Soghomon Tehlirian: assassin or vigilante?


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Soghomon Tehlirian – vigilante of the Armenians, famous for the scandalous murder of a former dictator Talaat Pasha. His name will forever remain in history, as his deeds deserve. After all, despite all the cruelty of his action, he only avenged the death of many of their fellows.

Soghomon tehleryan

Soghomon Tehlirian: a biography of the early years

Soghomon was born 2 APR 1897 in the small village of Nerkin-Bahari that was on the East of the Ottoman Empire. His parents were simple workers, so they didn't have the right amount of money for a carefree life. Tired of all this, senior Tehleryan went to Serbia, hoping to settle there and eventually to take the family back.

But he had to return from Syria, he was imprisoned for six months. But, worst of all, because of this, his family was deported to the city of Erzincan, which subsequently played a terrible role in the history of their kind. As for Soghomon, he quickly came to terms with the move and enrolled in the local Protestant school.

A coup in the country

23 Jan 1913, in the country there is a coup, during which Enver Pasha kills Nazim Pasha and usurping power. Politics the new leader has extremely radical views, based on the purity of the nation. In General, it can be compared with Nazism in Germany, with the small difference that is the root of all evil lay in religious differences.

So, the Armenian people, not being Muslim, were despised and considered inferior. In addition, the authorities always gave the Armenians as an example of meanness and cunning, which further added fuel to the fire. So when a new leader in April 1915 was ordered to wipe them off the face of the earth, the soldiers immediately began to implement this order.


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Soghomon tehleryan biography

The Horrors of the Armenian genocide

Soghomon Tehlirian like no one else understood the pain that came along with the new government. After all, he witnessed how his hometown turned into a real massacre. Later he will tell the world how government troops killed his loved ones, covering houses and streets with rivers of red blood.

If this horrible fate is not spared and the Soghomon. His eyes were raped sisters and mother. Later together with his brother was executed in the house where they spent most of their lives. Soghomon Tehleryan survived by a miracle: the wounded man threw in a bunch of dead bodies, arguing over the corpse.

He didn't remember how long I lay there, but he didn't die. He decided not to go on about destiny and overcome whatever she had planned for him. Therefore, waiting until the cover of night, Soghomon fled. Bypassing the many obstacles, he went to Constantinople, where he lived for the next five years. And in early 1920 he emigrated to the USA in hopes to find support among immigrant relatives.

In search of revenge

Arriving in the new world, Soghomon Tehlirian found like-minded people who are also, like him, sought to avenge the bloody elite of the country. The heart of this movement was a political party "Dashnaktsutiun". She developed the acclaimed punitive operation under the name “Nemesis”.

“Nemesis” – it is a carefully crafted plan of revenge to all those who are guilty of genocide of the Armenian people. Initially, the list of potential enemies included more than 600 people, but given the constraints of the party, their number was reduced to 41. This collection includes the most hated people standing at the apex of Ottoman rule.

Of Course, Soghomon Tehlirian could not miss the opportunity and joined the ranks of those who were destined to become a punishing hand of “justice”. He knew that he would do everything possible in order to take revenge on hated enemies, who dared to desecrate his people and family.

Soghomon tehleryan photo

Murder of Talaat Pasha

In the corner sat Soghomon Tehlirian. Pictures of his victims lay nearby on the table. Of all the participants in the operation “Nemesis” he had the honor to kill the head of them – Talaat Pasha. The man knew that this man signed a large part of the orders, who later became death sentences for his relatives. So he felt no pity for him, and only thought about how to commit an act of redemption.

The Execution of former interior Minister Talaat Pasha on 15 March 1921. Soghomon, following on the heels of his victim, brought him to one of the squares of Berlin. Then he called Talaat Pasha and publicly shot him with my pistol. After that, the young Armenians quietly surrendered to the police, meekly accepting their fate.

Court Decision

Soon, the German authorities began the trial on the case of Soghomon Tehlirian. Remarkable was the fact that it is here that Europe first learned about the horrors of what's going on, the Ottoman Empire the Armenian people. This caused a real shock among the audience, which played an important role in making final decisions.

In June 1921, the German court acquitted Soghomon Tehlirian, citing the fact that the offense was committed under the influence of deep emotional trauma. Later the French writer J. Salian notice: “This event is a rare example of justified violence. It is only to make it, it was possible to restore justice, thereby having honored memory of the victims of bloody massacre”.

victim of the Armenian genocide and Soghomon tehleryan

Fate of the people's avenger

After the acquittal of the victim of the Armenian genocide and Soghomon Tehlirian had gone to live in Serbia. Here he met a wonderful woman, Anahit, who would later become his wife. In early 1951 they, along with the children moved to the United States.

Died Soghomon Tehleryan in old age, namely 23 may 1960. Today his tomb is located in Fresno, close to California.

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