guarantee they still can not give. Because the device is not turned into a useless piece of metal and plastic, its owner must attend to the safety of data and system files.


How to get out of

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Unfortunately, a full backup of the system without administrator rights is impossible, however, to transfer the important files on the SD card is. Contacts and mail are in most cases tied to your Google account, you only need to synchronize between him and the device.

Following these easy steps, you will not regret that you have downloaded Kingo ROOT on PC and have used it, even in the event of data loss.

First steps in working with the program

The Installation is easy and does not require any skills from the user, except it has a Windows-based PC. Download Kingo ROOT in Russian or any other language is recommended on the official website; this will protect against unwanted additions in the form of third-party software.

As for the rest there are no difficulties. Once the program is downloaded to your computer, you can simply click its shortcut to open a standard installer.

kingo android root

Once the installation is complete, utility will be ready and will require connection of the device to the computer.

kingo root how to use

After your PC recognizes the gadget, it should be included in the menu item "debug on USB" and "installing apps from unknown sources" to allow the program Kingo ROOT (how to use it, even a novice will understand) could see it. Next, look using.

Kingo ROOT how to use

Kingo has positioned itself as able to provide a user root rights in one click. Of course, this slogan is an overstatement, however, the program requires a minimum of time and effort when you work with it.

As soon As download drivers for the device in the window you will see the button "Root", clicking on which the user starts the process and he can only wait for some time for the tool to do it.

kingo root for PC

If at the time of obtaining administrative rights on retiremen the gadget will start to receive inquiries, you should always answer "allow". When completed, in the window there is a notification about the successful end of the operation, please restart the device.

kingo root in Russian

Restart the device will start automatically as soon as the owner confirms the action by clicking "finish". To disconnect the gadget from the PC until its termination is not recommended.

To check whether the obtained root, the user will just go to the device menu and look for the SuperSU icon. After this, the device can be unplugged from the USB and close Kingo ROOT. Use of received privileges and to change device settings in the future, the owner can learn through a variety of manuals in the Network.

The Advantages and disadvantages FOR Kingo

Like any other programs for rooting, the Kingo has its pros and cons. Of the advantages include:

  • Ease of use;
  • Nice design;
  • The emergence of versions of Kingo ROOT (how to use this modification program will prompt intuitive and simple interface), is installed directly on the gadget, without using a PC;
  • The ability to not only obtain administrative rights, but their removal from the device and restore to its former condition;
  • Wide range of supported devices.

The disadvantages of the utilities include the possibility of data loss, withdrawal of the manufacturer's warranty with a rooted gadget, the termination of the auto-update of firmware and human factors: curiosity and reckless actions of the owner are able to ruin the device.

However these flaws Kingo ROOT not so important and easily kompensiruet using the acquired privileges by the user.

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